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                                     PRISON PAL
2009 - Feb 8 -  Her (Liysa Northon) best friend in prison is Carolyn Exum, also
convicted of killing her husband. ... www.annrules.com/news4.htm "
                                   CAROLYN EXUM

 Carolyn Exum has a lot in common with Debra Green (Farrar), Diane Downs and
fellow inmate Liysa Northon.

Like them, she's in prison serving a long sentence. Carolyn Exum is incarcerated

at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility serving a life sentence with a 25-year

Photo: Carolyn A. Exum in prison.

Like Debra Green, Carolyn Exum didn't care if her sleeping children were in a
burning house.

Exum exhibited as Downs did/does, the naked narcissm and willingness to blame
others for her crime. She also was willing to kill her own children. Carolyn Exum
now points a finger of blame at her oldest child, her son, as the reason she took
a plea deal to "save him."

As with her prison "friend" Northon, Carolyn Exum proclaims loudly her innocence
and blames her former attorney, police, the judge for her false imprisonment. She
also didn't care if her husband was bludgeoned to death in front of her.

And just like Green and Northon, Exum also signed legal papers agreeing to a plea
deal keeping her from a trial which likely, given the evidence presented, would have
exposed her to the death penalty.

                                                   A NORMAL LIFE

Bill Exum (39) was living a normal life, work, church and family. By all accounts Bill loved
and adored his four children. He often could be seen playing basketball with them in front
of their house. Neighbors and friends called him a good man. A good man who didn't
deserve to die.

Bill's wife, Carolyn Exum (36), taught pre-school, was active in the church and took
care of the family.

What Bill Exum didn't know is that Carolyn is having an affair.

Carolyn Exum spends months telling her boyfriend Allen Browning (36) that she wants
to be with him forever. She works hard to convince the love-struck boyfriend that the
only way for them to be together is to kill Bill Exum.

She tells Browning that she can't afford a divorce because she'd risk losing custody
of the children. Carolyn even purchases a man's 14 karat gold diamond wedding ring
as part of her manipulation.

Of course, $416,000 in insurance benefits would be hers.

1999 - March - Bill Exum is in a tiny garage office working when Carolyn approaches

him and "offers a sexual favor." Carolyn tied his arms to a chair at which point Allen
Browning comes out of the shadows and with a fishwhacker begins to bludgeon
Bill Exum.

Bill fights back and struggles to get his hands free. As he kicks Allen Browning
backwards, the fishwhacker flies free from Browning's grasp.

Thinking Carolyn would save him, Bill Exum must have been horrified to see his wife
pick it up and hand it to his attacker and realize that she wanted him dead.

                                     THE COVERUP

 1999 -March - 12:30 am Sunday - Carolyn runs across the street to tell a neighbor
to call police,  she's found her husband lying in a pool of blood.

Officers arrive on scene. Carolyn tells them she was preparing for bed when she heard
Bill cry out. "It wasn't a scream, but the kind of loud grumble he made when he was
frustrated or disgusted, so I went down."

Police find William "Bill" Exum dead. He'd suffered severe trauma to the back of his head.
They find nothing stolen and no signs of forced entry.

The four children are upstairs sleeping and paramedics have a hard time trying to 
awaken them.

Investigators and prosecutors, (and even the children) believe Carolyn Exum may
have drugged the children. This would have kept them asleep not only through the
murder, but kept them asleep when the house began to burn.

Forensic experts spend a week processing the crime scene and the home. Just
before they pack up to leave, one Criminalist uses a new kind of powder, dusting
near the furnace.  The powder causes an explosion. The city pays $540 to replace
the garage door.

                                     POLICE INTERVIEW

Lead Detectives Claudio Grandjean and Tom Walker talk to Carolyn Exum in a
taped interview.

Tom Walker "She sent us on rabbit trails all the time. None of them ever lead
to Browning."

Some of the trails Exum told the detectives they should investigate
 was a homeless man she'd helped, and an "angry man" at a paintball business.

"She’d do that a lot, come up with an insinuation just to put it on the table."

"When Exum’s close friend told Carolyn that the police were asking about Browning,
Exum became so enraged she accused the friend’s husband of being involved in the

Claudio Grandjean "the friend was shocked not only by the allegation, but also by
Exum’s vulgar language. Before the crime, and even today, Exum prided herself on
not swearing."

