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Have you crossed paths with any famous felons?

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Jan 17 10 3:31 PM

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I think I saw an area where this question was asked, but can't remember where. For me, it was many years later that I discovered I had crossed paths with Gary Gilmore, a death row murderer who became famous after his killing spree back in the seventies. I was about 19 years old at the time and had taken a job with a gas station in Eugene, Oregon. I was told that there had recently been a string of gas station murders up and down the Pacific northwest coast and inland towns. I had completely forgotten that warning when one night a pick-up truck pulled in to the station near closing time. The man said he had a flat tire and was parked off site on the highway curbside. I went about my business of closing the station down for the night and in doing so I saw the man coming from behind the building, like he was casing the place, looking for doors, ect. I noticed the truck had a very large barrel in the back of it. I was a little unnerved and the man asked me if I liked beer, and proceeded to give me a six pack of Coors beer. He had been making chit chat with me and asking some questions about how we went about doing our business at the gas station. I really never thought much about it, and started walking home . As I started home on foot I noticed the truck he had told me had a flat did not have any flattened tires. I was staying at a motel at the time and when I got back to my little kitchenette, I realized I had left a couple personal items at the gas station. I considered going back to retrieve them, but decided not to because I would have to walk. And then the next day I was summoned by the police because the gas station had been robbed of many gallons of gas and various other items after I left for the night. I told the police about the man and the truck, which had Colorado license plates and never gave another thought about WHO this robber was. It was possibly a couple years later when the photo of Gary Gilmore flashed on my television set. He had been caught and the trial ensued. That's when I put two and two together and years later after several documentories about Gilmore had been aired on television, the reality of just whom I had crossed paths with hit me. I have no idea why he didn't just massacre me like he did with his other murders, but a guardian angel was with me that night!  Patsy, move this comment to it's proper place if you wish.

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Jan 17 10 5:22 PM

Hi, famous! ~

I just read your story, & it gave me the chills! You were most definitely being protected  that night! In fact, I think your Guardian Angel was working overtime. That's why I firmly believe that we should always count our blessings & appreciate all the good we have in our lives. God Bless you & your family.


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Jan 18 10 6:37 PM

Thank you very much, Booklover. I appreciate your wish for blessings.


You're welcome, famous. ~ I'm sure you will never forget your close encounter. Thank you for sharing your story with us. God Bless.

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Oct 5 12 10:34 AM

My mother owned an ex-police car that she bought by Wausau, Wisconsin. When news broke of a serial killer in Milwaukee by State street I got in the car and drove there. I was like 15 years old. The police let me drive right into the crime sceen I think believing I was one of them in my mom unmarked car. I was smack in the middle of Jeffery Dahmers aprtments. I later, being a juvenile delinquent, went back days later and tried to "break into" his apartment, but was stoped and chased away by neighbors. I later lived next to Christopher Scarver, the man who killed Dahmer, in segregation Unit in the Columbia Correctional Institution and had to shower naked, cuffed and shackeled three feet from him while he sang away like a nut case. He was latered transferred to Colorado supermax prison.

 I also was locked up with James Oswald. He was the bank robber from the Waukesha bank robberies where Capt. james Lutz was murdered in the high speed chase.

I lived in 9 or 10 different prisons in 8 years and was in two riots in Oklahoma and Tennessee. I had many interesting conversations with many killers and rapist, child molesters, and the like. Nothing beats being locked in a cell as a teenager and closing your eyes knowing a killer is next to you.

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