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Apr 2 10 9:02 PM

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2010 - April 1 -  The death sentences handed down to Mohsen el-Sokkary and Hisham
                        Talaat Mostafa in the murder for hire death of Suzan Tamim have been
                        overturned by the court.

                       Case sources, as reported by local news, state "The verdict was rescinded due
                       to flaws in the investigation and mistakes made in the application of the law."

                      The Court of Cassation is expected to announce its rational for rescinding death
                      sentences on Saturday, April 3.

                      The court is expected to order that the pair face retrials by another criminal court.                       

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Apr 15 10 7:28 PM

2010 - April 26 - The retrial of Hesham Talaat Moustafa will begin. A retrial may occur over a
                         period of many months.

                        Both Hesham Talaat Moustafa and Muhsen el-Sukkari were sentenced to death
                        for the murder of singing star Suzanne Tamim.

 The Cairo Appeals Court set aside the sentence in March 2010, ruling "the original verdict had "mistakes in implementing the law" and the original court failed to respond to core requests of the defence."
"According to a report in the National, police work carried out in Egypt before an official request came from the UAE “nullifies all the investigations between these two dates."

Judge Ahmed Mekky "If found guilty, Moustafa and Sukkari will again be allowed to appeal the new ruling court and could face a third and final trial if that appeal is accepted."

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May 1 10 4:12 PM

2010 - April 26 - Cairo - The retrial of Mohsin Al Sukkari and Hisham Talaat Mustafa begins.

                                    The defense has cast doubt regarding the validity of incriminating video
                                    footage from a surveillance camera. They have called upon the court
                                    to send a delegation to revisit the crime scene in Dubai, the apartment
                                    of Suzan Tamim.

                                     Presiding Judge Adel Abdel Salam Juma'a ruled that the defense will
                                     receive a copy of the cd containing surveillance camera photos
                                     captured from a hotel which housed the apartment of Suzan Tamim.

                                     The film reportedly shows Mohsin Al Sukkari (ex-policeman) who was
                                      allegedly hired by Mustafa to kill Suzan Tamim, inside the building 
                                      where Suzan was found murdered inside her apartment July 28, 2008.

                                     The judge also cross examined an Egyptian Minister of the Interior expert
                                     regarding the photos. The expert stated he could not confirm if the
                                     photos are authentic.

                                     Judge Juma'a also announced a postponement of the case until May 22.

2010 - May 22 - Retrial to resume.

Baha Abu Shuqa (lead defence lawyer) "I am optimistic about the retrial "The new court is known for its high efficiency in handling session hearings, listening to defence teams' demands and examining criminal evidence." 

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May 30 10 11:39 AM

2010 - May 30 - The civil lawsuit filed by Suzan Tamim's family has been dropped.

Naguib Lyan (attorney for Tamim's father, mother & younger brother)  
  "They didn’t take money as money won’t get them back their daughter. The family 
is “sick and tired” of men claiming to have been married to the Lebanese singer when she died.
These men turned the case into an ongoing fight to inherit [her money], so the family thought

that dropping the charges will give justice a better chance to take its due course.”

Judge Mahmoud el Khodeiry (former deputy chief of Egypt’s Appeals Court) "The move has no bearing on the murder trial. It has no legal impact on the procedures of the ongoing trial or the punishment if found guilty again. Such reconciliation or deals make a difference in small offences or killing by mistake. But in cases like premeditated murder, the only people who could drop the criminal charges are the prosecution if new evidence was presented to them or the court that make them believe that the defendants are innocent, which is not the case in Tamim’s case.”

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May 30 10 11:58 AM

2010 - May 24 - RETRIAL - Experts testify
Evidence - Video footage showed Mr el Sokari leaving the Oasis hotel, entering Suzan Tamim’s building, then going back to his hotel and checking out shortly after the murder of Suzan Tamim on July 28, 2008. Other video footage showed Suzan Tamim’s body lying in a pool of blood at the entrance to her apartment.
The defence team has insisted that the tapes were fabricated or had been tampered with and presented their witness, Ahmad Ebrahim, to the court, to bolster their theory.

Ahmad Ebrahim (Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Government-run Ain Shams University) "My doubts were based on "several shortcomings" in the way the clues were collected from the scene of Suzan's murder."

Dirzadeh Wajih el Din (Pakistani Engineer) - Responsible for the installation of the surveillance cameras in Remal tower, Jumeirah Beach Residence, where Suzan Tamim resided.

 “I’m 100 per cent sure of the authenticity of the footage because if it was adapted or tampered with, the footage wouldn’t have been able to be played. That’s how these [digital video records] are designed.”

A Pakistani technician from a Canadian company (responsible for installing and operating surveillance cameras at Al Waha Hotel in Dubai where Mohsen stayed at the time of the murder) was also cross examined by the court.

"The technician told the court that the images captured allegedly of Mohsen in the wake of the murder on the cameras could not be tampered with."

 Adel Abdel Salam (Chief Judge of the court) adjourned the trial hearings until Tuesday.

 Expected testimony when trial resumes:

The court will cross examine representatives of the same company in Egypt upon a request from the defence lawyers for the two defendants.
Heba el Iraqi (Egyptian Forensic Expert) who analysed Mr el Sokari’s DNA and testified at the
first trial, will again testify.  Officers tracked Mr el Sokari through clothes that carried his DNA as well as Suzan Tamim’s blood.

Saeed Ali Ahly (Dubai Police Prosecutor) who investigated the case, will testify at the request of the defendants’ lawyers. 

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Jun 23 10 9:52 PM

2010 - June 20 - Non-Egyptian attorneys may defend Hisam Talaat Mostafa 
                          & Mohsen el Sokkary
The Supreme Administrative Court agreed yesterday to a decision by Minister of
Justice Mamdouh Mar'ee allowing non-Egyptian lawyers to defend suspects
Hisham Talaat Mostafa and Mohsen el Sokkary in the murder case of Suzan

The Administrative Court decision was issued by State Council head Mohamed
el-Husseini and members Magdi el-Agaty, Ahmed el-Shazli and Magdi el-Agroudi.

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#6 [url]

Jul 6 10 8:57 PM

2020 - June 27 - Court adjourns due to a national strike by lawyers.
Defence lawyers for Hesham Talaat Mustafa, and Mohsin Al Sukkari, told the judge that
they could not make their arguments due to the strike declared by the Egyptian Bar
Association in a simmering dispute with the judges. "We can't make our pleas because
of the strike, the violators of which are punished by the Bar Association."
Judge Adel Abdul Salam (Chief Justice of the Criminal Court) announces the postponement decision.

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Jul 17 10 8:43 PM

                                    RE-TRIAL TO RESUME SEPTEMBER 25
 Judge Adel Abdel Salam Gomaa  "The two men will remain in custody until
                                                       their trial resumes on September 25 to
                                                       hear the closing arguments from the
                                                       prosecution and defence.


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Sep 19 10 8:56 PM

2010 - September 18 - Saturday -

On Saturday, Hisham Talaat Moustafa will appeal against his conviction in the murder of the Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim. He is expected to be in court to hear final statements in
the appeal.


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Sep 29 10 8:13 PM

2010 - September 24 - Judge Adel Abdel Salam Gomaa is presiding over a new three-judge
                                 panel that includes judges Mohammed Hammad and Osama Gamea
                                 which are hearing the re-trial of the defendants.


                        Hisham Talaat Mustafa will serve a prison term of 15 years

                                    Moustafa's legal representatives
                                  "We are planning to "definitely appeal."

                         Mohsen al-Sukarri will serve a prison term of 25 years.

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