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                   ANNIE DOWLING INTERVIEW - much more at the link

Casey spoke of having cleaning solution in the car.

AD: When we talked about, uh, because that was right after the hat got thrown away, and that person went thru their garbage and found the hat that I was wearing in a picture, and that was my hat. No it wasn't my hat. It was Casey's hat that her ex-boyfriend Jesse gave her. And that's why they threw it away because they don't trust Jesse. So they were getting mad at Jesse. And so they threw the hat away.
And Jesse was the first person she called when she abandoned the car at the Amscot. Again, this is all she said.. and so she called Jesse. The car war was up there. Jesse knew where the car was. Jesse had a key to the car.
*Note - Dowling is referring to an incident where a non-family member, a person inserting herself into the crime case, went through the Anthony family's garbage left out for the refuse workers. It was a big to-do at the crime forum Websleuths at the time about "Annie's Hat being found in the trash."
In other interviews of persons who at the time were close to Casey Anthony, there was mention of a "anything but clothes party" and an incident in which Casey Anthony burst into tears. Here's Annie Dowling's information regarding that incident:
AD: Casey's... one of her ex-boyfriends Brandon was there, and I believe that's when he started dating his now wife. I think she was there too and they were there together. And casey got very upset because she was very, very in love with, Brandon. And I guess she pulled him aside and he was intoxicated. She pulled him aside and went to talk to him out front, maybe have a heart to heart. I don't know what was said. But I know they were out front. Casey came running to the back bawling hysterically getting the people that she was, she came with, to leave.

YM What was it about?
AD: From what I was told, it was her telling her ex "I still love you I want to be with you."
EE: Nothing about a pregnancy?
AD: She had told me that she was, that she had gotten pregnant by him and that she miscarried, coindentally on Valentine's day.
YM: And that's what she told yo? Did she tell you that before or after the uh anything but clothes party?
AD:  Oh, I knew when she was pregnant, well "pregnant" "quote, unquote."
YM: And did she say whose it was?
AD: Brandon's. She didn't want her parents to know.
YM: Was she actually pregnant?
AD: I never saw a doctor's visit, a pregnancy test, uh, anything to confirm it. I had doubts she was pregnant. "She "miscarried" "quote. unquote" "miscarried."

She said she was at home and she was bleeding and she called her doctor. It was all on a Saturday. I 'm thinking what doctor is going to go.. because she said she called her doctor and she, the doctor met her at the office. I eremember it being on a Saturday because my mom's best friend works for my doctor and he wouldn't be at the office on a Saturday.

AD: I just remember thinking something's weird because Brandon would talk to me about it. He would, "You know Annie... what do you think? Do you think she's really pregnant?" And I'd say No , I don't think she's really pregnant.

YM: So she waited a whole year and three months to confront Brandon?
AD: Brandon's in the Army. He's in Iraq. He had just gotten back. He was gone for 18 months. He was in North Carolina getting ready for deployment to go back to Iraq, or Afghanistan, whenver she..
Annie Dowling spent some time with Casey after her arrest and release to home detention. Casey thought the house was "bugged."
AD: I remember her saying to me "When this is all said and done I have so much to tell you."

There was other interviews which referred to Casey wanting to "commit" herself.
This is what she told Annie Dowling:

AD: She came and picked me up. She's like "Let's go to lunch I just need to talk.  She came and picked me up and so she's just, she was like, "I just want to go. I need to get away.  I need to uhn, you know, I feel like II"m having a breakdown. I just, I can't."

What had specifically triggered it? I asked her. She didn't say anything. She just basically that she needed to get away for a little bit. And I was like, Well you know, what about Caylee? And she's like "Oh, my mom''lll take her. I know she'll take her."

She wanted to go to like an institution. Like she said, I just...

YM: She wanted to commit herself or..
AD: Kind of yeah (affirmative).

I was like well where are you going to? Are you going to go to the beach for the weekend? Like where, what are you going to do? I mean this completely caught me off-guard. She basically said she needed help.

I just talked ot her and we just talked about you know, what's going on with her. and she was like, "You know, I just like, I need to get away. This is just too much."

EE: What did she talk about?
AD: Sighs. Specifics I'm not.. I mean she like was happy with a guy at the time.. She was uh,
Chris Stutz I believe his last name was. The time she was dating him or they were talking, or.. .I just remember her saying that she basically wanted to commit herself.

YM: Did she ever talk about suicide.
AD: No
YM: She ever talk about what like would have been like without caylee?
AD: No. Because she always told me she wouldn't change it for anything.
YM: But as far as the emotional breakdown, she did say that you know, mom would take caylee?
AD: Absolutely.
YM: And then she would get help or, and you took that to believe that she would want to commit herself, put her somewhere she can..
AD: get better....  That night I got off work and I asked her how it was, how everyting was going? "Oh, I talked to my mom. Everything's okay. We're going to work it out."

