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Feb 6 10 1:20 PM

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                                 THERE IS NO HONOUR IN THE ACT OF MURDER
A case of a teen age girl, Medine Memi, who has been murdered by burial while still alive in what has been alleged to be an "honour killing" has caused public outrage and revulsion across the country of Turkey, and indeed, in many nations. 
Information from news media is that the family maintains her death was an "honor killing" yet others state the murder occurred because Medine reported her grandfather to the police for beating her, and as such, his guns were removed from the home. 

16 year old Medine Memi never went to school, never had a photograph taken of her while alive. 

                                  Photo: Police carry Medine Memi's body.

Honour killings - said to be prevalent in the Kurdish South-East of Turkey, are usually decided by a council of the elders of the family.  Families used to choose the youngest male member of the family to carry out the killings because they would serve the shortest time in prison. However, the Turkish government has changed the law and honor killings are against the law no matter who carries out the murder.
Medine Memi's death was murder no matter what spin the elders of the family put on it.

2009 - October -Kahta Turkiye, (South-East Turkey)  Medine Memi, a Turkish teen asks the
                        police for help and lodges a complaint. Her grandfather has beaten her because
                        she "talked to boys."

                                          Photo: Fethi Memi (grandfather)

                       Ayhan Memi, (Medine's father) is reported as saying at the time: "She has male
                       friends. We are uneasy about that."

                         Immihan Memi (Mother of Memi Medine) "'She tried to take refuge at
                         the police station three times, and she was sent home three times."

Turkish media reports state that her grandfather, Fethi Memi, had been under investigation after Medine's attempt to seek refuge at the police station

A family council meeting is held.  Ayhan Memi tells other relatives "he is unhappy that his daughter (one of nine children) has male friends.
 Against her will, Medine Memi's fate is decided by her father and grandfather. The young girl's hands are bound, she is made to sit inside a large hole inches from the wall of their dwelling. The family then shovels dirt into the hole. There are no words to describe the horror this young girl must have experienced.
2009 - Late December - The family reports Medine Memi to police as "Missing."
                            Police searching forty days for a missing teen, Medine Memi, age 16, follow
                             up on a tip from a neighbor.
2010 - February            GRISLY DISCOVERY
Underneath the Memi family's chicken coop, inside the family's courtyard of their home, a concrete pad is discovered and below is a 6 foot hole. Inside is the body of Medine Memi, in a sitting position, her hands tied.

Photo Credit: Reuters

An original post mortem examination shows Medine's throat, lungs and stomach contain a large amount of soil.  
The Coroner release a forensics report that states Medine's death had been brutal, a slow and agonisiing death, and that she had been fully conscious when buried alive.
An official in the case states " The report is blood curdling. According to our findings the girl - who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood - was alive and fully conscious when she was buried."

 Medine Memi's father Ayhan Memi (35), and her grandfather, Fethi Memi (64), are arrested and jailed in Adiyaman (South-Eastern Turkey). Her mother Immihan Memi is arrested but then released.

Photo Credit: Reuters -  Ayham Memi  (father) under arrest

                                  The two men are awaiting trial.
It is particularly sad and outrageous that in this day and age people still practice such an abhorrent and ignorant act.

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#1 [url]

Feb 21 10 12:51 PM

According to police reports "Ayhan and Fethi Memi waited until Medine's mother and other family members had gone into the village. Then, they dug the death pit and placed the handcuffed Medine into it and buried her. When the family returned, they informed the mother that Medine had "run away."
 Fethi Memi is alleged to have been known as a violent man, regularly beating family members if his wishes weren't followed. Medine is said to have been "under great pressure from her grandfather and wasn't allowed to leave the house," At 16 it's likely he wished to marry her off to someone of his choosing and was pressuring her in that manner.

Allegedly, according to family members of Medine, "It was an accident. During an argument with her father and grandfather, Medine "hit her head on a wall" and died. Panicked, her relatives buried her under the chicken coop."
For a young girl at 16, not allowed to go to school, it's highly unlikely she would have been allowed to "speak to boys" at all given the culture of the region in which she lived. So the story that her father Ayhan has put out that "she got around outside of the house" ergo she was "talking to boys" which made the family uneasy" is just that... a story to cover their own asses.

A judicial source is quoted as stating that Ayhan and Fethi Memi will both be charged with "Pre-meditated Homicide with Aggravating circumstances perpetrated with cruelty." Turkish law, for that charge sets as a sentence life in prison, if they are convicted. Neither man is cooperating with investigators, indeed it's been reported that they have refused to speak with investigators since their arrest in December of 2009.

