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Sep 11 09 2:36 PM

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1985 - Missouri - College - Kelly J. Lovera meets Alicia Shayne Mills.
                                       Shayne's parents are Gatlinburg, TN. socialites, her step father Brent,
                                       and her mother Sandy Mills. Shayne was used to the good life money
                                       can buy.
                                       Brent Mills' lax policy in granting loans at a bank built by his father
                                       caused the bank to fall on hard times. Hours before bank examiners
                                       were to conduct an audit Brent Mill died of a self inflicted gun shot

                                       During the next five years of their marriage Kelly & Shayne have two


1990 - Shayne Mills Lovera convinces her husband, Kelly Lovera, to move their family back to her
          hometown in Tennessee.
         Kelly Lovera worked on finishing his Master's degree and obtains a Math Professor 
         teaching position at Pellissippi College, Knoxville, TN. Shayne Lovera works at various job
         The couple likes to hold bbq's with friends and neighbors. Weekends are for poker playing.
                                                 MULTIPLE AFFAIRS

Photo: Alicia Shayne Lovera

         Shayne Lovera is tired of marriage and begins having extra-marital affairs. She tries to
         manipulate her various lovers into helping her get rid of her husband. One of her boyfriends,
         Brett Rae, is besotted by Shayne and will do anything she wants him to do, and believe
         anything she tells him.
                                             BLUDGEONED TO DEATH
1994 - November - Kelly Lovera is at home in their apartment, relaxing or sleeping 
                             upon the sofa. 
                             At some point, Brett Rae picks up Kelly's son's baseball bat and
                             goes over to the apartment where he either confronts Kelly, or begins
                             to bludgeon him while he's asleep. Kelly Lovera is unconscious and
                            severely wounded by the time Brett Rae bundles him into his jeep.
                                Brett Rae drives onto Highway 14 near the bypass. Rae then pushes
                                the jeep down the side of the embankment hoping it will continue on
                                down the mountain.
                                He telephones a friend to pick him up.
                                               LOOSE BRAGGART LIPS
                                Rae brags to two of his friends "I put him (Lovera) over a hundred foot
                                embankment." He further brags about his affair with Shayne Lovera
                                and that he'd been promised "more sex and a lot of money" to get
                                rid of Kelly Lovera.  Rae also tells them about his previous unsuccessful
                                prior attempt to kill Kelly Lovera, and other plots he'd thought about
                                using to kill him.

                                 Both Shayne and Brett tell friends they had "beaten Kelly to death with a
                                 baseball bat and then staged his "car crash."
                                           MURDER STAGED AS ACCIDENT
1994 - 6 November - Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Jerry Grubb (Park Ranger) is
                                notified of an accident. 

At the overlook on the Gatlinburg bypass Highway 44,100 feet off the embankment of the mountain road, lodged against a tree down the mountainside is a jeep.

Jerry Grubb  "Just wasn't any skid marks, any disturbed gravel. There just wasn't any disturbance in that area."

Inside, on the back seat floorboard, lies the body of Kelly J. Lovera. H
e's lying in a pool of blood
with blood trails streaming towards the front seat.    


Photo: Kelly Lovera's hand
                          The scene is roped off, and the investigation begins.


                   The autopsy reveals Kelly Lovera has suffered extensive injuries as a result of
                   having been beaten to death. Kelly Lovera's death is not an accident.      
                                       HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION

Kelly Lovera's death from injuries, the position of the injuries on his body, the location of his body within the jeep, all factors that investigators use to determine Lovera's death is a homicide.
              Police begin to question neighbors, friends and family and learn that multiple fingers   
              are pointing directly at Brett Rae, boyfriend of Shayne Lovera, wife of Kelly Lovera.