EE: So the root of her problem, in your opinion, would have been mom or Chris?
AD: I don't think it was Chris. I think she confided in Chris.
EE: So there's that ongoing turmoil between mom and Casey maybe?
AD: I'm not sure what the root of the problem was.
EE: but there was a problem you think?
AD: Yeah. Uh, I don't think she just had this breakdown. I think that she was experiencing something, going through something and I just don't recall what it was at the time.
Annie Dowling was asked her impression of Casey Anthony's relationship with her brother Lee.
AD: Uhm, they seemed to be very, very close.
YM: Did she ever mention any problems that she had with her brother?
AD: Uh, again, knowing what I know now about her lying about so much stuff...

Just that she'd say "Lee is trying to control her life, just like her parents were." Uhm, the basic, but, but for the most part they had, they appeared to have a good relationsip, like really close friends, you know, older brother and young sister.

She made it seem like she didn't have a good relationship with her father and that she did not like her father.
  JEALOUSY - Casey Anthony's jealousy of her mother was spoken of in previous interviews regarding a birthday of Caylee Anthony. This is Annie Dowling's information on the incident:
AD:  She, Casey made it seem like her mother was this horrible person and that she's trying to control her life, and take Caylee away from her, and wanted Caylee to call Cindy gram, or mom instead of grand mom. And from Cindy it wasn't like that.
That's what Casey would tell me, yes.

EE: When?
AD: All the time. I mean her mom, I mean she used her mom always. LIke I remember at Caylee's second birthday party we were all sitting down opening presents and Cindy was helping. And she, Casey got, Casey was getting so upset, you know., "This is my daughter. This is my daughter and my mom's trying to take her," you know, "Trying to take my job out of it." Her mom was trying, Cindy was trying to play mom instead of letting Casey play mom, or be mom."

EE: and this is in front of everybody?
AD: Uh-hum (affirmative).
EE: So it was very obvious to everyone that was there, maybe uncomfortable even, that they were arguing about that, or?
AD: No, they, she wasn't arguing about it. She just, Casey just pulled me aside..
and was like, "I'm so upset. You know, my mom's doing this. I'm her mom. She's not her mom."

EE: What was she (Cindy) doing that was so terrible?
AD: Like you know, the little kid sits down and the mom sits behind them and helps them open presents. That's what Cindy was doing instead of Casey doing it.
EE: Jealousy then?
AD: Yes.

Describing Case as a mother - Dowling mentions later in the interview "not allowing people to hold her."

AD If anything, (she was) over protective. For, until Caylee was two and a half, nobody could hold her because she was so tied to Casey. I mean I was around Casey five days a a week for at least an hour or so. I couldn't even hold her. If Casey went to the bathroom and not take Caylee, Caylee would scream.

Annie Dowling was asked about Cindy's calls to Casey, and Casey's reaction:

AD: ( Cindy called Casey when they were out) It happened frequently. Cindy would call frequently. What time are you going to be home? Why are you out so late?
EE: What was her general attitude towards that?

AD: "Most of the time, apparently she lied to her mom all the time, saying, I"m at work, I"m at work, I'm at work," when she was out. I found out later she was always saying that she was "at work." And her mom would just call, "Where are you? When are you going to be home? When are you going to be home? You know, I want to go to bed. I want to, you know, and she wanted her home to take care of her own daughter.

EE: And you witnessed this how many times do you think? Or was it just so commonplace that...
AD: I would, yes (affirmative), I was, it was, her mom would call almost every single time we were out. She'd yell at her for one thing or another or to see where she was at.
YM: What do you mean to, what do you mean to yell?
AD: (Sighs) I , I know a lot of the truth now. Like for instance, uhm, when I graduated from UCF, Casey was going with me to my graduation, and on my way to graduation,  Casey, Casey's mom called and said "You need to get home now."

And so she had a conversation with her mother. She said she had to leave, and uh, Casey told me, "Oh my mom was made at me because I didn't register for Valencia classes." When I found out later from her mother that it was really because they found a credit card statement where Casey spent a lot of thei r money.. So..

EE: What date was that on? Do you remember?
AD: August 07 I don't know the excat date. But it was yeah (affirmative) because I graudated four years after I graduated high school, so August of 07. It was definitely in the summer

Right after Caylee went missing. Uhm, we would have conversations with her parents and that's when I found out a lot about Casey that I didn' t know. Shortly after July 16th.

Her ex-boyfriend Jesse Grund, came and picked her up and brought her home because I obviously had to go to graduation.