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Jun 27 09 1:03 PM

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Ian Gillon - "I've spent so many years lying I don't know what the truth is any more"
                  "My affection for marriage is "difficult to explain."
Gillon has swanned his way through several womens' lives, leaving emotional and financial devastation, including two children, without remorse.
Ian Gillon's various claims: 
Climbed Mt. Everest - he only made it to base camp and did not make it to the top.
Served as an RAF jet pilot, service in the Falklands  - he did serve in the RAF, but as ground staff, not as a pilot.
Metropolitan Police - victim of an IRA bomb and had to leave the Met - Gillon left the Met due to conviction and discharge to prison for 6 months on housing fraud charges.
Explains away his lack of friends on "being a nomad makes it difficult to keep in contact"
His father died of a heart attack - his father is very much alive.
Had a troublesome relationship with twin sister and older brother, and that both had been
in a non-fatal car crash.
His brother Stuart had committed suicide - Stuart is very much alive.
                                         WIFE #1
Darota Rycaj of Poland - Still legally married to Ian Gillon.

1996 -  Ian Gill is convicted and sentenced to prison for six months for housing fraud.
2002 - Ian Gillon works at a sailing and climbing center on Exmoor.
"Dee" meets Ian Gillon as she supervises a group of disabled children during a week long visit
to the center. They hit it off and become friends. Dee and her family find him "charming, funny and kind."
Gillon moves to Basingstoke, Hants where Dee lives and takes a position as sailing instructor.
                                               WIFE #2
October - Ian Gillon and Dee marry. He tells her his father is deceased (from heart attack) and that his brother and sister would not attend their wedding due to a car crash.
 2003 - Dee Gillon gives birth to their first son. 
2004 - Dee Gillon gives birth to their second son.
Dee Gillon "Ian was the model father. He spent a lot of time with the kids and seemed devoted to them."
2005 - July - Ian & Dee Gillon move to Lanzarote to be closer to Dee's parents. 
There Ian and Dee set up a sailing business. Ian & Dee move into a home located on the marina and purchase a 40ft sailing boat.
2006 -  November - Ian Gillon reportedly flies to England for his brother's funeral. 
Dee Gillon  "He told me his brother had committed suicide and he said he had to go to the funeral, but I should stay at home as Ben was only a few months old."
Ian Gillon alternately spends time with Dawn Dixon and Emma Maxwell. 
Gillon sets up a home with Emma Maxwell (airline pilot) 
Ian returns "from England" on their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Dee Gillon "I remember he was quite brusque and I was a bit upset as it was our anniversary that day. He hadn't bought me a gift or even a card, and became grumpy when I challenged him.
'We argued about it later in the week and he got very riled and said: "For God's sake, I've just buried my brother." I was taken aback as I hadn't really seen his temper before."

                       VANISHING, or more aptly put, "Running out on responsibility"
November 16-  Ian Gillon vanishes.
Ian Gillon tells his wife Dee he'll be away on business overnight to the island of Fuerteventura.
He texts her the next day.
Dee Gillon  "he would get back early the next day to spend time with the boys, 'The message ended "I love you."
Dee finds his work mobile and car keys on their boat. After several weeks of worrying, Dee reports Ian to the police as "missing."
Trying to find any contact details to assist police, Dee looks through one of Ian's old passports. 
She finds a telephone number and rings it. The number belongs to Alan Gillon, Ian's father, who tells her that Ian's brother Stuart is very much alive, and also, that Ian is still married to his first wife.
Dee Gillon "I was stunned. His father was devastated to learn he had two grandsons he didn't know about, and I couldn't take in the scale of Ian's lies. 'I felt like I had been punched in the stomach."
Ian's colleagues finally admit that they knew Ian "was spending time with his lover, Emma Maxwell."  In fact, Dee finds out he's been with two lovers, Maxwell, and Dawn Dixon.
Ian Gillon loses his position as sailing instructor.
2005 - December - Christmas - Ian Gillon is thrown out of Emma Maxwell's home and sends emails to Dee Gillon begging to return home. 
Dee Gillon "He told me had suffered a mental breakdown. He also told me he had spent so many years lying he didn't know what the truth was any more."
Dee agrees to a second chance.
Dee Gillon "It sounds crazy, but we had two small sons and I was thinking of them. I felt that if he had a problem, it was my duty to help him work through it for the sake of our boys." "He just kept saying sorry over and over. I had already asked him about the bigamy and other lies in our email exchanges, but all he could say was he thought he had psychological problems. I think I was still in shock, numb with it all. I thought if he got counselling we'd get to the bottom of everything, so I let him come home."
2006 - 2007 - Dee Gillon returns to work to support the family while Ian minds the children.
Ian Gillon accuses Dee of "using him as an unpaid child-minder."
Dee Gillon "That's when I snapped. 'Here I was trying to support the family and all he could think about was himself. I asked him to leave."

