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1969 - 11 May - Iran - Sheila Davalloo is born.

1970-s - In the midst of the 1970's The Davalloo family emigrates to the Stony Brook, Long Island
            area of New York in the U.S.
           Shirley Davalloo attends high school and then goes on to college at SUNY.
           There she earns a biochemistry degree.
                      WEDDING # 1
           Farid Moussavi marries Shirley Davalloo.
           Shirely Moussavi pursues a Master's Degree in New York Medical College
           (Valhalla, NY) where she meets a fellow student, Paul Christos.
                      AFFAIR # 1
          Sheila  doesn't tell Paul Christos she's married when they begin dating.

            Farid Moussavi discovers Shirley's affair and divorces her.
                      WEDDING # 2
2000 -  Paul Christos marries Sheila (Davalloo) Moussavi.  Paul Christos doesn't meet any of the
           Davalloo family, not even at their wedding.
           Sheila obtains employment as a research scientist (Purdue Pharma, Stamford, CT.)
                      AFFAIR #2
           The ever amorous Sheila begins an affair with a co-worker Nelson Sessler. She tells 
           Nelson she's divorced.  Nelson Sessler is also dating another woman, Anna Lisa
           Raymundo, who also works at Purdue Pharma.
Pathological liar Sheila convinces her husband Paul that she has a schizoprhenic brother, Shahiem, who will be coming to stay at periods of time. Sheila tells him that Shahiem doesn't know she is married and that if he learns she is married it would further upset his mental state. She further convinces him that it would be a good idea if Paul stayed with his parents or in a motel during his visits. Each time, upon Paul's departure Sheila scurries through the house removing any signs of her husband's presence.
               Anna Lisa Raymundo leaves the pharmaceutical company.
               Nelson Sessler breaks off his dating relationship with Sheila and becomes engaged to
               Anna Lisa Raymundo (32).
2002 - September - Sheila tells a psychiatrist she is having trouble giving up "the fantasy of

2002 - 3 November - 12:19 PM - An anonymous phone call to police from a pay phone tips them off to a "neighbor being attacked by a male." Police responding to the tip find an unlocked door of a condo. Inside they find Anna Lisa Raymundo's body in the foyer with signs of a violent struggle.  Investigators find the foyer filled with debris, blood spatters and fragments of glass.
Anna Lisa Raymundo has been beaten and stabbed to death. She'd suffered 20 stab wounds and a head injury. She had fought her attacker and still clutched a woman's hair in her hand. Witnesses tell police of a woman outside Raymundo's condo that day.
2003 - January - Sheila goes to Nelson Sessler's apt. and tells him "Sorry to hear what happened."
                          Later they resume their dating relationship.

                                   ATTEMPTED MURDER
2003 - 23 March - Sheila convinces Paul to play a "game." Paul is supposed to guess what she is touching him with, without being able to see what she's holding. After handcuffing and blindfolding Paul Christos, Sheila stabs Paul twice in the chest. She tells him it is an accident.
Paul begins pleading for her to call 911 for help and to free him.

4:59 PM - Sheila phones Nelson Sessler but tells Paul she called 911 and the line is busy. Sheila pretends to phone a nearby doctor's office and tells Paul the office is closed. She also tells him she's lost the keys to the cuffs.

Paul Christos is pleading for Sheila to help him. Finally, Sheila unlocks the handcuffs and blindfold and helps him into the car. She drives to the Westchester County Medical Center.  She drives to an area of the parking lot and parking the vehicle, commences to stab Paul once more. This stab pierces his heart. Paul is struggling with Sheila to prevent her from stabbing him again.

 5:30 PM -  An employee of the Medical Center walking in the parking area  notes the struggle and
                 phones 911.
                Sheila (Davaloo, Moussavi) Christos flees the scene and  Paul Christos is rushed into
                the ER where he undergoes open heart surgery.
                Sheila returns and enters the hospital. She insists upon getting Paul back into the
                vehicle. Medical personnel prevent Sheila from obtaining access to Paul.
                           POLICE INTERVIEW
Mount Pleasant police pick up Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos. She is interviewed by police at the Westchester police dept. Sheila claims Paul's injuries were caused by an accident at his place of employment. She denies causing his injuries.
Police investigators at the hospital find that Paul Christos has been stabbed multiple times in the chest. The open heart surgery has been extensive due to those injuries.
               Investigators review Sheila's cell phone records.
Sheila had telephone "Nelson" and not 911 at the time she claimed to have been phoning emergency services.

Photo: Sheila Davalloo booking photo

 2003 - 24 March - Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos is arrested and charged for attempted murder, first-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.
2003 - 26 March - Nelson Sessler is interviewed by Stamford police.  He had no knowledge that Sheila was married and indeed, is stunned at the news. Nelson tells police that Sheila had telephoned him on the 23rd and asked him to come over around 8:30 or 9:00 PM.

2003 - May -  Investigators state that their investigation into Anna Lisa Raymundo's murder
                     has led them to a woman, a fellow co-worker of Raymundo's. The co-worker -
                     none other than Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos.

2004 - 4 February - Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos pleads Not Guilty.
Paul Christos tells the court "I had never seen Sheila act violently before until she stabbed me in the heart 3 times."
The defense puts on evidence that Sheila is bi-polar and needs treatment.
The police interrogation tape is played for the court. On it Sheila denies stabbing Paul and lies to police, telling them Paul got his stab wounds from work.
Sheila's family do not attend her trial.
2004 18 February -  Judge Thomas Dickerson "You tried to kill your husband, waited for him to die and have lied over and over. Your goal was to deliver a corpse to the emergency room. You are a dangerous threat to society."

           Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos is convicted of attempted murder and first- degree
2004 - 6 April - Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos is handed a maximum 25-years to life
                       without the possibility of parole. 

                           Paul Christos filed for divorce.
Paul Christos remains uncertain whether Sheila meant to kill him. He hopes she'll get treatment while in prison.
                              ARREST WARRANT
2007 - 6 November - A warrant is issued for Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos in the murder of
                                Anna Lisa Raymundo. She is to be extradited to CT.
2007 - 29 December - Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women -  Sheila Davalloo
          is arraigned in Superior Court, Stamford, CT. for the murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo.

 Dan Schorr (former Westchester assistant District Attorney) "We knew when we prosecuted her that she was a calculating and violent person.  From the evidence we saw, she was certainly a
viable suspect in Anna-Lisa's killing, It's good to see the Stamford authorities are following through and prosecuting her."       

2009 - 14 January - Sheila Davalloo pleads Not Guilty.  
2009 - 20 February-  Nelson Sessler testifies regarding his relationships with Anna Lisa Raymundo and Sheila Davalloo (then Sheila Christos). Sessler had assisted Stamford police by taping his conversations with Sheila.
Paul Christos
testifies also.
A security video at Purdue Pharma showing Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos left the Pharma property shortly before 11 a.m. the day of the murder.
DNA from bloodstains found on a bathroom faucet handle matching Davalloo and Raymundo
The anonymous call tipping off police was made from a pay phone a half-mile from the murder scene is consistent with Sheila (Davalloo, Moussavi) Christos's 'voice.

Judge Richard Comerford, Jr., grants Sheila Davalloo another lengthy continuance which postpones a probable cause hearing.

2009 -June 11 - Sheila Davalloo's case is to be on the docket for June 11

           Judge Comerford Jr. "Just to see how things are progressing."

           Judge Comerford asks Sheila Davalloo if she would like to attend the next proceedings.
           Davaloo replies "No, I'm getting sick of the constant trips."