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Aug 26 09 4:14 AM

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PHOTO: Carol Daniels (AP/FBI) *undated photo

Pastor Carol Daniels (61) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma traveled every week to Andarko, Oklahoma. This was her routine for four or 5 years, driving 60 miles to a small church, the Christ Holy Sanctified Church, in a rundown area of town. She drove there to preach, or if there was no one, simply to pray.
Icey Simmons  (resident of Silver Crest Nursing Center) "She and I would just go down there (to the church) and pray by ourselves."
By all accounts she wasn't someone to engender the kind of hateful crime that was meted out against her by someone, as yet unknown.
Icey Simmons  "I can't believe it. She was just as sweet as she could be, never did anything to hurt nobody."
District Attorney Bret Burns "I've prosecuted over 50 murders. This is the most horrific crime scene I've ever witnessed."
Carol Daniels was found murdered, Sunday, August 23, 2009, inside the chuch.
Cherokee Ballard (State Medical Examiner's Office Spokeswoman) "A preliminary autopsy deemed Daniels' death a homicide caused by "multiple sharp force injuries." 
Carol Daniels suffered numerous gashes to her neck and throat, as well as stab wounds to her chest, back, stomach and hands. Her body had been "staged" in an "unnatural position."
Jessica Brown (State Bureau of Investigation Spokeswoman)  "Authorities do not have any suspects and are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
Right now we have more questions than answers. The few answers we do have, we want to hold on to. That might help us in the long run."


Alvin Daniels  (Pastor Carol Daniels' son) "She was always joking with us and always taking care of us, even giving her last dollar even if she didn't have it."  "She was very cautious for the most part and she would usually leave the door open in case people came to worship."

Local police have asked the FBI to assist, particularly the agency's experts in fields like behavioral science.

UPDATE: AUG. 31, 2009
Pastor Carol Daniels' funeral services were held today, Monday at 1 p.m. local time in
Oklahoma City. 

 Alvin Daniels "All my mother wanted to do was preach, and her funeral would be another chance for her to spread the word of God."
According to local newspapers and "sources" who speak to them "The body of
Carol Daniels was staged behind the church alter. Daniels' clothing had been removed, possibly to hide evidence or as a kind of trophy from the grisly scene. Investigators say her killer methodically sprayed a dissolving chemical around her body in an effort to destroy DNA evidence at the crime scene."
Dr. WIlliam Manion (Forensic Pathologist) "Carol Daniels appeared to have been left in the form of a cross with both arms outstretched at her sides. Her head was nearly decapitated by the force of deep stabs to her neck and throat."

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