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Aug 21 09 11:05 AM

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For 4 years Emily Moore (18) has been physically attacked and verbally taunted and threatened and had her property damaged.
Keely Houghton (18) began waging a bullying war when they were both 14 in school. Her vendetta has culminated in a conviction for death threats against Moore.
2005 - Repeatedly as 14 year old Emily Moore is walking home from school she is physically assaulted.  She has her head banged against a wall and her hair pulled. 
   Emily Moore "I was first targeted by being called a "slag" for wearing eyeliner to school at

                       the age of 14. That led to taunts and harassment on the site Bebo and
                       "They threw drinks bottles at me, spat at me and would tug on my hair."
                        "My friends stopped wanting to walk home with me.
                       "I reported Keeley to the head and she was suspended several times. But it didn't
                        bother her - she was grateful for the week off school."

                        "Every day I would cry and beg mum not to send me to school. It was a

          Keely Houghton attacks Emily Moore as she walks home from school. She punches Emily
          Moore her in the face and pulls clumps of her hair out.

        Keely Houghton is convicted of assault against Emily Moore. 
        Grade 9 - Houghton is also expelled from school.

               Sentence: Keely Houghton is  given community service.

That's when Keely Houghton's internet campaign started in earnest.
           Houghton posts hate comments on Bebo.
        Emily Moore "Tears rolled down my face as I read the spiteful abuse.'It made me so angry that not only did they torment me when I was out of the house, they now could taunt me on my computer.'I felt totally alienated by my peers. I couldn't walk home on my own, I sometimes had to be driven by teachers and now I couldn't even have a Bebo account. I set up a Facebook account and made my profile private to avoid more abuse."

2007 - Emily Moore's home suffers damage to its front door.

          Keely Houghton and a gang of her girl friends arrive at Emily Moore's home.
           They attempt to kick the door down.

Frightened, Emily phones her mother. By the time her mother arrives at the house, a rio van is there and Keely Houghton and her friends are being led away by police.

 Emily Moore "Keeley and her mates looked like wild animals and when they were bundled into a police van it rocked back and forth. They were crazed with rage."

         Keely Houghton is convicted for causing criminal damage.
2009 -  July 10 - Emily Moore goes to a local pub. While dancing she notices Keely Houghton's
 presence. Houghton stares at Moore while Moore dances. In an attempt to intimidate, Keely Houghton proceeds to where Emily Moore is seated alone and sits next to her saying "Are you Emily Moore? Can I have a huggie? "
Emily Moore informs Keely Houghton to "leave me alone or I'll ring the police."
Keely Houghton states "I'll give you something to ring the police about!"
A few days later, a friend informs Emily Moore that there are death threats made online by Keely Houghton against Emily. Emily Moore calls police.
Keely Houghton's Facebook page:  "Keeley is going to murder the bitch. She is an actress. What a ******* liberty. Emily ****head Moore."

                             COURT HEARING
 Keely Houghton tells Magistrates "I don't know why I'm here for trying to apologise. She threatened to call the police and all I was doing was saying sorry."
Bully Keely Houghton cried throughout the hearing.
 As Houghton is led off in handcuffs her friends shout "We love you Keeley."
                       FACEBOOK DEATH THREAT
2009 - July 12 - 4 PM - Keely Houghton posts death threat regarding Emily Moore on Facebook.
           "Keeley is going to murder the b****."  "'She is an actress. What a f***ing liberty. Emily 
            F***head Moore."
After the threat is reported to police:
Keely Houghton tells police "I was drunk late at night and I have no memory of it."
Police examined internet records and found the posting at 4 PM and that the threat was left online for 24 hours.

                                        THE TRIAL
2009- Keely Houghton pleads Guilty to harassment.
        Houghton is convicted.
She is the first person in Britain to be jailed for bullying via a social networking site.

Photo: Keely Houghton
District Judge Bruce Morgan  "Since Emily Moore was 14 you have waged compelling threats and violent abuse towards her. Bullies are by their nature cowards, in school and society. The evil, odious effects of being bullied stay with you for life. On this day you did an act of gratuitous nastiness to satisfy your own twisted nature."
       3 months in a young offender's institute.  A restraining order is in place banning
       Keely Houghton contacting Emily Moore in person, via the internet, or in any other
       manner for 5 years.
Keely Houghton cried as she was sentenced.

  Emily Moore "She has finally got what she deserves, though I'd be happy if they threw away the
key. I have no idea what sparked Houghton's harassment campaign."


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#1 [url]

Mar 9 10 9:38 PM

                                 KEELY HOUGHTON - I'M NOT A BULLY

District Judge Bruce Morgan sent Houghton to prison after she posted a threatening
death message on Facebook that she was going to kill Emily Moore. Judge Morgan
labeled Houghton “warped”, “nasty” and a “coward" before sentencing her to 3 months
behind bars.  As part of her sentence, Keely Houghton is banned from contacting
Emily Moore for five years. She is not allowed on Facebook until the beginning of
next year, 2011,

Keely Houghton (18) spent 6 weeks of her 3 month sentence at the Eastwood Park prison
 in Gloucestershire. Houghton was released last month. Houghton is job hunting and says
she plans to do a college course in Travel and Tourism.

             Since her release she has expressed her feelings about it all:

Keely Houghton "I had been warned by my solicitor I could be sent to prison. He said
                           there was a chance,  but I didn't think it would happen."

                          “It was just a horrible experience and the first night I was in there I didn’t
                          sleep as I didn’t know what to expect." “When I was able to call my Mum
                          for the first time from prison she told me it had been in all the papers and
                         that was just horrible and something I didn’t expect or like at all."
Houghton admits that she has never been bullied, and insists she is not a bully.

2005 - Houghton was expelled from school as a result of one incident involving Emily Moore.

Keeley Houghton "There had been trouble between herself and Miss Moore since they were
at school together, but it had been “blown out of all proportion”. “It was a childish argument.
I can’t even remember what it was about but it was a case of six of one and half a dozen
of another between me and  my friends, and her and her friends."

                                THE DEATH THREAT

Keely Houghton “I do feel bad for writing that,” she said. “I would have been very
upset if I had seen a comment like that about me and it was terrible, but we have
never got on. I understand how she felt about the comment and that it wasn’t
particularly nice.”

"It was one comment on Facebook and everyone says I am now a cyber bully. But I
really didn’t mean what I had put as I had done it in a moment of anger. After the incident
in the pub, I was really angry and was with friends and wrote it. But when I thought about
it the next day I deleted it as I knew it was wrong. But the damage had been done and
Emily had already seen it.”                     

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#2 [url]

Mar 13 13 5:51 AM

A Teenage girl who posted  death threats on Facebook today became the first person in Britain jailed.The funniest thing about it is that I have no idea why she took such a post in social  she now cannot find a job,  she didn't think the girl ,you need to help the bully to see what they are doing is wrong.
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