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2009 - December 11-  Casey Anthony in court - Emotion was the play of the day when Casey
                                Anthony sat through the hearing today.
                                Defense Attorney's motions were submitted to the Court and will be ruled
                                on by Judge Strickland. The majority of opinions among the pundits is that
                                there's fat chance any of them will be granted.
                                Prosecutor Ashton delivered a dose of reality to the defendant, who wasn't
                                happy to hear it, when rebutting the defense motion to bar the prosecution 
                                from seeking the death penalty.
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton   "Her killer prepared some substance in advance that would render physically unable to resist, administered the substance, awaited its effect and then methodically applied three pieces of duct tape to completely cut off the flow of air through her mouth or her nose and let nature take its course," . "At least Caylee wouldn't have any fear. How would jurors apply those facts to the law the court will give them? If she was physically restrained, her killer would have to have restrained her arms by some means, applying tape while she was conscious. As the killer looked into her face, maybe her killer even saw her eyes as the tape was applied -- first one piece, then two, then three -- so that no breath was possible. Could Caylee have understood what was happening to her? Did she try to resist? Could her killer see the fear in her eyes as the tape was applied? These are questions only jurors will be able to answer in this case."
                                During Prosecutor Ashton's rebuttal Casey Anthony is clearly seen to be
                                angry and cries and is also heard to say to Attorney Lyons "tell him to
                                stop." Whereupon Lyons states "I can't."

 Linda Drane Burdick "My position is not to protect the family, my position is to protect the child who is deceased."