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Jun 27 09 6:05 PM

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UPDATE: July 2009  Emily Horne gets off lightly.

"Judge Mushtaq Khokar sentenced her to a ten-month suspended-sentence after he was told Horne suffered from a bipolar disorder and was receiving medical treatment to cure her 'impulsive' behaviour.

The judge said he had decided not to jail her because she had made progress in the past six months since being prescribed with medication for her personality disorder."

                                                     PREDATORY FEMALE
 Emily Horne (real name) has been deemed a "predatory female" by a Judge at Ipswich Crown Court due to her manipulative mind games and predatory pursuit of men.
Horne has a physics and electronics degree. She has worked as a barmaid, chef, "glamour model", "topless model," "strippagram,"  "escort," and "X-rated movie actress."

                                            METHOD OF OPERATION:
Emily Horne aka Emily Lecount aka Amileannya Carmichael frequently changes her name on marriage certificates to avoid detection by authorities.
Horne has made claims of having "womb cancer and being very ill" as well as making  a claim of being "HIV" positive.
"Claims marriage will give her "security."
Has made false allegations of assault

Rushes into marriage after a short period of romance with "Let's get married", even to presenting a wedding ring to her latest mark. When the "glow" has worn off Horne lines up a new mark (husband)  while still "married" to the previous one.

Makes false claims:
Tells her "husbands" that her sister died from a drugs overdose - the sister is alive and well.

 Claims to have given birth as a teenager to a baby who was then adopted.

 Horne has told several of her "husbands" after leaving them, that she’d given birth to their child who then died.

Describes her father alternately as: a retired Army major, a postman, a computer programmer.


Milthorpe High School, York, England - Paul Rigby and Emily Horne are both pupils at the school and knew each other.

                                 Husband #1
1996- December - Emily Horne celebrates her 18th birthday. Paul Rigby is on leave for 3 weeks from the Army, he is a soldier in the Royal Irish Regiment.

It's the day after her birthday when they marry.

Paul Rigby "I was quite smitten. She manipulated me. She did all the running. We were both standing there looking out the window at her place and she said: “Let’s get married”. I said: “Why not?”  "She looked the bees knees on her wedding day. She wore a black dress with flowerse and a lacy thing over her head. Now I think it's a pity it didn't go round her neck."

1997 - Paul Rigby is posted abroad. Although they are apart, he writes regularly to Emily.
May - Paul Rigby returns from his military stint overseas to find his wife, Emily (Horne) Rigby has vanished.

Later, Emily Horne would claim that "after leaving him she’d given birth to his daughter, who died from meningitis aged seven months."

                                        Husband # 2

1998 -  Emily Horne works the bar at a bowling alley in Leeds, and meets Sean Cunningham (bank worker). 

1999 - February -  Emily Horne moves in with Sean Cunningham.
Two (2) weeks later Emily issues an ultimatum. Then, in front of friends and work mates, Emiliy presents Sean with a ring box.

Sean Cunningham "When I opened it, there was an engagement ring inside and next to it a note saying: “You know what to do with it.” To say I was shocked is an understatement. We’d only known each other two minutes. I did think it was moving a bit too fast, but I was in love with her."

A few weeks later, Emily Horne goes to Norway as a chef where she meets Leif-Arne Dalsplass (electrician). Dalsplass, divorced with 2 children.

6 weeks later, Emily Horne returns home and from her demeanor, Sean Cunningham suspects Emily has met someone else

For 5 months Emily has an affair with Dalsplass. Emily would frequently fly back to England, all while  Dalsplass was unaware that Emily was currently married.

Emily presses Dalsplass to marry, but he wasn't ready to marry quite so quickly.

Leif-Arne Dalsplass "She suggested marriage and kept saying it would give her security,’ he says. ‘But I wasn’t really ready for a new marriage so soon, which is something she really didn’t like. Almost immediately, she just began fading away. She said nothing, but went home for Christmas and just stopped calling me. I tried to reach her, but I realised after a couple of months that she was never coming back."

