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Mar 18 10 9:58 AM

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Jean Cesares for TRUTV
"200,000 were paid to Casey Anthony by (ABC) American Broadcasting Corporation.
5,000 provided to Casey Anthony by a "private donor."
75,000 given by Todd Macaluso (formerly an attorney on the case who has legal troubles
                                               in California.)
275,000 minus 110,000 Casey Anthony said she paid out... minus money paid to
Andrea Lyons... leaves 165,000 Jose Baez said it all went for expenses and costs."
The Judge said he wants supplemental discovery, calling the defense's submissions "thin."
There was a trust fund that took care of those monies and wants to know where additional
money went.
The defense probably thought any in depth questions would be held in camera in judge's chambers, but Judge Strickland surprised them and the questioning of the attorneys was
held in court."
                                    RULING DEFERRED
Judge Strickland deferred ruling on indigency until he receives supplemental discovery from
all parties, JAC, defense and prosecution by close of business tomorrow, March 19, 2010.
The defense, under oath, gave vague or "estimated" costs and hours. Judge Strickland
wants a breakdown of actual hours and costs paid out.
RITANITA at  TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS excellently explains the motions and the outcomes of
the Casey Anthony hearings. Be sure to check in for her commentary on upcoming hearings and
the trial.

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Mar 21 10 5:33 PM

                                  INDIGENCY RULING

2010 - March 19 - Friday - Circuit Court Judge Strickland ruled "The state of Florida must fund some of Casey Anthony's defense in her first-degree murder trial for the death of daughter Caylee. All costs submitted shall be in compliance with the Ninth Judicial Circuit's caps and rates and are subject to further review," 

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