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Apr 15 10 9:47 PM

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2010 - April -  Casey Anthony hasn't any respect for authority, whether in failing to report her child
                     Caylee missing for 31 days, not cooperating with LE in their search for the missing
                     child, or in following jail rules for inmates.

Casey Anthony developed a system whereby she passed letters to a fellow inmate (drug charges)
through a book. Speaking through the vents, passing the forbidden notes, Casey Anthony engages in her fantasies regarding her plans for what she views as her impending freedom. (Traveling the country in an RV; changing her appearance and name; etc..)

Attorneys and other visitors are forbidden to pass correspondence and other items deemed contraband by jail authorities.

Casey Anthony Letters to Inmate Robyn Adams  WESH TV

page 1 - "thanks for my newest contraband..." [ pen from Robyn]

page 32 - letter dated Feb. 12, 2009 - "...I got a letter that he [George] wrote to me yesterday and his spirits were lifted...."

page 54 - "....And what happens when she[Cindy] meets up with Baez yesterday to read my letter?....

page 79 - AM Gtg card smuggled in - - " about stickers and crafts, I've been making stuff 4EVER! I did have the American Greetings card smuggled in here, but like the bracelet, there's many more to come!"

page 114 - the copy of the Am Gtg card - : "I know its a make-shift friendship bracelet but this way you always have a physical part of me, until you're stuck living with me."

page 146 - "....My attorney is trying to smuggle some in too [books], or Suduku puzzles."

page 147 - envelope dated Nov 14, 2008(?) - "My family is still doing well, from what I've been told. They are emailing letters to my attorney, and he brings them to me. It's better than nothing."

page 160 - "I continue to pass notes to my folks to my attorney and he brings ones back from them. At least that way, it's kept private."

page 169 - "..My attorney is keeping tabs on my family for me, and exchanges letters between us. It's always nice to see my name written in my Mom's handwriting. My eyes start tearing up, and I'm done!..."

page 192 - "Jose # 2 wants to sneak me in food! What a guy!"

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May 1 10 7:22 PM

                      Robyn Adams letter(s) to her friend outside jail.

Adams told investigators she and Anthony agreed to "flush each other's letters."
However, Adams kept the notes and mailed them to her friend in Altamonte Springs, instructing
her to "hold onto them."

ROBYN ADAMS: "So here's the scoop. I've been allowed to secretly come out really late at night to have one-on-one talks with Casey Anthony, around 3:00 a.m. when everyone else is sleeping," Adams writes. "Officer [Silvia] Hernandez is the only one that will let us talk, she says that Casey will open up to me about her case eventually, I really believe that too."

The letter continues, "I only get to see her when I come down the stairs at night. We pass notes through a book and leave it on the bookshelf sort of hidden behind the bigger books, that's how we make our conversations."

"God is going to deliver me from here I know it! I just don't want to get into trouble having her notes in my cell. I'm trusting you with these because it is so high profile - never mention this on the phone. I will keep sending them to you to store away."

               Quotes of Casey Anthony's jailhouse letter(s) to Robyn Adams 

                               ABOUT CAYLEE ANTHONY

"I've had to forgive what happened to my Caylee, but I'm still angry. If it weren't for God, screw where I'm sitting now, if it weren't for him and for my unconditional love for my daughter, I would
end whoever is responsible. It's not my battle."

Casey Anthony refers to Caylee as "Cays" and claims to speak to her every day.
Anthony refers to God as "Daddy."

"When I tell Cays how much I love her, I've always ended it with "forever and always" I still do to this day. I talk to her throughout the day, as I do Daddy, and it brings a sense of peace to my heart."

"I look at my pictures of Caylee so many times thoughout the day and can't help but smile  at my little rock star."

"My situation with living at home with Cays and my folks, staying home all day and going out at night looking for Mr. Right, same exact situation. I don't know one signle mom who doesn't try to get their freedom regardless of how old they are. That's one of the things that truly cuts me when I hear them talk about me as a mother--I was a great Mom! and I love my daughter with every thing that I have. I would give my life to have her back even for 5minutes. It's so frustrating!....

                                 CAYLEE'S MEMORIAL SERVICE

"My stress level has been teetering back and forth since Friday and it hasn't stopped swaying as of yet. We're going to set the date for the service sometime this coming week - the first week of February. I'm nervous, to say the least. We'll finally have a little bit of closure. Is it wrong of me though, to not really want to know the truth? I'm honestly scared of the numerous possibilities.

She's safe. She's in God's long arms. In a lot of ways, I'm content by the fact that she will never have to have her heartbroken, or see the constant negativity that our society breeds -nor will she ever be abused or taken advantage of.

The clock is ticking and the end of days is near. I feel it."

                             ABOUT HERSELF

"I'm not going to be tamed or told what to do, by any man. I don't care how much I love you! No sir!"

"I ask God to deliver me from my jail/prison so I can be reunited with my family soon, very soon."

"Now I'm dpressed and sad but relieved that you know my heart. New Beginnings. I can't wait to be out of limbo -"

"I'm so angry and disappointed in our country's legal system it makes me sick."