              Brett Rae is the son of Rick Rae, (Canadian) who is the publisher of the Sevier County
Forensic use of luminol inside Kelly & Shayne Lovera's apartment shows a blood trail.
Another lover (of Shayne Lovera) tells investigators "Shayne had confided that Kelly was cramping her style, and had asked about undetectable poisons."
1994 - Alicia Shayne Lovera and Brett Rae are arrested and charged with first-degree premeditated murder.
Photo: Alicia Shayne (Mills) Lovera booking photo
                                CONFESSION & REPRESENTATION
 Brett Rae confesses, stating he'd used his son's baseball bat to beat Kelly Lovera and then
stage the car where it was found.
Robert Ritchie (Knoxville attorney) is retained on Brett Rae's behalf after Rae's arrest. He represents him for 2-3 months. Ritchie notes that Rae is obsessed with his co-defendant Shayne Lavera. He is later informed that another attorney, Robert Ogle is taking over the case.

2 months before the trial - Alan Feltes (Sevier County Attorney) is appointed to represent Brett Rae. Both he and Robert Ogle (Attorney) are to jointly represent Rae. He meets at least twice a week with Rae not including telephone conversations. Feltes discusses the potential punishment that Brett Rae faces if found guilty. Feltes determines that with the overwhelming amount of evidence against his client, there is no way a rational defense can be presented.
Feltes is informed by Brett Rae that he didn't want to present an actual defense because he did not want to hurt Shayne Lovera, his co-defendant's case

Forensic evidence is presented. Jerry Grubb (Park Ranger) and police officers testify.
Friends and family of both Shayne Lovera and Brett Rae turn State's witnesses.
The friends that both Rae and Lovera bragged to testify that they had admitted to them that they had beaten Kelly Lovera and staged his vehicle accident.
(Alicia) Shayne Lovera claims she knew nothing about the murder and slept through the whole thing. She denies telling friends she'd helped beat Kelly to death and stage a crash. Lovera also claims that Brett Rae has had a "case of fatal attraction" for her.
1996 - January 29 - Shayne Lovera and Brett Rae are convicted of Kelly J. Lovera's murder.
          The State does not seek the death penalty. The State gives both defendants & their
          attorneys notice that it intends to seek a sentence of life without parole.         
                                        PLEA AGREEMENT
         The next day after the verdict, Alan Feltes is approached by Counsel for Shayne Lovera.
         A plea agreement is a possibility, but it has to be a package deal with Brett Rae.
         Lovera is prepared to enter a plea of guilty, waiving her right to direct appeal and post
         conviction relief in exhange for a life sentence with possibility of parole.

Feltes conveys the plea agreement offer to Brett Rae. He also informs him that it's a good possibility he's facing a sentence of life without parole and that the plea agreement would guarantee him a life sentence (at the time was 25 years) with possibility of parole.
Feltes also informs Brett Rae that there is not any major error in the trial that would warrant any type of reversal in appellate courts. He tells Rae that he didn't think he could waive his post conviction rights. He advises him to go thru the motions like we're going to do that as part of the deal.

Attorney Feltes is told not to do anything to hurt Mrs. Lovera. Brett Rae insists upon some private time with Shayne Lovera before he accepts the plea agreement offered by the State.

                         Brett Rae accepts the plea agreement deal.
                         Shayne Lovera accepts the plea agreement deal.


Kelly J. Lovera's children are in the care of, and custody is awarded to, Kelly J. Lovera's parents. 


Brett Rae & Shayne Lovera both receive life with parole after 25 years.
As part of the plea agreement both Rae & Lovera waive their right to file either a direct appeal or a collateral post-conviction attack their convictions.


 Bret Rae appeals to the Criminal Court of Appeals of Tennesse for post-conviction relief.
 The court denies his petition.
1999 - November - Brett Rae Appeals to the Criminal Court of Appeals of Tennesse.
                             Brett Rae appeals the court's denial of his petition for post-conviction relief.

Rae claims "his trial was ineffective for encouraging him to accept the state's offer of life with possibilty of parole; failing to prepare for mitigating circumstances at the sentencing phase; failing to properly conduct a pre-trial investigation; failing to adequately consult with him during critical stages of the proceedings; failing to advise him of his rights to direct appeal and collateral attack of his conviction; deficient performance of counsel at trial; his guilty plea was coerced and involuntary;
and his conviction is void as violating the protection against double jeopardy."

Brett Rae claims "he had conceded his guilt during the guilty plea hearing and that his attorneys did the best they could." But, he states, "he made these admissions only because the attorneys instructed him to do so."  "Although he agreed that he believed himself to be guilty of first degree murder at the time of his plea, he now retracts that admission."