1999 - December - Emily returns home to Sean for Christmas, swearing her undying love.
2000 -  Within weeks of her return hom, Emily tells Sean Cunningham that she was leaving him....  for the man who'd given Emily Horne away at their wedding, Sean's friend, Simon Thorpe (retail officer at a bank). Within 4 months, Emily persuades Simon to propose.
Simon Thorpe "When I met her, she was so lively and pretty. We clicked immediately. As a history graduate, I was thrilled that she was such an intellectual. She had an intoxicating mix of intellect and sexiness that was quite unique. I refused her demands for a rushed marriage. I wanted a long courtship and a stable relationship before we had our wedding." Now, I’m just grateful I didn’t become husband number three. I’ve seen how traumatised and humiliated the other men have been by her."
Emily tells Simon "her sister died from a drugs overdose; that she had given birth as a teen to a baby, who was then adopted."
Simon & Emily are engaged for two (2) years. Emily spends time away "working" or "staying with friends."
                                           Husband #3
2000 - October - Emily Horne (Cunningham) meets Chris Barrett (website designer) on a bus. 
Chris Barrett "When we met, she was wearing a rather expensive engagement ring and claimed to have a fiancé."  ‘We started a relationship and she told me she had ended the engagement.We moved into a flat in Leeds and she suggested we get married."

2000 - December - Emily Horne and Chris Barrett marry. She convinces Chris that Sean Cunningham is a "friend" who is struggling emotionally.  They move in with Sean Cunningham.
She swears Sean to secrecy about their marriage.

Chris Barrett "She was so manipulative that she convinced both myself and Sean that everything was fine. She played mind games, but it was becoming plain the marriage was a sham, even though I loved her."

Chris Barrett "Looking back, I should have realised something was not quite right, but I was infatuated. She was manipulative - but I was besotted."

Emily is sleeping with both men. She also begins flirting with Chris Barrett's friends.

Emily Horne starts working as a strippergram & BMW's and other fancy cars start dropping Emily off at home. 

 A letter addressed to Mrs. E. Cunningham arrives at the residence and Chris Barrett confronts Emily. She confesses she is still married to Sean Cunningham.

2001 - February - Emily Horne dumps husbands 2 & 3 and moves out.
Chris Barrett contacts West Yorkshire police and informs them of Horne's shenanigans.

Emily Horne is "cautioned for 2 offences of bigamy."

2001 - March - Emily Horne dumps her fiance Simon Thorpe.

                                                   Husband # 4

 Emily Horne meets James Matthews (train guard) and engages in yet another romance. She tells him her previous marriages have been annulled.

2001 - April - Emily moves into James Matthews' home in Ipswich. She proposes to James by text message.  Within one week of their upcoming wedding, Emily confesses that she is still married to her 3rd husband.

 2001- June - Emily Horne leaves James Matthews and moves in with a friend of his, Ross Beech. Matthews pleads with Emily to return home & she refuses.

James Matthews notifies police of Emily's multiple marriages.
2002- Emily Horne is jailed for 6 months for bigamy.
2004 - Ipswich Crown Court -  Amileannya Carmichael (Emily Horne) pleads guilty, and is convicted and sentenced to 6 months for 3 counts of bigamy.
2005 - Paul Rigby moves to Northern Ireland where he forms a new relationship. He cannot find Emily Horne to serve divorce papers.
                                            Husband # 5 
2007 -  May - Ashley Baker (salesman) meets Emily Horne in Rochdale. 
Ashley gets a tattoo of Emily's name inked on the back of his neck.
2007 - September - Ashely Baker & Emily Horne marry in a rush at the register office at Chadderton Townhall,  enjoy a chinese buffet,  and then board a train to Scotland for their honeymoon.
On the train, Emily reveals to Ashley Baker that she is a serial bigamist, their marriage is a sham.
She provides proof by handing him a stack of newspaper clippings, which includes commentary by her previous "husbands." She also confesses to being jailed for 6 months in 2004.
Ashely Baker in turn, realizes that Emily hasn't divorced any of the other 4 "husbands" and that he is bigamist marriage number 5.
Ashley Baker " I
was in love with the girl, but she played me for a fool." "She told me she had womb cancer and that she was really ill. I believed her - and we decided to get married.
It was after the ceremony that she told me she’d been to prison and took out the newspaper cuttings. She said the marriage was real in her heart - and that was all that mattered."
"I was shocked when she told me our marriage was illegal, but I went along with it because I loved her and I thought she had cancer. I agreed to go along with the charade."
 Emily lodges a false allegation of assault to police against Ashley Baker. In doing so, she admits to her bigamy.

