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Apr 15 10 8:32 PM

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2010 - April 7 - Queens County Supreme Court Judge Richard Butcher arraigned Huang Chen on an eight-count indictment. Chen is charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder, 1 count second-degree murder, 2 counts criminal possession of a weapon and 3 counts tampering with physical evidence. Chen faces life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.
Huang Chen was ordered held without bail.

Michael Scwed (Attorney) claims Huang Chen was declared unfit to stand trial by two psychiatrists who say Chen "should not be tried because his mental state does not currently
allow him to understand the proceedings."

Queens District Attorney’s Office has not accepted the psychiatrists’ findings

“His alleged violent conduct demonstrates that he is a threat to society, This case will be vigorously prosecuted to ensure that justice is served for the victim and her family."

If a court appointed psychiatrist finds that Chen is fit to stand trial, a court hearing will be
held to determine his fitness to stand trial.

2010 - April 16 - Court hearing scheduled.

                                     THE FAMILY
Qian Wu's son is the subject of a custody battle between Wu's husband Yongwei Guo, and her father. Wu's possessions, her business and property in China are also being contested between the two. Both have retained lawyers.

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Dec 28 11 5:37 PM

2011 - November - Huang Chen PLEADS GUILTY

Wu’s widower, Yongwei Guo filed a $15 million lawsuit against the
police, claiming the police could have done more to prevent his wife’s
merciless killing.

2011 - December 21 - SENTENCING for "raging psychopath" who murdered Qian Wu
                                 by beating her with a hammer, choking her with a plastic rope, 
                                 and additionally carving out her heart and lungs.

"Huang Chen was sentenced to 29 years in jail for the death of 46-year-old Qian Wu.
Wu had taken out six restraining orders against Chen, following repeated instances
of harassment.
Jailing him for 29 years, the Queens Supreme Court Judge Richard Buchter faulted
the justice system for failing to protect Wu after she took out six restraining orders
against her killer. THe victim was left at the mercy of a ragin psychopath, a monster
who had no business being in our state, iin our county. In the 2006 attack, Chen was
arrested and jailed in a GTexas prison where he was due to be deported back to his
native China in late 2009. Unfortunately that deportation never took place. Instead the
defendant was released and loosed upon society.

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