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#2 [url]

Sep 7 10 8:30 PM

2010 - August 26 -  The investigation has been completed and indictments prepared
                              against Medine Memi's father and grandfather. The indictments
                              were prepared in the Criminal Court prosecutor's office.
Adiyaman Public Prosecutor has charged both men with torture and "monstrous"
aggravated, willful killing. They will be tried and the prosecutors office is asked for
life imprisonment for Medine Memi's murderers, her father Ayhan, and grandfather
                                       AUTOPSY REPORT
Malatya Inonu University Turgut Ozal Medical Center - No drugs were found.
Medine Memi's hands had been bound, she had been conscious when she
was buried alive.
The extensive forensic report was included in the indictment.

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#3 [url]

Nov 1 10 10:27 PM

"It is generally known that the Hezbollah militia in the region
(broken up in 2000) with the execution of their leader, Huseyin
Velioglu, was prominent throughout the 90's.

Suffocation was a common form of punishment for those who transgressed
against their members.
                                   A "PIOUS MAN"
The older men control the village.  Fethi Memi and son Ayhan are
Memi members of the Sunni faith, of the Naksibendi sect.
For the families who are members of the sect, there must be
unconditional obedience to the men. The sect considers  TV,
music and all forms of worldly entertainment undesirable.
Ayhan Memi, owner of a bakery, also owned an illegal handgun.
Fethi  Memi, the grandfather, and his son Ayhan, are also accused of
smuggling cigarettes and possession of illegal weapons. Yet Fethi
Memi is considered in the village a "pious man."
                                     THE MEN OF THE FAMILY'S STORY
                                            OF MEDINE'S DEATH
The uncle of Medine was mayor of the district. It is he who is the primary
spokesman for the family, claiming that Medine "passed out" and the
father and grandfather thought she was dead and were afraid. There
was a pit in the garden, for expanding the chicken coop. Conveniently
the material for a concrete foundation was present. Medine was placed
into the hole and covered with earth and the hole sealed with the concrete.
But the uncle also claims Medine was a "naughty girl" and spoke with
"some stranger on the phone."
As if that is a reason to murder a child.
Other men refer to Medine's death as "an accident."

                                   DENIED COMPULSORY SCHOOLING
In Turkey school is compulsory, yet Medine's father and grandfather kept
Medine from attending, therefore she had no photograph or identification.

Many men in the area consider girls useless, nor worthy of educating, 
and do not report their births to the government.

Medine was only allowed to leave the house veiled, and a visit to the
Islamic school was one of the few activities she was allowed outside of
the home. There is no real education for her, only recitatiion of Koranic
verses in Arabic. Other young girls of the area were allowed to attend
the state school, but not Medine.

                                     MEDINE'S DEATH
Medine Memi had reported the beatings of herself and her family
members to police. She also reported her grandfather's illegal
Fethi Memi (the grandfather) was arrested and then released.
Shortly afterwards, Medine Memi (16) was buried alive, suffocated
by the dirt that filled her lungs and stomach.
It's common knowledge among the villagers, especially the women,
that "Medina was punished." She is admired by many for fighting
back by reporting the beatings by her grandfather, a "strict & violent
man." They say that the women and girls of Medine's family was
beaten at every opportunity.
Local women told German media that the family, of ten children,
grandmother, mother and daughters were sent away from the home
into the village the day of Medine's death. Medine was of all the
children, the only one kept at home.

                                    POLICE TIP

In early December police received an anonymous tip from Kahta, Medine's
                                     ARRESTED & AWAITING TRIAL
One media article stated that one of the men, was accused of offering
a bribe to a guard.
Neither Ayhan or his father Fethi have admitted any guilt or made
a statement to police regarding events surrounding Medine's death.

                                   MEDINE'S FAVORITE TV POLICE SHOW
Medine loved the TV series "Back Streets," a Turkish Police series
in which a Policeman, Riza Baba, a good man, ensures that the wicked
of the backstreets of Istanbul are punished. He solves the crimes and
protects the innocent.

It's a shame that in reality, the local authorities failed to protect Medine Memi.
                                  MEDINE MEMI'S GRAVESITE
In a small village cemetery, Medine Memi is buried at the remotest edge,
in the section for "the unknown" in a plain grave.

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