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Aug 22 09 9:50 AM

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Reggie Stafford (51) of Wichita, Kansas has been convicted of raping (2 counts), sodomy (1 count)  of an innocent 5 year old girl.

The mother (as yet unnamed to protect the child) has been convicted of rape (2 counts), sodomy (1 count) and aggravated child endangerment for allowing Stafford to abuse her daughter.

Why'd she do it? For alcohol and cigarettes. 

These two disgusting persons are scheduled to be sentenced on October 1, 2009



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Aug 13 10 9:50 PM

Both of them should be beaten daily. I have zero tolerance for freaks like this who harm children. Sick lowlifes. They will rot in Hell! I wont even go into what I would like to do to them, because then I would sound just as evil as they are! I can dream tho....

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Aug 14 10 9:37 AM

Anyone who would harm a child, much less allow someone to harm their child is
the lowest of the low. Especially low to allow physical, sexual and mental abuse
for cigarettes and alcohol. Both need lobotomies performed but I suspect there
are no brains inside their skulls at all.

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May 14 11 9:26 AM

Unfortunately becoming a parent is simple and requires nether intelligence nor moral fiber. Unless there is a medical problem anybody can do it easily and even enjoy the process. However the stuff that comes after - the raising and caring for a child - is one of the biggest challenges we face in life. It is always sad to hear about parents who neglect this task out of petty selfish reasons. A parent is supposed to be the rock in a child's life - the one person it can always count on no matter what. This is a very sad case indeed...

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