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Sep 7 09 5:22 PM

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         Since 2005 young women from Jennings, Louisiana have turned up dead.
                         A total of 8 young women as of this year, 2009.
A Multi-Agency Investigative Task Force is investigating a "series of homicides of women who resided within Jennings."
Anyone with information about any of these cases is asked to contact the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-821-2106  OR the FBI's Louisiana  office at 504-816-3000 OR the Task Force at 824-6662.

The owner of the blog at the above link has documented the disappearance and deaths of these young women from Jennings, and highlights the plight of their families who are seeking answers
and justice.

At the link you can find updates on the case; background information on the victims; and a message area Murder in Jeff Davis Parish where a discussion of the case(s) are conducted.

2005 - May 17 - Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis 

2005 - June 18 - Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson
2007 - March 5 - Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez (21) is last seen alive.

2007 - March 15 - Kristen Lopez's body is discovered.
2007 - May - Whitnei Charlene Dubois
2007- May 12 - Whitnei Dubois's body is discovered.

2008 - May 28 - LaConia Shontel "Muggy" Brown (23)
                         Hours later that day Laconia's body is discovered by a city police officer.
2008 - September 11 - Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno (23) - Crystal's body is discovered.
2008 - November 2 - Brittney Ann Gary (17)

2008 - November 15 - Brittney Gary's body is discovered.

2009 - August 18 - Necole Guillory (26) - Necole's body is discovered.

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May 5 13 10:37 PM

From what i gather, residents are afraid for their lives and won't talk. The police and task force are corrupt.
Despite the useless task force, and the small population and area size of Jennings, the keystone cops there just can't seem to solve this one.
Rumors are plenty that it's the son of a cop (or cop himself) or someone of power and wealth in the town and thus nothing has been done.

A Private investigator, Kirk Menard had been working on the case.

I do know that residents personally have been threatened and are afraid to even post online regarding the serial murders.

The Feds should have sent specialists (not local Feds) to Jennings to handle this. Not to mention a huge internal affairs investigation needs to be done on the police department. 

All of these families deserve justice and to know what happened to their loved ones. Money shouldn't be able to buy a serial killer freedom. Corruption, bribes, pay offs needs to stop

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