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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377  OR the tip line at 1-877-543-4822 OR Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).


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                                    MISSING & MURDERED WOMEN

                                    CANADA HIGHWAY OF TEARS

            Signs along the highway now warn women against hitchhiking.
1969 - The first female in a long line of a number of women who disappear or are murdered while
           hitchhiking along Highway 16 (near the city of Prince George, 320 miles (515 kilometers)
           northeast of Vancouver, in Northern British Columbia) occurs. 
                So far, almost all of the young girls/women are Native Canadian women.

 Although reports list 18 young women as victims along the Highway of Tears, Amnesty International says 32 women have gone missing, or been murdered, here in the last 39 years
Other reports say over 30 women, and maybe more, are missing.
Regardless of the number, their race, occupation or other status, they are all someone's child, daughter, sister or friend, and they are missing or have been found murdered.
Police have stated that they do not know if only one person is responsible, or if there are more persons who are responsible for the disappearances and deaths.
              MISSING - MURDERED
1969 -   Gloria Moody is murdered, she is found dead in Williams Lake. 
1970 - Micheline Pare is murdered - Hudson Hope.
1973 - Gale Weys is murdered - Clearwater.

1973 - Pamela Darlington is murdered - Kamloops.

1974 - Monica Ignas is murdered - Terrace.
1974 - Colleen MacMillen is murdered -100 Mile House.

1978 - Monica Jack is murdered - Merritt. 

1981 - Maureen Mosie is murdered - Kamloops.
1983 - Shelly-Ann Bascu disappears - Hinton, Alta.
1989 - Alberta Williams is murdered - Prince Rupert. 
1989 - Cicillia Anne Nikal disappears, last seen in Smithers near Highway 16.
          (Cicillia is the neice of Lucy Glaim, sister of Delphine Nikal.)
          Cicillia's name is not included on the list of 18 because RCMP maintain she
          was reported missing in Vancouver.
1990 - 13 June -

Delphine Nikal (15) telephones her family. She is hitchhiking 15 km to her a friend's home in Telkwa from Smithers. Delphine disappears.
Lucy Glaim "When I reported my sister missing the RCMP officer just said something like "she's just found a party or something, so give her a couple of days."
1994 - 11 June - 
Ramona Wilson (16)  is seen as she walks towards the highway in Smithers. It's believed she was likely hoping to hitch a ride to Moricetown, a nearby village to get a graduation party.
1994 July  -
Roxanne Thiara (15) disappears. Reportedly she told a friend she was going out
with a "customer." 


1994 - August - Roxanne Thiara's body is discovered dumped in the brush near Burns Lake.                        

1994 - October -  Lana Derrick (19), walking down Main St. in Terrace, disappears.

1994 - 9 December  -

Alishia Demarah Germaine (15), (aka Leah Germaine/Leah Cunningham) is found behind the Prince George Elementary School near the highway. She had been stabbed to death. She had attended a Christmas dinner hosted by the RCMP at the Native Friendship Centre on George St., leaving about 8 PM and was seen on Geroge St. and J.C. Fundland. 
11:45 that night three people cutting through the school yard stumbled upon her  body.
1995 - 10 April -   Ramona Wilson's body is found just outside town.Her body is found a year later near Smithers Airport. Two dirt bike riders find her on an abandoned piece of land, buried under a pile of logs. Her body is badly decomposed and her long black hair is matted around her shoulders.

1995 - 7 October -
Lana Derrick (19) disappears at a service station in Thornhill while home from
school for the weekend from college.


1998 - August - Alberta Williams is reported missing.

1998 - Sept. 25 - Alberta Williams's (24)  \body is found.

2002 - 21 June - 

 Nicole Hoar  (25) college student and tree planter, is last seen at a gas station west of Prince George. She disappears along Highway 16, near the city of Prince George while hiking. She's trying to surprise her sister by turning up on her doorstep for a visit. Nicole never makes it there.



2005 - 21 September -
                                     Tamara Chipman (22) is last seen in Prince Rupert at approx. 4:30 PM.
                                     She is last seen hitchhiking on Highway 16 near the industrial park outside
                                     of Prince Rupert. She disappears.

2006 - 2 February - Aielah Saric Auger (14), a Prince George high school student
                              tells her mother she is going shopping. She disappears.
2006 - 10 February - Aielah Saric Auger's body is found by a motorist. Her remains
                               have been dumped by the side of the road 15 km just east of
                               the city of Prince George. Aielah has been strangled.

2009 - August - Police link Nicole Hoar's case to a string of killings and disappearances of
women dating back to 1969. 

The investigation includes a 5 acre property in Isle Pierre 80 km (50 miles) west of Prince George.
Police searched for evidence using a grid search in a wooded area as well as a second location where a forensic examination is conducted on a vehicle. Police also say they do have a person of interest.

Leonie Rivers (Executive Director of the B.C. Native Women's Society) "When our families first went to police reporting our girls missing, they were told they were only runaways who'd gone to bright lights of Vancouver, Now, in the middle of all this publicity, this would be the prime time to reopen all the cases of our missing girls. Our families would like someone to be brought to justice, so they can obtain some closure."

Manitoba, Mounties, RCMP and Winnipeg Police Service have all begun reviewing all unsolved slayings of females and cold cases within their jurisdictions.

Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre (E Division Major Crime Section)  "We have not ruled out the possibility there could be one individual responsible for all of the cases."  

"Some of the women on the list were hitchhiking, while the last murder victim was riding her bike. The common thread in each case was "they were obviously people who were victimized by people who thought they could get away with it."

   "There are things we know that we don't want the the persons or person responsible to know. I can tell you we know a lot more than we did a year ago."