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Oct 3 09 2:59 PM

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 1985 -November-  Steve "Clem" Grogan paroled to the San Fernando Valley - served 15 years. 
                         Has to attend psychiatric therapy outpatient. Has a stable residence and working.
                         Not allowed to contact any manson followers or people who are connected with
                         manson in any way.

 Prosecutor Steven Kay "I would be less worried about Van Houten being out than Grogan."

                             Steve Gorgan 2008
2010 - August  - Leslie "Lulu" Van Houten obtained a postponement of the August 2009 parole
                             hearing until August of 2010.
                        Reason: Van Houten is challenging her parole denial from 2004 in Federal Court.

2010- November - Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkle's scheduled parole hearing for November 10, 2009
                          has been rescheduled.
2011-  Charles "Tex" Watson's scheuled parole hearing for November 2009 has been rescheduled.

2012-  Charles "Charlie" Manson's scheduled parole hearing will take place in 2012.

 ? -     Bruce Davis had a parole hearing scheduled for Sept. 9th, 2009 but it appears that has been
          postponed and rescheduled.
2013- Robert "Bobby" Beausoleil was placed on a five year denial in Dec. 2008 until 2013.
             Beausoleil says he was never a manson family member.
Proposition 9 - Crime Victims Rights

Proposition 9 also calls for a more effective California parole system that provides commissioners with the flexibility to increase the number of years between hearings for those who have already earned a "life sentence," thereby streamlining the parole system and saving taxpayers' money.

Perhaps the most egregious example of the parole system's misuse is by Charles Manson followers Bruce Davis and Leslie Van Houten, both of whom were convicted of multiple brutal murders. Since their convictions, they have had a combined 38 parole hearings in 30 years. For each one of those 38 occasions, the victims' families had to relive the painful crimes and pay their own expenses to attend the hearings. Taxpayers have had to absorb the costs of each and every one of those hearings.

The simple act of increasing the number of years between parole hearings for some of California's worst offenders would alleviate an already overburdened system, ease the pain and suffering endured by victims and their families and save taxpayers millions of dollars annually.
Proposition 9 - opposition by Bruce Davis & Leslie Van Houten

In a further oddity, two imprisoned followers of 1960s cult leader Charles Manson challenged the official ballot arguments used by Proposition 9 supporters.

Bruce Davis and Leslie Van Houten, who have been denied parole repeatedly, objected to being named as examples of inmates who force taxpayers to “spend millions of dollars on hearings for dangerous criminals that have virtually no chance of release.”

They argued they would have been freed long ago had it not been for their association with Manson and that their parole hearings cost taxpayers little. A Sacramento County judge dismissed their challenge in August.

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#1 [url]

Jan 23 10 3:06 PM

Van Houten came close to parole on one occasion, not long ago, maybe 2004. The filmed hearing had comment made by one of the parole officials saying maybe next time she could obtain parole. That she was doing so well he thought it was quite possible for her to be released next time. Her reply: (Excited):" Oh, really?"

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#4 [url]

Jan 25 10 11:22 PM

Which one of them supposedly had a son with Charles Manson? Leslie or Patricia?


Atkins had a son, but I can't remember if the father was Manson or someone else. Mary Brunner was the one I believe had a son by Manson.

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#6 [url]

Jan 26 10 5:39 PM

Makes ya kind of wonder what some of the offspring of famous murderers must go through and what they think about their connection to the murderer. Most seem to live anonomously and don't do interviews.

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#7 [url]

Jan 26 10 6:45 PM

Makes ya kind of wonder what some of the offspring of famous murderers must go through and what they think about their connection to the murderer. Most seem to live anonomously and don't do interviews.


There are two that know they are his sons and do not dwell on it. They are who they are and creepo is what he is. One is appalled because he feels he looks the most like him, and he's a peaceful person and not violent.

Most of those descended from murderers don't like to walk around with people knowing because some look at them different once they know, as if they'll turn out like their parent.

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#8 [url]

Nov 15 13 4:16 PM

Free everybody except Tex Watson.  

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