"I am strong and I am confident in whom I am, but I don't like looking back at who I was, or what I was made to be."

"I have never stopped trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt and even after they screw me over 100 times. I'll give them another chance."

"I may be impatient but I'm the farthest thing from rude or disorderly. I try my hardest not to let it show. I pride myself in my politeness."

                          BEING IN JAIL & THINGS SHE MISSES

"In a lot of ways its a relief to sit here and watch/listen to whats happening instead of being in the middle of it."

"It's freezing in here this morning!  No wonder I wanted to stay cuddled up under the covers all day.
Thank God for thermals and thick socks!"

"I feel like a bitter, old hag or a complete cynic as of late, and that's not the best feeling in the world."

Casey Anthony is hooked on "General Hospital" daytime soap opera:
"I can't believe I"m so hooked on stupid day time soaps."

"During the summers, if I wasn't doing AAU or training camps, I would lay out after breakfast. shower, and hunker down in bed for the young and the restless and days of our lives. It was far more entertaining as a young teen than it is now; but what else is there to watch on our limited stations choices in the middle of the day? I can't complain. At least I get to watch tv by myself without the knuckleheads upstairs drowning out the sound."

"I'm looking forward to the day that we can talk all day and all night over great meals, spas, and beverages, in our pjs, going out, attire and everything in between."

"Won't it be great to chill out on a big, comfy sofa, drinking hot tea or whatever night time beverage suits your taste buds, watching reruns of classic shows, like Senfeld, Friends, King of Queens? Or a movie or three.. a normal life -"

"(I need someone to cuddle with)
I miss having intimate moments - laughs, hugs, cuddling time, back rubs and the occasion kisses. (Sigh) Soon enough.

"I do like wearing cute boots and a leather jacket. And hats. Mittens. I want a leather bomber jacket. I can picture it in my mind. That and an awesome pair of biker boots. The quote that comes to mind is from Dumb and Dumber. Killer boots man! I miss that movie - the stupidity and the laughs. That's one of the first movies I want to watch when I finally leave this place."


"So should I go red or blonde? I'm trying to decide how extreme I want to go with my makeover. I will get colored contacts so I can change up my look from time to time. Who is this Casey Anthony you speak of? If you could change your name, any name, what wwould it be? I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Ideas...many ideas."

"I can't wait to cook a big meal, a big breakfast or cookout with burgers, kabobs, the works."
This of course will have to wait until we hit every buffet in town, staring with the big CC for breakfast, Sweet tomatoes for lunch and CC's for dinner or China Jade! Yeah! Pizza another day.  I want to be in a good food coma for at least two days, and I Swear!!! from the moment I'm free, I am never eating ramon noodles again!
Yikes! I can't take it! "

"Today I filled out my first sheet for commisary. How sad! HaHa! I can't wait to have shampoo, conditioner, and a jar of peanut butter among other things. The simple pleasures that help to ease one's mind...even if for a moment."

"What kind of things should I order? Such a variety of choices... I almost hate to tempt myself by ordering snacks, but I really am craving something incredibly sweet. (hints the peanut butter!)
I wish there were books on those lists. I'd blow all of my money on a few good books and mouthwash."

"I didn't even order anything extra this week. I've really tried to back off all the junk, but I've had a huge craving for chocolately goodness; but not really candy. more like chocolate milk, maybe Yoohoo, strange cravings at the most random times.

Tacos, egg rolls, Quesadillas, hot wings, white pizza, breadsticks from Fazolli's and a can of black olives - I eat them like candy! I"m totally a fat girl at heart."

"I started having seizures when I was home in September - we think they were caused by sterss. I've had a few others while being here. So if I ever complain of a headache, please remind me to take something for it. That was the only sign before it happened - and always in my sleep. I'm a mess!"

"Baez=my other papa/super close friend; Jose G. = my school girl crush. (Attorney Jose Garcia)

CONTRABAND: Acknowledges having possession of contraband - "super cool  blue pen"

NOTES AGAINST JAIL RULES: Passing notes-  "That's what happens when one, or two in our case, is starved to open and honest and uncensored conversation."

"I'm so grateful for our open lines of communication, even if its' sneaky-sneaky."

"I always wanted to adopt a baby or child from another country - is it selfish to want one from Ireland? Accent and all? If I do it someday, I'll adopt local - U.S. wise."

"I've started writing a Forword to one of my latest creations: "The Lovers and Friends" book, cleverly stating it's not your average KISS-AND-TELL  stories!!! Inquiring minds want to know and boy, are they in for a treat!"

"I've even thought about discussing some of my female friends, old, new and otherwise, especially because the combined number is so tiny, butt here is always a funny story or two shared between women. Why Not? I refuse to name drop so everyone will have their nicknames or some other direct reference. Can't give anyone their 15 minutes of fame, nor can I indanger myself in any possible chances of lawsuits or useless drama. "

"The only good thing about 830 court is being able to come back early, shower, and pass the heck out. I already fixed my hair in a smooth updoo and nice bun, lower than usual, and I'm boycotting my glasses. The sexy librarian look doesn't go well with navy blue scrubs. A shame."