Attorney Feltes testifies and opines that during his representation of Brett Rae, he never had any problem with Rae being incoherent or not understanding anything he was told or advised. He testifies to his advice to Rae prior to sentencing; about his client's obsession with Lovera and that he, as his attorney, not do anything to hurt Lovera's case.


2000- February - Alicia Shayne Lovera files a motion with the Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee.
(Alicia) Shayne Lovera alleges "her trial counsel failed to explain a sentence of life without parole to her; her state of mind precluded a knowing and  voluntary plea; she was not informed that she was entitled to a hearing prior to imposition of sentence; that she was coereced by threats of new evidence against her."


                                            PAROLE ELIGIBILITY
BRETT RAE -  JUNE 30, 2025


VIDEOS: - Snapped

Shayne Lovera - In prison   
LU President Randy Lowry visits with the members of the Lipscomb class who still reside at TPFW - TN Prison for Women students show Lowry the impact of LU program on their lives.
"Shayne Lovera, one of 15 inmates at the Tennessee Prison for Women (TPFW), who has earned 18 undergraduate credit hours at Lipscomb University over the past two years through an innovative program that brings traditional students and the inmates of the prison together to study a liberal arts topic."

Shayne Lovera' s speech for President Lowry

"President Lowry,

It is often said that the goal of incarceration is rehabilitation, but what does that mean?  Isn't rehabilitation simply changing the way one thinks? For some, landing behind bars is enough to prompt change, but for most, major obstacles, such as anger, resentment, fear, or lack of self worth and education keep not only the body, but the mind imprisoned.

Due to budget constraints, among other things, educational opportunities in prison have been limited to the basics, G.E.D. and a few vocational classes. The partnership established between Lipscomb University and the Tennessee Department of Correction not only offers access to higher education but also to hope.

Hope is a precious commodity to prisoners and the Lipscomb collaboration continues to make it attainable through curricula and coursework, by doubling the available scholarships and providing amazing, unbelievably supportive educators.

From day one, I have felt like I was on equal footing with the traditional students -- no condescension, and no judgment.  These kids have been a revelation and a joy.  The unique setting has allowed for development of unexpected friendships and the discovery of surprising commonalities.  I knew that I wanted the opportunity to get a college education; I just didn't realize that it would be so much more.

I can't think of a better time than this season of thanksgiving and gift giving to express my gratitude.  Rehabilitation may not be easy to recognize but education is the gift that keeps on giving. So I want to say thank you to everyone at Lipscomb for your dedication to this program and to us.

Shayne Lovera"

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#1 [url]

Sep 21 15 1:37 PM

Shayne Lovera

I grew up with Shayne Mills (her maiden name) and know her by that name. We went from 1st grade all the way up through graduating Gatlinburg-Pittman Highschool together. Lived on the same street, in fact, that she did in her highschool years. Shayne to me was always a very bright, beautiful, vivacious young lady. Brown hair, Brown skin, Brown eyes. Very good looking and always popular within any group. The death of her stepfather, Brent Mills, affected her greatly for the worse. He was a kind man to me. My parents did a lot of business with Brent at the Bank. Gatlinburg is a small town, and it is not uncommonfor one to be on a first name basis with just about all the longtime local residents. Shayne wasn't stuck up and had a sexy air of self confidence that she often portrayed. We rode the same school bus in those years before either of us was old enough to drive. I considered her a friend although we were not particularly close.As a young man growing up I admired Shayne a lot, and I still think of her often. Hope she is OK. It was with great sadness that I learned of her husband's murder and her subsequent arrest. Everything about it seemed and still does seem surreal. It is unbelievable to me that a girl with so much going for her could come to this.That she could ever be put into prison for such a horrendous murder. I pray for her mother Sandy and her sister, Kim. Sandy has been completly devestated by these events. You can see it in her eyes and in her face. It has aged her prematurely. I pray for Shayne and Kellys children. The burden of losing both mother and father must be horrible for them. Kelly Loveras parents are also in my prayers as well as Shayne herself. This is most assuredly a tragedy for everyone involved.

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