Ashley Baker "It was nonsense. she then told the police about her bigamy because she knew I would. I'm just relieved now it's all over. I'm moving on with my life and have a new girlfriend."
"I'm going to have to get that (tattoo) covered up." 
 2009- Emily Horne meets Wayne Harper (glazier) when he has to visit the hospital's casualty dept.  due to a cycling crash with a lamp post while on holiday. in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

A friend of Wayne Harper "Emily latched on to Wayne in the hospital, and has never let go. He was excited by the attention, while she seems to have mistakenly got the idea he was well off. He only found out about her past in the paper this week, but he's sticking by her. He's just happy to have a girlfriend."

Emily Horne moves in with Wayne Harper, right into his parent's home. He discovers her background and bigamous marriages in the newspaper, but "forgives" her. Harper's mother vows to stop any possible wedding between the two.

                                IN COURT AGAIN ON FOUR COUNTS OF BIGAMY
 2009- Manchester Crown Court - Emily Horne pleads guilty to 4 counts of bigamy.
Horne could face 7 years in jail.

2009-  July 27 - Emily Horne is due to be sentenced.   
Emily Horne  'I had a bit of a wild youth and I did some glamour modelling to help pay my way as a student - I won't be the first person to have done that."

"I genuinely regret causing any hurt to the men I married but I am trying to put it all behind me now."

If anyone thinks Emily Horne will "learn her lesson" after yet another jail term, her past predatory behaviour is a good indication of how likely that will be. 

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#1 [url]

Jan 25 11 7:24 PM

Little Miss Emily not changed but she has changed her name and her new name is Max-Accastes Quieberon.  She is now prowling American Military websites for her new victim.  She is often found on dating websites from what her friends stated on her old facebook page.  She has already victimized husband #6 and is working on lucky #7.  Wow, she isn't all that, but she befriends the mans friends, and family just to get to know what he likes and becomes that person.  she is a farce,  She is a very sick individual that needs massive amounts of therapy and lots of medication not as if she is not already taking massive amounts of meds because she is with her alledged knee injury, her ovary cycts and her over all need to be an annoying self centered man eater.  "The Man Eating Bigamist".    

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#4 [url]

Feb 7 11 11:43 AM

Unfortunately, it's hard to prevent, or even put these conartists out of business, because
by the time they come to the attention of authorities, they've already done damage to
many people's lives.

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#5 [url]

Feb 20 11 10:27 AM

This is a person that needs alot of help, she believes her own lies and then keeps telling more nothing she says is true. She will one day have to answer for all the grief she has dumbed on all her victims.

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#6 [url]

Feb 20 11 10:31 AM

Wonder how she remembers all the false names she uses with each of these poor suckers? Watch out American Milatary Men Max-Emily or whatever her new name is is on the loose. Read the article on her so you know who you're getting involved with.

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#9 [url]

Dec 28 11 4:23 PM

Emily Horne is in trouble with the law .... again.
Emily Horne was jailed for bigamy in 2004 (married four times at the same time)
Judge gave Horne a suspended sentence for bigamy in 2009.

Reportedly, that sentence could be activated over her recent activities.

2011 - December 28 -


"Bigamist dressed as 'husband number seven' to dupe doctors into giving her drugs"
A serial bigamist posed as her seventh 'husband' in order to get prescription drugs to
feed her addiction to sedatives and painkillers. After being refused drugs by a doctor in
Ilchester, Somerset, Emily Horne, 33, dressed up as a man and told medics she was
her husband, Craig Hadwin, serving in the Navy at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset.
She had 'married' him earlier this year in a bogus ceremony in Scotland before using
his name to dupe doctors into giving her sleeping pills.
Prosecutor Gordon Richings said: 'She said he was in the navy and based at nearby
RNAS Yeovilton and the sick bay was closed but the defendant attended the
appointment herself purporting to be Craig Hadwin. 'She was wearing trousers and a
baggy football shirt and had extremely short cropped hair but the doctor was taken
in and prescribed her two sleeping pills."

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