Dec 15 09 9:21 PM

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2009 - December 15 - Elizabeth Halverson, a former Nevada Judge who brought disgrace to her
                                profession, has been ordered by the court to pay up 50,000 in damages
                                to Ilene Spoor. She was orderded to return Spoor's professional rolodex
                                and files that Halverson had seized.

                               Halverson has repeatedly failed to appear in court.
Ilene Spoor "The ruling comes as a relief, as the ordeal had been rough on both me and my family. I feel good about this."

2007 -                      Spoor had sued Halverson for defamation.

 Ilene Spoor "Halverson publicly embarrassed me and dragged my name through the mud. Halverson's public accusations, which included appearances on radio and local news programs, damaged my reputation and I was falsely labeled as someone who engaged in illegal and corrupt acts."