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Feb 1 10 4:30 PM

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2010 - January 26 - Tuesday - Convicted murderer Matt Baker has filed an appeal and has been
                                            appointed a new attorney.

Stan Schwieger (Waco Attorney) will handle the appeal. He was appointed by Judge Strother.
Stan Schwieger "I have 30 days from the date of sentencing should Baker and I decide to file a motion for a new trial with Strother's court. If not, I will file an appeal with the three
judges of the 10th Court of Appeals."

"I don't know anything about the case. I will have to take some time to make a standard review of the record and see what is there."

"Despite Gray's (Baker's former trial attorney) unusual post-trial comments, they likely won't be
fodder for his appeal. If his comments constitute violations of the professional rules of conduct,
that does not affect the appeal. That has nothing to do with the trial itself. If client confidences

were disclosed, or whatever, at that point, it has nothing to do with the appellate process.
If any of Gray's comments or actions constitute ineffective assistance of counsel, then the appellate timetable limits an attorney's ability to adequately prepare those allegations for

direct appeal. If those allegations are not prepared adequately and are unsuccessful, a
defendant effectively is largely limited from advancing those claims later."

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