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                                MICHAEL ROBERT SOUTAR 

                 Photo: Michael Robert Soutar booking photo

Aggravated Assault
Credit Card Fraud
Probation Violation
10 counts of Unregistered Securities Fraud
22 counts of Securities Fraud
3rd Degree failure to Register Securities
3rd Degree sales of securities by unlicensed broker
2nd Degree Racketerring
Writing bad checks
Tax Evasion
9 Previous Felony Convictions
4 Civil Judgements

Remember the song by the Bee Gees "Indiana Wants me?"  California, Arizona,
Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico certainly "wanted" Michael Soutar.

In fact, his crimes in those states range in date from the 1980's until 2005, when
as a fugitive he was finally caught in Boston, Massachusetts. "Michael Soutar is
considered among the most predatory confidence men in the U.S."Soutar doesn't limit
his thefts to strangers, he's also stolen from his own family (he stole his father's boat).

Soutar was previously dubbed the "Casanova Con Man," referring of course, to his
method of wooing the ladies he swindles.

Whenever Michael Soutar (50) finishes serving his current prison term, you can bet the
moment he walks out of the prison walls he'll be working on his next scam...and looking
for his next mark(s).

DESCRIPTION: Michael Robert Soutar likes designer clothing & shoes.
             He starches all of his clothing (including blue jeans).
             He prefers expensive watches/jewelry.
             Employment: car salesman, venture capitalist.
             Accent: Texas/Southern
             Has used drugs in the past and likes to carry a gun.
1990 - 1992 - New Mexico - Authorities become aware of MIchael Soutar.

1992 - Texas - Michael Soutar meets Rhoda Walker. He fleeces her out of over $20,000.
               She doesn't prosecute even though she is driven to bankruptcy.

               Rhoda Walker "I didn't think the case was winnable."
               "He's just quite charming. He's not pushy, he's not aggressive.
               He seemed to have cash all the time. What I didn't know is that
               it came from his last girlfriend. He can become whatever he wants,
               but underneath he's just a crook."

1996 - Michael Soutar is charged with aggravated assault, forgery, fraud, embezzlement
         and credit card fraud.

1996 - Plea bargain in State District Court in Albuquerque - Soutar is convicted of aggravated 
          assault, fraud involving worthless checks, forgery, fraud over $250, embezzlement over
         $2,500 and fraudulent use of a credit card between 1992 and 1994,

         His victims say he discovered their credit history and financial background, then, 
         he borrowed or stole from them using a variety of techniques, which included credit card
         fraud, forgery, or the simple "borrowing" of money- always promising to pay it back
       Soutar obtains a release for medical attention (knee surgery). Soutar disappears.

  ARIZONA - Michael Soutar is charged and convicted of fraud. Soutar had bilked numerous 
                   women out of a lot of cash (thousands of dollars).Soutar was sentenced to 10 years
                   in prison, with four years suspended. He is released in Arizona in 2002, and begins
                   serving the four years of suspended probation.
  TEXAS -   Michael Soutar is charged with bigamy.

2002 - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Michael Soutar is released from Arizona prison & returns to
                              NM. The former fugitive starts a new life. He gets married to Christina and
                              moves to Las Cruces, New Mexico. She's a gallery owner and also an investor
                              in the art market.
       1 March -          Soutar begins his scams. He cons people into investing in a Native American
                               art market which opens on March 1st.  Soutar is caught & charged with
                                misuse of investors money. (A corrections officer who'd formerly guarded
                                Soutar invested and loses $380,000).

2003  -  Santa Fe, NM - Michael Soutar is charged with fraud, forgery and aggravated assault.
2004 - August - Soutar is arrested for probation violation.
                Michael Soutar has neglected to inform his investors he is a convicted felon.
                He also has been pocketing the money due to the Artists and investors.

                 Linda O'Hara "We're not under any illusion that we'll get our money back."
                 James O'Hara is owed between $2,800 and $3,000 because of payroll problems.

                 Another family member has invested $30,000. 

2004 - 16 December - 2:30 PM -  Michael Soutar is indicted by a grand jury on 22 counts of
                     securities fraud, unregistered security sales, tax evasion, forgery,
                     embezzlement, writing bad checks and racketeering.

          17 December -  Soutar is considered a low-risk prisoner, so while serving the rest of his 
                                   time for parole violations he is put on a work crew doing street cleaning.
                                   Michael Soutar jumps into a waiting vehicle. He is again a fugitive from
                                           A SUCESSFUL BUST

2005 - August - Boston, Massachusetts - North End Marina - 9:00 AM
                A 53-foot yacht is moored and a man matching Michael Soutar's description walks
                off the boat and right to the waiting State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension
                Section officers. At first Soutar denies his identity. He presents the officers with not
                just one alias, but several before stating "It's me."Soutar is arrested.
                With Michael Soutar is an unnamed woman identified as his girlfriend, who
                had purchased the yacht.
                Mike Sandoval (Special Agent in New Mexico Attorney General's office)
"In researching his crimes over the years, the pattern that emerges is
                is that he convinces people that he is a high roller with big ideas and
                all he needs is the money. The number of women he's talked $40,000 or
                more out of -- well, I know at least of six in the last 10 years."

                                   New Mexico extradites Soutar.

2007 - 23 April - Michael Robert Soutar is found guilty on all counts 10 counts of 3rd degree Securities fraud, 3rd degree failure to register securities, 3rd degree sales of securities by an unlicensed broker and 2nd degree racketeering.

Michael Soutar's previous convictions: nine previous felony convictions, four civil judgments against him and a bankruptcy.


2007 - 3 May  - Michael Robert Soutar is sentenced to 18 years for securities fraud after it is  
                        learned that he had concealed prior criminal convictions from investors who lost
                        $200,000 in an art market investment he sold.

                        Sentenced to 34 years in prison plus applicable habitual offender time. 16 years  
                       for being a habitual criminal.

                      Sentenced Soutar to 9  years for racketeering and another 9  years
                      on counts of securities fraud. 
                       State District Judge Michael Vigil  sentenced Soutar  after he determined that
                      Soutar could not pay up to $200,000 in restitution that had been agreed upon as
                      part of a plea deal several months earlier.
Attorney General Gary King 
“My office has pursued this criminal around the country in order to bring him to justice and we intend to send the message that we take this kind of white collar fraud seriously and will aggressively prosecute such cases to the fullest extent of the law.”

2007 - 27 June - The State Attorney General's Office files additional information allegeing that
                         Michael Robert Soutar was convicted of assault in Bernalillo County in 1991;
                         Forgery iin Maricopa County, Arizona in 1997.
                State District Court -   Michael Robert Soutar (48) admits to the convictions.

                 Dan Cron (Attorney) "It's unclear if the convictions mean Soutar will face an extra two
                  years or eight years."

Michael Robert Soutar is awaiting jury trials on the escape charge in Albuquerque and tax fraud in Santa Fe, NM.