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CLIFFORD L. GARRISON aka  "CLIFF BROOKS," "CLIFF GARDNER" and many other aliases.

As of 2010 - Age 60
Photo: Clifford L. Garrison                                          Photo: Clifford L. Garrison - 2010
Convicted thief, liar, swindler and fraud.
"Predator..lacking in social conscience" (Official probation report)
He's a real marrying man. Police state Garrison has cheated and swindled 9 different women
who he convinced to become his wives as well as many other women who became his girlfriends.  Garrison has cheated the women out of tens of thousands of dollars.
FBI Agent
Computer Executive
Golf Pro
Guidance Counselor

STOLEN VALOUR - Garrison claims he is a former Viet Nam Veteran/Prisoner of War.
Garrison comes across as well-read, polite and is known to meet women on the Internet,
via dating sites, in church, (pretending to be religious), corresponding via phone, email
and personal ads.

Example of one of his ads:
"CEO, seeking single white professional woman, age 35 to 50, for walks on the beach, fireside chats and much more."
Garrison has been known to take out an ad while still incarcerated. He took out an ad in the personals section of the San Francisco Bay Guardian pretending to be a business executive
looking for a wife.
                                    MARRYING MAN & CONVICT
1986 - Clifford Garrison is released from San Quentin. He's been serving time for swindling a
           previous wife.
                                    7th Wife
1986 -San Francisco -  Genevieve Baliantz meets Clifford Garrison at church. He woos,
                                       marries, and then steals more than $60,000 from her children's
                                       trust fund left to them after their father died. Garrison had conned
                                       Genevieve into putting him in charge of the trust fund.
Genevieve Baliantz "He was just a very good con artist. He can do things other
                                    people don't know how to do. He can convince people of
1992 - Beginning in the year of 1992, Clifford Garrison begins stints of occupying a jail   
           cell in state prisons on occasion for various offenses, including bad checks, Grand
           Theft and fraud.
1993 - Beginning in the year of 1993, Clifford Garrison achieves parole 9 different times.
                                  8th WIFE
1998 -  Clifford Garrison's 8th wife kicks him out. She has learned that while married to her, he
             has set a wedding date with another woman. She also discovers he's written bad checks
             on her bank account... in an amount totalling $10,000.
1999 - Clifford Garrison is convicted for Grand Theft for the theft of (7th wife) Genevieve Baliantz's
          children's trust fund.
          SENTENCE: 70 days. Garrison has already placed personal ads from his jail cell.
                                          One ad reads "CEO, seeking single white professional woman,
                                          age 35 to 50, for walks on the beach, fireside chats and much
                                      9th Wife
2003 - Clifford Garrison admitted to, and was convicted of, defrauding his wife "Pam."
2003 - November - Clifford Garrison is paroled from San Quentin State Prison.
Lynda Ward (State Regional Parole Administrator, San Francisco area)
                      "Soon after his release,he failed to report to his parole agent."
                                     INTERNET ROMANCE
2004 - January- Derry Calay (businesswoman in Oakland) meets "Cliff Brooks" over the
                          Internet on a Christian Dating Site, ChristianCafe.com. "Cliff" says he's in
                          construction, into into golf. In fact, he had been on the European PGA
                          Golfing tour. He tells her he's a widower, his previous wife of 33 years,
                          Pam, and their son, were killed in a car crash.
Derry Calay "I had been single for a few years, and my business was at a place where I 
                    wanted to explore (romance). And I wasn't meeting any single men in the Bay
                    Area who were straight."
                         After corresponding via email and phone for a week, they decide to meet
                         at a coffee shop located in Oakland. Soon they are a couple, attending
                         church together and later moving in together.
Derey Calay "He has a very winning way. I liked his mannerisms and his values."
                     "I'm old enough to know you don't fall in love all of the sudden, but I
                      was falling in love. He was very caring and romantic. We prayed over 
                      meals, he was a fun, caring person. I could definitely see myself

                      spending my life with him."
            March - "Cliff" presents Derry with a new car. 

