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STATE - pdf format  "Amy Huizenga said this has caused her mental stress; her name pops on the Internet in connection with the case which embarrasses her. Also, she worries it will hurt her chances of finding a job." She has filed requesting a speedy trial.
DEFENSE pdf format   The Defense team argues that the fraud trial should take place after the murder trial in June 2010.  
MyFox Orlando  "In terms of legal skill and analysis, the check fraud case will be rather simple. Few witnesses will be called, and excluding jury selection, should not take more than a day or two. The Defendant argued that the real problem will be jury selection. The State offered to go "non-jury" with a simple bench trial."

Judge Strickland has granted the motion for a speedy trial and a date will be set soon.
Judge Strickland  "In terms of legal skill and analysis, this case is rather simple. Few witnesses will be called during trial, and excluding jury selection, should not take more than a day or two. "

"This Court cannot justify making the victim wait even longer to have this matter resolved," Strickland wrote. "Therefore, in the coming days the Court will set this matter for pretrial and trial."

                                              THE DUCT TAPE

"Prosecutors also filed documents in court with details about DUCK tape, a brand of duct tape. The paperwork from the company that makes the tape includes product specification, such as width, thickness and the stores that stock the item. Duct tape was found around Caylee's skull when her remains were discovered."

"The tape attached to the toddler is a special make. "This specific, industrial, fire-resistant tape is a tiny fraction of all the tape sold by Henkel."  "We tried to buy some today. We couldn't find any." 
And what does this mean? "It is extremely rare" and "a crucial find."
"Prosecutors said today in a court papers that they will explain how rare that tape is."

                             MORE EVIDENCE BEING RELEASED TO PUBLIC
"State Attorney's Office notified the media that more evidence will be released tomorrow (Friday Sept, 4, 2009) morning. The information will include several audio and video clips. It is expected to include an interview with California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla."