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Jan 20 10 9:20 PM

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2010 - January 20 - 9:41 P.M. - Jury has rendered a verdict. GUILTY

The jury will return at 8:30 A.M. on January 21 to begin the penalty phase.

The gag order is still in effect. Bond has been revoked and Matt Baker is remanded to McLennan County jail.

January 21 - The jury sentences Matt Baker to 65 years in prison. This means that at 30 years into his sentence he will be eligible to appy for parole.

Judge Strother "Is there is any legal reason that the sentence should not be enforced?"
 Matt Baker “I truly believe in my innocence. I believe the jury made a mistake.”

(Linda Dulin tells Matt Baker "look at me)  Linda Dulin  “You took her from us, Matt. You discarded her like she was yesterday’s trash. You murdered the mother of your children. …You really can’t look at me, can you?”
Matt Baker looks up from the floor and looks at her.
“You took Kensi and Grace’s mother and then fed them lies. …Thank goodness this journey doesn’t end here. …You see, Matt, you were never going to win this one. You spent your life preying on innocent people. …But love trumps evil. Do you hear me, Matt? Love trumps evil.”
“When I see Kari again she’s going to run toward me and knock me over and smother me with kisses. …God told us he would never forsake us and he hasn’t. We have felt his arms around us through this entire process. …We are so very blessed. We are blessed. So, what do we do now? Well, first we thank God for bringing us here to this place.
But next, Jim and I commit our lives to Kensi and Grace. …We can’t give them back their mother, but we want, more than anything in this world, for them to be whole and healthy.
You poisoned them. You taught them to hate. But it won’t last. It won’t last.”
 “You have to spend many years in prison. What you did was horrific. It was horrific, Matt. And I believe you’re capable of much more evil.”
Matt Baker shakes his head in denial.
  “But….we have to step out and forgive. So, we do. We forgive. Because that’s the only way, Matt. …Love trumps evil.”

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Jan 21 10 11:29 PM

Apparently Matt Baker’s defense attorney Guy James Gray has a personal policy, that he doesn't represent anyone that he can't put up on the stand. Now he feels duped because Matt Baker lied to him. Up until about 30 days before the trial he believed Matt Baker when he said he had no affair with Vanessa Bulls. That's when he learned he had. He says he feels Baker got a fair trial but thinks there might be "technical doubt."

That's probably why Matt Baker didn't get up on the stand.

Matt Baker's sentence is 65 years. He'll be eligible after half which is 30. He's 38 so in 30 years he'll be 77.

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