Anthony makes contradictory statements regarding her family.

"I'm struggling too with trying not to take matters into my own hands, but if I do, it may not all be for God's glory."

"It's difficult enough trying to make sure my brother and father are both saved. My mother is on the right path. Glory to God! 

I never imagined myself a warrior before, although I know I've always been a fighter.

Are you doing any Bible Study Courses? I've enjoyed the ones Chaplain Gonzalez brought me.

Everyone has been telling me how different I look and that it's as if I'm glowing.
It didn't hit me until I read that passage on Friday and instantly I felt that connection.
This was during the time I needed comfort after hearing the news about my Dad, .

I'm able to memorize passages and verses so much easier now. I think I was more focused on reading and interpreting than memorization, but with memorization comes a whole new understanding of those words."

Speaking of her former fiance Jesse & his family:  "I despite that loser and I pity him and his self-rightsouse Christian family. They aren't Spanish, something almost  worst - Italian Ha!

I need to stick to my roots and go Irish, They may be drunks, but at least they cook and know how to properly treat a woman.Can I get an amen?"

                                   ANOTHER INMATE

"The crackhead down the block needs to know her role and shut her dangflab mouth. Yay for the nurse! is it sad that I enjoy when they rip her a new one? ... That woman has a sickness, and it's called being a rude, compulsive bitch. Father forgive me."

                                        ABOUT FAMILY

"They show their support for the sake of the cameras, but when it comes to the real story' I'm alone. . . I have a non-existent relationship with two of the most important people in the world to me, and it's to the point where I don't even want to bother."

"People like my Mom who is milking her leave-of-absence, at least she still was last month, should be grateful to have a job. Neither of my parents is working - my Dad quit or got fired back in November, never mentioned it to my  Mom, but kept disappearing day and night, never telling her where he was going, what he was doing or who with. Too many questions unanswered."

                                     CLAIMS OF ABUSE

Anthony claims to have been molested by her brother & father. Some believe she makes the abuse claim in order to mimic empathy to an inmate who's suffered abuse. Others surmise she makes the claims in order to gain public sympathy.

"I know how it is to be emotionally and mentally abused. And how it feels to be sexually abused. It's taken a long time for me to forgive and I've been somewhat successful in doing so. The worst part is, when I tried to confide in someone before - Jesse, my mom, they turned on me.

Over the past few months, I've been having really vivid dreams, and it's obvious that they are dreams of things that have already happened. I think my Dad used to do the same thing to me but when I was much younger....everything gets fuzzy. Not knowing about my dad, it's opened up a whole new case of insecurity and I don't know if I want to know but think I need to.

Why after all this time is this all surfacing? "


Casey Anthony puts forth yet another contradictory "Zenaida story."  On one hand she states the real Zenaida isn't responsible, yet on the other claims that Zany wouldn't tell her where Caylee was.

"You want to know something, I know that Caylee's nanny, the "real Zenaida, the one who was my friend for 4 years, I know in my heart that she's not responsible. And I don't blame her for not showing her face. Would you want to be sitting here with me for something you didn't do.

I know this goes without saying, but outside of myself and my legal team, not a soul knows this. I was going to take Caylee and move away. Unfortunately, my plans got beyond tangled with Zany wouldn't tell me where she and Cays were. I had asked her to take Cays for a few days so I could put the rest of our stuff together, money I had saved, new clothes, new everything. That's why I waited to report her missing, because she was and wasn't.

I would give anything to go back to that day and to not let Caylee out of my sight."

                               ROBYN ADAMS - HER NEW BFF

"You have a killer tattoo, not to mention all the other badass things you've done."

"There is nothing you could ever do or say that would or could make me uncomfortable. And you know that I will take these things to the grave with me. They are between me, you and God."

"I respect the fact that you held your ground against the feds. I know that wasn't easy. And again, let the similarities roll on."

You will get through this, and you will get your miracle, if I have to personally  see to it myself!!
Hell, your talking to your own personal paralegal, or so I was told last night.

"I don't like the circumstances in which we've met, but I know in my heart that its a blessing. Each day is hard and unfortunately it only gets harder. On the brighter side, we're one day closer to where we belong - with our families."

"Your secrets are my secrets forever and always."

"I have no more secrets, just a small, empty place in my heart that only God can fill. But youre' there right next to Caylee. Someday...Someday."

"I knew this fact before, and it has stuck with me, however, I believe it even more strongly - we were put in each other's lives for a reason, during the most difficult part of our separate journeys, because GOd doesn't want either of us to feel alone. Yes, we have both grasped his hand, his love, and we've both begun to see our deeper purpose in life, especially being moms."

Anthony assigns various nicnames for Adams:
"I love you Robyn! And for now I'll call you Lily."

G'night! Muffin

Just so you know...
Your new nickname is COOKIE.

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