The detectives spend six weeks tracking Carolyn Exum’s every move, even listening in on her amorous phone calls.


Detectives drive to Carolyn Exum's home and ask her to come to the station to
talk.Carolyn sits in the front seat of the unmarked car, without handcuffs. At the
station Det. Grandjean tells Exum she is free to go at any time. The interview is
taped according to procedure. Grandjean advises Exum of her Miranda rights. 
Grandjean asks her if she remembers him advising her of her rights and Miranda
rights. Carolyn Exum replies "yes" four different times.  .

Claudio Grandjean "She wasn’t in custody. I think the reason she stayed and
agreed to talk to police was because “she thinks she can talk her way out of

Grandjean "She wasn’t formally arrested until after the interview, so any statements
she made before that were voluntary."

Police also interview Allen Browning. After the interviews with both Browning and
Exum, they feel they have probable cause.

 Grandjean explains to Carolyn Exum that "officers would drive her to downtown
Portland, take her fingerprints and a mug shot, and book her on charges for
the murder of her husband."

Carolyn Exum and Allen Browning are under arrest.... for murder.


The plot was to kill Bill Exum and set the house on fire. Carolyn Exum would claim
the insurance.

Investigators and Prosecutors are never able to prove that Carolyn planned to let the
children die in the house fire. They could prove that Carolyn, with Browning, planned
to burn the house to cover up Bill Exum's murder.

                                     CHANGES IN TRAINING

Due to the Exum case, prosecutors have changed their training. If the same type
crime happens today, blood samples are immediately taken from the children.

                                      PLEA BARGAINS 
Allen Browning pleads GUILTY to the murder of Bill Exum.

SENTENCE:  Browning is sentenced to LIFE with a minimum of 25 years.

Carolyn Exum retained a well respected and highly ethical top attorney,
William T. Lyons.

2001 - January 18 - A plea bargain is struck before Multnomah County Senior
Circuit Court Judge William J. Keys.  Carolyln Exum pleads GUILTY.

SENTENCE: Carolyn Exum is sentenced to LIFE with a minimum of 25 years.

Prosecutor Heyworth "I still remember hearing Exum say the word "guilty" in a
soft, squeaky little voice" during sentencing.
William T. Lyons (Attorney) "She freely and voluntarily entered into it knowing

 the repercussions. Twenty-five years is the mandatory sentence for that (murder)
Det. Tom Walker "Exum was convicted of orchestrating and participating in the

 murder of her husband — it was“brutal” and “one of the worst things I’ve ever seen."


2001 - Carolyn Exum files an appeal.

2002 - March 11  -Exum's appeal is denied and her sentence upheld. 

Advance Sheets 2002 #3 BV:178 Or App CASES AFFIRMED WITHOUT
OPINION 1/16/02 State V. Exum, Carolyn A. (A114065) 
2002 - Carolyn Exum files for post-conviction relief.
2004 September- Hearing on post-conviction relief. The hearing lasts 10 minutes. 
In the post-conviction relief documents Carolyn Exum blames everyone, her attorney,
the prosecutor, the judge, and even her oldest son.
Exum also claims that her attorney William T. Lyons "told her that prosecutors
threatened to arrest one of her sons for the murder. She was given part of a report
where the school principal of the boy states in the report that the boy was "angry
with his father." 
Carolyn Exum "Although I knew the murder charge wouldn't stick, I didn't want my
son to be arrested because it would have destroyed his life-his academics, athletics,
his entire future." "I didn't believe he was a part of it, my attorneys did tell me that he
would not be convicted."

 Det. Grandjean
“It really speaks to how devious she is. She doesn’t care who she
hurts. There was never any talk of even looking at him (the son). He was never even
close to being a suspect.”

Glenn Exum (Bill's father) “She wouldn’t know the truth if it was planted on her.
 I think she should have been put to death.”

Kathleen Exum (Bill’s mother) "Carolyn Exum’s assertions and her effort to get out  of jail are ridiculous." “I think she should never get out. She’s a menace to society.”

Bill Exum's four children were raised by family and are now adults. They are leading
healthy and happy lives.