 Derry Calay "As the relationship deepened, so did his lies."
                     "In March he stole one of my checks and bought me a new, $23,000
                     Toyota. H
e used some of my checks to pay off some credit cards."             
                    Clifford Garrison aka Cliff Brooks has forged Derry's name on the check.
                    "Then he tells me he's bought a necklace for his daughter.
                      Unbeknownst to me, it was with my own money -- and was talking
                     about getting a ring. Fortunately, I did not marry him. But I came close.'' 
           May -  Derry Calay is going over her finances. "Cliff" has left to "sell his business in
                      San Diego. Ms. Calay finds out her account is overdrawn to the tune of $7,000. 

 Derry Calay "A short time later he took off, saying he was headed to San Diego to sell his 
                     construction business.  In truth, he was headed to Las Vegas to begin courting
                     a new woman, possibly a future wife. I already was suspicious. I knew that he
                     had conned me. I still don't understand what his motivations were."
                                    POLICE REPORT
           May 19 - Ms. Calay files a police report to the Oakland Police.

                      Her relationship with "Cliff Brooks" is definitely finis. Derry has found out that
                      "Cliff" is Clifford Garrison, his wife no. 9, "Pam" is alive and well. And the
                      necklace? He'd given it to a woman in Las Vegas he was swindling at the
                      same time he's been romancing and swindling Derry. 

                     Ms. Calay is sued over the vehicle. She returns the vehicle and the $5,000
                     small claims suit is dropped only after a handwriting expert proves she did
                     not sign the check purchasing the vehicle.
Derry Calay "I think when you are starting to fall in love, blinders come around your eyes. 
                      I think that he got away for a very, very long time. How long is it going to take
                      before the system realizes that this is something that really hurts women?
                     To me, its total economic violence against me, or the other women he's hit.''
                    "The reason I (am going public) is I want to talk about this issue. One of the
                     reasons he hasn't been convicted more often is that women are ashamed
                     that they made an error in judgment."
2004 -July - Law Enforcement authorities find and arrest Clifford Garrison in Las Vegas.
                   He is escorted to San Quentin State Prison for parole violation.
Christine Moore (Deputy Regional Parole Administrator, Oakland) 
 "He is back at San Quentin State Prison because of a parole violation."
                  Garrison is under investigation for defrauding the woman in Las Vegas, as well
                  as for defrauding Derry Calay.
2005 - Garrison has been serving a 16-month sentence for forgery at the California
Correctional Center in Susanville, according to the California Department of
Corrections (CDC).

Derry Calay "If I can stop one other person from being hit by (him) or others like him, then 
feel my experience wasnt in vain. I won't say it was worth it, but it had a

                     purpose -- this is a huge problem in society."
                     "We have to be more careful and look at picking mates in a different way.
                       It's not just about that instant rush and physical crush, that is what I've 
                       learned. I don't think the Internet is the worst thing on the planet. If if

                       gets people connected and they are very cautious, its cool."
2010 -  Clifford Garrison is in Michigan and is using the name of "Cliff Gardner." 
             He's honed in on a woman named Elizabeth as his next mark.
Elizabeth "He was charming, very kind, very sweet ... he said all the right things. He showed
                up to my house one day with all these documents proving to me who he was, which,
                I was a little uncomfortable."  "I started Googling him and was astonished at what
                I saw. This only happens in the movies, like in Lifetime. Bad movies."
              Clifford Garrison is living out of a motel in Plymouth under an alias.
      .       He's found out when he leaves a document in a copy machine at the library.

               Law Enforcement picks up Clifford Garrison on a warrant out of Monroe, Michigan.
               He is wanted for bouncing a check off of the account of a previous woman he'd
2010 - February 10 - Clifford Garrison pleads Guilty on the bounced check charge.

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