Ian Gillon lives on the family boat " Kizzypink." Dee ensures the children see him on weekends,
whenever he's available. 

Dee Gillon "He was always disappearing, presumably to meet some new woman, and he wasn't contributing any money to his children."
2007 - August - Dee GIllon tells Ian Gillon he needs to contribute to the care of the children.
Dee Gillon "Finally, around the time of Josh's fourth birthday in August 2007, I said he needed to start giving me some money towards their upkeep. And that, 'is pretty much the last time I saw him."
Ian Gillon disappears again, with the family boat.
Dee Gillon and her children return to England to be near her parents who have return home due to her father's ill health. He later dies.
Dee decides to sort out her precarious marital status.

Dee Gillon "
My dad had previously spoken to Ian's first wife, who confirmed they had never divorced. I knew this meant Ian and I weren't technically married, but I was anxious to make sure he had no call on me."

                                                 WIFE # 3
2008 - Dee Gillon gets in touch with a former colleague of Ian's from the Lanzarote Sunsail club.
Dee Gillon "I rang to say I needed to track him down because he was a bigamist and the lady said: "Bigamist? But he just married again!" "The girl said he'd got married four weeks earlier."  " "You have to hand it to him."

Ian Gillon has "married" Wife #3 Carmen Morales.
 Dee Gillon sends Morales copies of Ian's first two marriage certificates and court documents showing he has never divorced.

Dee Gillon " I think he is a sad, pathetic, little man who cares only about himself. 'The funny thing is that far from being devastated after finding out about Carmen, I felt it was the best thing that could happen to me. I realised that it wasn't just me who had been taken in and lived a lie."

Ian Gillon sends Dee Gillon a text message "I've contacted my solicitor and I'm coming to England to "get" my sons."

Dee Gillon "He said the gloves were off and I would be hearing from his solicitor on Monday. 'That was two weeks ago and I have heard nothing. That was two weeks ago and I have heard nothing.  In many ways I would love to hear from him as there is so much I want to know. I still can't understand why he would do this to his boys."

"And I still don't know who he really is."

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#1 [url]

Jul 24 12 2:58 AM

July 2012, Ian Gillon is at it again - he contacts you via an internet dating website. Then he has a FB  page which he invites you to join and chats quite merrily about his two weeks sailing boats from Lanzarote to the Gran Canaria. He makes lots of charming plans about what will happen when he is back home in the UK.  Being extremely cynical, i Googled his name and came across this website - which thankfully confirmed by suspicions that he was a fraud.  Surfeit to say i am no longer in contact with Ian Gillon but I noticed before i terminated contact that he has over 20 women who are in contact with him on his FB page.... I hope they have the sense to check him out before meeting him.  Once again thank you for this information  

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#2 [url]

Aug 3 12 6:08 PM

Judith, thank you for your diligence in checking him out before getting more deeply involved.

Ladies, Men, If there's that inkling that tells you that someone is "too good to be true" then
listen to your hinky meter and check them out. You could save yourself a whole lot of grief
by doing so.

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