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Jul 11 09 10:41 PM

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1996 - October - The house at 25 Cromwell Street along with the house next door, 23 Cromwell Street, were demolished and the site made into a  garden and pathway. Every brick was crushed and every timber was burnt to discourage macabre souvenir hunters.  



Fred West had previously killed a three-year-old child. In Glasgow, he'd "accidentally" run over the child with a van, crushing the child to death.



VICTIMS  -  When the skeletal remains were eventually exhumed, all bore evidence of the bindings buried along with them. In some cases these were extensive, with skulls
still wrapped in the tape that had gagged the girls before their deaths, and still wrapped in the tape that had gagged the girls before their deaths. Their bodies had been dismembered. Some bones were missing and were believed to have been secreted somewhere by Fred West as trophies.


When abducted, the victims were usually sexually assaulted inside the car by Rose,  punched unconscious by Fred when they objected or tried to get away. They were then tied up in masking tape and driven to 25 Cromwell Street. They were  then dragged into the cellar and further assaulted and raped by both Rose and Fred.


1967 -July- 
Ann McFall (Scottish) Ann was a girlfriend of Fred West's and she was eight months pregnant.  Authorities believe she was probably murdered by strangulation shortly before she was due to give birth. Fred West dismembered her and buried her with her unborn child in a field near Much Marcle. When Ann's remains were found, the child's tiny bones were found with her. 

1970 -  
Catherine "Rena" Costello (Scottish) (first wife of Fred West) Around the time Fred West dismembered Catherine's daughter Charmaine, he murdered Catherine. In the process, he conducted his usual method of bondage, rape, strangulation and then dismemberment, burial and trophy taking of bones.
At this time, Fred was living with Rosemary (15) whom he'd met at a bus stop.
 1972 -
Charmaine West (8) (Catherine's oldest child). Charmaine was murdered and buried in a former coal cellar at Fred & Rosemary's former home located at Midland Road, Gloucester. Upon Fred's release from prison on a theft conviction he dismembered the child's body and buried her beneath the kitchen floor of their home.
"When Charmaine no longer appeared at her school, the teachers and her friends (one of whom had witnessed Mrs. West beating her severely with a wooden spoon while her wrists were tied behind her back with a leather belt) were told that she had been taken away by her real mother."
Rosemary wrote to Fred who was in prison. " Darling, about Char, Ithink she likes to be 
handled rough. But darling, why do I have to be the one to do it. I would keep her for her own sake, if it wasn't for the rest of the children."

At that time, the children in the household were Charmaine, Anne Marie and Heather.
1973 - April -Lynda Gough, 21 (Gloucester) (Seamstress) 
1973 - November -   
Carol Cooper, 15 (Worcester) (school student)

1973 -December -     
Lucy Partington, 21 (Gotherington, near Cheltenham) (University student) 
Held captive for about a week in the cellar at 25 West Cromwell St.
When her remains were found, 72 of her bones were missing.
 Tribute to Lucy Partington
1975 -April - Juanita Mott, 19 (Newent, Gloucester), daughter of an American serviceman. Her parents split up when she was very young. She left both school and home at age 15. She had been a lodger at the West home once before. Three years later she accepted a ride from them and was abducted, suspended from the beams in the cellar and then murdered and dismembered.
Lynda was described as "rebellious and headstrong."  She left home leaving a note for her parents: "Please don't worry about me. I have got a flat and will come and see you sometime."
 Mrs. Gough waited but heard nothing from Lynda. She traced Lynda to Cromwell Street. 
Lynda had already been tortured, raped, murdered, dismembered and buried.  
1975 - November - Shirley Hubbard (15) (Worcester) (School student).  Shirley, like the others was tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered. Her remains were dismembered, her skull was later found  completely encased in tape, along with a couple of lengths of plastic tubing inserted in the nostrils so that the victim, blind and unable to speak or hear could still breathe as she was being assaulted.
1977 - Therese Siegenthaler, 21 (Swiss hitchhiker) Therese was the daughter of a well to do businessman. She was hitchking her way to Ireland when she was abducted, subjected to the horrid abuse, murdered and dismembered.
1977 - Alison Chambers (17) (Swansea).  Alison was sexually abused, murdered and buried in the garden.
1978 -
Shirley Robinson (18) (lodger at 25 Cromwell Street) Shirely was pregnant with Fred West's child and about one month away from giving birth. Shirley was murdered and she and her unborn child were buried in the garden. .
1987 -  Heather West (16), born 1971. Disappeared May 1987 just after leaving school.   (Fred and Rose West's oldest daughter).  The abuse had escalated and Heather vehemently rejected her father's sexual advances. Fred told her this meant she was a lesbian.
She however intended to leave the abusive home. She was bound, raped, and then murdered.
Fred West stated that Heather had wanted to leave home but instead he had strangled her, decapitated and dismembered her by use of an ice saw. He placed her remains in a wheelie-bin for later burial. Fred then had Stephen assist in digging a hole in the backyard for a fishpond. That hole became Heather's gravesite. He and Rosemary put the bbq right over the spot where her body lay, under the patio stones.

