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Aug 22 09 10:03 AM

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DAILY MAIL For full story & photos.

Scarlett Hellewell (5) is suffering from a growing brain tumour which has left her blind in one eye and with marginal sight in the other.

2 boys (ages 10 & 7) kicked, pummeled and sprayed aerosol into her face and tried to set her on fire. Fortunately the attempt failed and neighbors rescued Scarlett.

Her family is trying to raise money to take Scarlett on a trip to the seaside before she becomes fully blind. Scarlett & her siblings, brother Nathan (19), Kai, (8), Finlay (6) and sister Hollie (16) have placed their favorite toys into an online auction to raise money for the trip. 

Scarlett Hellewell "I want to play on a sunny beach and splash in the sea. I am selling my bunny rabbit bag and hope to get a pound for it and my doggie that the teacher gave me. I want to raise £2.60 for him."
If you'd like to assist Scarlett Hellewell achieve her dream, contact the Daily Mail for information on how you can help.

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