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Apr 2 10 7:25 PM

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2010 - March 10 - TMZ Dept. of Corrections Booking photo
                           Jayson Williams is serving time in the general population of Wrightsville, NJ
                           Mid-State correctional facility.

                            Matt Schuman (Mid-State's spokesman) "Mid-State's recreation yard has a
                            basketball court, football field, racquetball court and gym, which inmates can
                            access for an hour each day."

2010 -March 31 - NY POST - jail intake photo at link - Jayson Williams

                        "Former NBA player Jayson Williams flashed a wide grin for his jail intake
                         shot earlier this month before starting his five year sentence. His reasons
                         to smile include cable tv, stellar recreational facilities, and the likelihood
                         of a private cell."

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Aug 22 10 6:19 PM

                                    WILLIAMS SENTENCED TO ANOTHER YEAR
2010 - August 20 -  Manhattan Criminal Court
                             Jayson Williams serving 5 years for the shooting death of
                             Costas "Gus" Christofi has been handed another year
                             in prison.
                             Through his attorney Jayson Williams plead guilty to DWI.
                             The judge sentenced him to a year in prison for the DWI
                             and a fine of $16.433 for the tree he hit.
                             Once his 5 years sentence is finished he will begin serving
                             the one year for the DWI.

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