1968 - January 5 - Mary Batholm

Mary Batholm vanished from a bus stop. Mary was going to meet her boyfriend and play Monopoly.
Some of the game peices were found on the ground in the snow near the bus stop. Police believe she was a victim of Fred West. Mary worked at a cafe as a waitress. Fred West was a customer and did building work at the rear of the cafe. Mary was also seen by witnesses in Fred's car.
1995 --Stephen West visited Fred West in prison. Fred refused to tell his son where body of Mary Batholm was buried. Fred  boasted "They are not going to find them all, you know, never." 
Stephen asked him: "Mary?" and claims his father replied: "I will never tell anyone where she is." 


1972- December - Caroline Owens  
                            Caroline (Owens) Raines gives testimony
Kidnapped, beaten, sexually assaulted and raped and told by Fred & Rosemary West  "We are going to keep you in the cellar...we will kill you and bury you under the paving stones of Gloucester. "There are hundreds of girls there, the police haven't found them and they won't find you."
After her ordeal, Caroline suffered from depression, took an overdose and self destructed.

 "People were saying to me 'You're lucky to be alive'. I was thinking, 'No, I'm not. I thought -why save me? I'm no good. Somebody died three months after my court case and she should be alive."
"The nightmares have stopped now but you are always thinking -what could I have done differently?"
 "I survived when others perished and for that I am truly grateful. I still don't trust people that much. I still have a few things to work on. I'm not good at showing my love for people. It's a hard thing to do."
Caroline now counsels people struggling with drugs and alcohol addictions.  

Caroline Roberts has written a book "The Lost Girl" published by Metro.

                                   THE WEST CHILDREN

Fred and Rosemary West did not spare their own children horrific, sadistic abuse. 
1972 -Fred & Rosemary married. "Soon after they married, they sexually assaulted Anne Marie (8) half sister to Charmaine. (daughter of Catherine Costello West)  Anne Marie was Fred's daughter by Catherine. 
 "They took her down into the cellar, her hands already tied and her mouth gagged; Mrs. West sat on her face while Fred raped her. They told her that she should be grateful to have such caring parents and that it had all been for her own good. They kept her out of school for a few days and told her that if she informed anyone of what had happened, she would receive a severe beating. Thereafter, she was repeatedly and regularly strapped to a metal frame, erected in the cellar 
 by Fred, so that his wife could indulge in lesbian sexual acts with her. At school, Anne Marie would often refuse to participate in sports, lest the injuries inflicted by her parents on her be revealed."

There were 31 instances where one or other of the children were treated at the emergency dept. of the local hospital. Conditions such as "peculiar puncture marks on the feet to female genital injuries (allegedly caused by having to stop suddenly while riding a bicycle.) One daughter, age 15, entered the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy (impregnated by Fred).

- Anne Marie West       Anne Marie West has over the years struggled to come to terms with the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father and stepmother. She was often mentally, sexually, physically abused by both Fred & Rosemary West and her uncle John West (Fred West's brother).

During her stepmother Rosemary West's trial, Anne Marie (West) Davies took an overdose of tablets. She was rushed to the hospital and her stomach was pumped, saving her life. 
1999 - November - Anne Marie Davies was rescued from a suicide attempt. She'd jumped from a bridge near Gloucester into the water below.

 John West (Fred's brother) hanged himself as he waited to find out if a jury would find him guilty of raping Anne-Marie.

 - Stephen West   
Upon one occasion Rosemary West was angry with him. She grabbed him by the throat and throttled him nearly to unconsciousness.  There were bruises and fingermarks on his neck and blood vessells had burst in the whites of his eyes. When asked what happened, he said he accidentally fell from a tree with a rope around his neck while playing. 
Stephen and his other siblings were often verbally, mentally and physically abused. When he was 13, he ran away from home and stayed with friends. When he returned, he was beaten and told "he would soon be old enough to have intercourse with his mother"  (the normal thing for a boy Fred told him.)
2002-January - Stephen West attempted suicide at his home in Bussage, near Stroud after his girlfriend left him. In a chilling echo of the death of his father and uncle, Stephen tried to hang himself. He survived because the rope snapped.
- Mae West   Like Stephen, she was mentally, physically beaten and abused.

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