Nov 22 09 9:13 PM

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In the run up to the fraud trial and subsequent criminal trial for the murder of Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony's defense has decided to throw yet another person under the proverbial bus.

First there was the family's "suspicion" aimed at Casey Anthony's previous boyfriend. Anything to keep attention on someone else (SODDI) and not on Casey Anthony.

Now the defense has aimed at Roy Kronk, the (former) meter reader who noticed something out of place and brought his observation repeatedly to authorities attention, which eventually resulted in the finding of Caylee Anthony's remains.

 "Authorities "have said Kronk was never a suspect and is not linked to the Anthony family."
But this doesn't stop the defense circus from spitting suspicion onto Kronk hoping it will
stick. Since there isn't much they can do for their client, Casey Anthony, and her bad acts are
well publicized, they're hoping to find someone "dirtier" than her in order to deflect attention and/or cause doubt.

How many more persons innocent of the murder of little Caylee will be publicly vilified, excoriated
by the defense in their efforts to prop up their client?

Stay tuned, instead of the defense doing stellar legal work, they've chosen this tactic... and I'm sure there will be others.

                      ATTORNEY FOR ROY KRONK - STATEMENT

"Following is the complete and unedited statement issued by Roy Kronk's attorney, David Evans, about allegations made by Casey Anthony's defense team. The statement was e-mailed shortly before 6:30 p.m. Thursday: "
"Today, the Casey Anthony defense team commenced, but did not complete, the deposition of Roy Kronk in the State v. Casey Anthony case. Shortly after adjourning the deposition, the Anthony defense team filed a Motion, Memorandum of Law, and accompanying materials suggesting that Roy Kronk, the individual who found Caylee Anthony's remains and repeatedly reported his find to law enforcement agencies, should be considered a suspect in the murder of Caylee Anthony.
Mr. Kronk is a witness, not a suspect. He voluntarily appeared today and truthfully responded to all questions asked by Anthony's attorney. He has cooperated fully with law enforcement from Day One. He has nothing to hide, and has hidden nothing."

"It is the nature of criminal defense to attempt to find someone to blame for a crime other than the person charged. Mr. Kronk has understood from the beginning that the defense might attempt to cast suspicions in his direction--because that's what defense attorneys do. In their zeal to defend Casey Anthony, defense counsel has filed papers with the Court that are filled with allegations that have no basis in fact and falsely accuse Mr. Kronk of various types of bad behavior.
The State will respond to these papers in due course in the criminal proceedings. As for Mr. Kronk, he vehemently denies the allegations against him and is confident that he will be vindicated. In the meantime, as he stated early on in this case, no good deed goes unpunished."