May 22 10 10:21 PM

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2010 - May 21 -  Nassau County Court - William Walsh (31)  pled guilty to the charges of murder,
                                                             evidence-tampering and weapon-possession charges in
                                                             relation to the strangulation murder of Leah Walsh. He
                                                             admitted to strangling Leah and covering up the murder.

                           Previously Walsh had denied being the killer of his wife Leah and also claimed
                           his confession was coerced.

                          William Walsh "I put her in a chokehold. I covered up my actions after the fact.
                           I wish I hadn't done any of it. I am truly sorry."  "I didn't want anything like this to
                           happen. Truly I am sorry for everything."

                          Prosecutor "Was it your intention to kill your wife?"
                          William Walsh "Yes."

Prosecutor "Leah Walsh's family "would rather agree to this plea and this sentence than to be put through a lengthy trial." 
Leah Walsh's parents and brother made no comment after the hearing.


2010 - June 23 -  SENTENCING is scheduled. Walsh faces 18 years to life.