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Jan 30 10 6:33 PM

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                                     THE DUPED GIRLFRIEND
2006 - Anthony Jones romances Monique Hunter for 3 years, and tells her he's not married. 
2009 - Monique Hunter becomes pregnant with a son she plans to name Anthony Jr.
                                         THE SCORNED WIFE
          Keisha Jones, Anthony's wife (38) (mother of four) finds out about the affair and is infuriated
          to find Monique Hunter (25) is expecting hubby's child. In fact, infuriated is a mild word for
          the rage that filled Keisha Jones.
                                    THE PLOT TO END THE PREGNANCY
 Step 1       Keisha Jones (allegedly) steals a doctor's prescription pad,
 Step 2       Make the pregnant mother to be, to abort the child.
        Keisha Jones arranges to use a service that masks a person's phone number & voice.
        A "spoof" phone.
2009 - October - 26  - Keisha Jones telephones Monique Hunter claiming that she works at
                                Hunter's doctor's office and leaves messages on her phone. The message
                                is, Hunter needs to take a certain medication to ensure her child doesn't
                                have Downs Syndrome. She is told to pick up the drug Cytotec at a
                                pharmacy close to Kings County Hospital.
                               Although Monique Hunter is somewhat surprised (her doctor never called
                               scrips into that pharmacy) but believes the call is genuine.
                               Cytotec (medicine used to treat stomach ulcers & also used to end
                               Monique Hunter obtains the filled prescription at the pharmacy.
                                   (LE have not yet explained how the pharmacy came to dispense the
                                          FAILED ATTEMPT TO MURDER THE NEWBORN
           October 27 - Monique Hunter takes the cytotec immediately proceeds into labor two
                              months early. She is rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain.
                              She gives birth at Kings County Hospital to a healthy baby boy, Anthony Jr.
                                        THE PLOT & ATTEMPT TO MURDER THE NEWBORN
 Step 3                      Keisha Jones is angry that the child survived & (allegedly) plots its murder.
 November 3 -           Keisha Jones (allegedly) phones the hospital and pretends to be Monique
                                 Hunter "I am Miss Hunter. I'm gonna send my nephew with breast milk for
                                 my child."
                                 Subsequently a man enters the hospital carrying 2 containers, Two 20
                                 ounce Poland Spring bottles containing a white liquid. Hospital Staff are
                                 suspicious and notify police. The man absconds.
       Monique Hunter  "I didn't know anything about this situation until after I had delivered."

               Keisha Jones has been charged with Reckless Endangerment; Forged Medical
               Prescription charges, (both felonies) Misdemeanor Criminal Impersonation,
               Possession of Stolen Property and a Forged instrument, Assault and Attempted
 Kerry Puckhaver (Prosecutor) "Jones got a blank prescription from the office of Dr. Ray Rezano, forged an order for cytotec and dropped it off at Kings Pharmacy in Crown Heights. Jones stated "I know [Hunter] and I don't like her, but I wouldn't hurt a baby like that," 
 Eric Hildebrand (Public Defender) "I don't know much about the case but Jones has no criminal record. It's unusual to say the least, yes, where allegedly someone is inducing another
woman to have an abortion."

          Monique Hunter "She's got what she deserved. She should have thought about it before
                                     she did it. Anthony Jr. is in good condition at Kings County Hospital, 
                                     the doctors told me he's going to be okay."

Law Enforcement Officials do not believe that Anthony Jones was involved in any way, nor do they
believe Dr. Rezano was involved. Investigators have not revealed what was in the "milk" bottles and are searching for the man who delivered it.
Police state Monique Hunter remains in hiding out of fear of Keisha Jones's accomplice being still at large. Surveillance videos from the hospital are being reviewed.

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Aug 18 10 10:09 AM

2009 - December 5 - Arraignment -  Keisha Jones arraigned on charges of reckless
                                endangerment and forged medical prescription charges, both
                                felonies, and a misdemeanor criminal impersonation charge.
                                Jones was ordered held without bail.
2009 - December 6 -  Prosecutors say "Keisha Jones (38) said she didn't trick her
                                 husband's pregnant mistress, Monique Hunter, into taking a
                                 labor-inducing medicine, nor did she try to give the child tainted
                                 breast milk after his premature birth.

Keisha Jones  "I know [Hunter] and I don't like her, but I wouldn't hurt a baby like that."

Public defender "She has no criminal record."

WCBS - "Neighbors thought "she'd been in and out of jail."

Frederick Freeman (Jones' landlord) "She and her husband have a few children
                                and Ms. Jones had given birth to a baby a month ago.
                                I never heard any fighting from the apartment and Ms. Jones
                                is a good mother. She’s really good with her kids. I never hear
                                the kids crying or them fighting.”

Dr. Max Gomez "She (Monique Hunter) and her child, Anthony Jr., are lucky to have
                           survived after ingesting Cytotec. "If it's not done in a medically
                           supervised fashion, or the doctor doesn't know that it's being
                           administered, it can cause uterine rupture. It can be very
                          dangerous, both for the baby and for the mother."

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Aug 18 10 10:14 AM

                                   NEW CHARGE

2010 - January 28 - Wednesday - BAIL HEARING
  Nicole Chavits (Assistant District Attorney) "This was not simply a call. The defendant
                          called the hospital pretending to be the CEO of the hospital, asking the
                          hospital to take the child off ventilation."

 Barry Turner (Attorney for Keisha Jones) "This child being injured by a phone call
                       was never a possibility. The child was not harmed."
Police have not revealed what chemical was in the bottles, but they do state
that the substance was toxic, and had the baby Anthony ingested it, the substance
would likely have KILLED him.
                                    BAIL DENIED

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#3 [url]

Feb 5 11 6:48 PM

2011 - January 28 - Plea Deal reached.
For Keisha Jones' acts, she was charged with Attempted Murder.
Under a plea deal, the Attempted Murder charge was dropped and
a lesser charge of Second Degree Assault was pled to.
The court was told Keisha Jones is still with her philandering husband.
2011 - February 10 -  Keisha Jones will be jailed for four years.
                                She could be out in a year and 2 months.

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