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Nov 30 09 8:11 PM

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Jose Baez and Andrea Lyons, Defense Attorneys for Casey Anthony have filed numerous
motions last week.

Orlando Sentinel - New Motions filed by Defense

"defense lawyers have filed a motion arguing that Florida's death penalty procedure is unconstitutional. And because the procedure is unconstitutional, the death penalty should be precluded as a potential sentence."
""Even if the death penalty procedure were constitutional, the State has failed to charge Miss Anthony with the aggravating circumstances necessary to impose the death penalty; thus, a death sentence in this case would violate due process."
"The defense argued in their motion that Florida's capital-sentencing procedure "violates the notice and jury trial rights guaranteed by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution."
The Defense also filed this motion:
  "It is Miss Anthony's position that her due process right to a fair trial requires the prosecution to provide her with notice of aggravating circumstances it will attempt to proveThe defense asks that the court require prosecutors to provide them with what aggravating circumstances they will attempt to prove." "Such notice would enable Miss Anthony to fully prepare for the charges against her, and would help to ensure the fairness of her trial
" Andrea Lyon is on Casey Anthony's defense dream team and she's supposed to be the expert on the death penalty. Eyewitness News obtained an audio recording of Andrea Lyon bashing judges, female prosecutors, victim's advocates and even calling jurors "killers." 

 Lyon made the comments at a conference in Orlando (Listen: part 1 | part 2) before she joined Casey's defense team.

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Jan 18 10 2:44 PM

I firmly believe that the Death Penalty is more than appropriate for those who murder children. Parents who kill their own children don't deserve the privilege of being alive.

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