Jun 24 09 6:10 PM

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Since authorities at the  North Kern State Prison intake area deemed Specter an "at risk" inmate, he has been assigned to a "special needs" area of Corcoran. The special needs area is the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility within the State Prison at Corcoran, and houses disabled, elderly, former gang members and sexual offenders. He has been rated as a medium security prisoner which means he will have a cell to himself and can apply for certain items for his cell.

Rachelle Spector "Phil said he was forced to sleep naked on the floor for two nights and to eat out of a bowl with his hands ‘like a dog." (At North Kern) Officials dispute Rachelle's claims.

Rachelle Spector "He wants a TV and an iPod or something like that for listening to music - and he would like to be able to receive e-mail."

E-mail? Prisoners don't get internet privileges.

He'll be able to participate in jam sessions with other inmates who are allowed musical instruments.

Manson is also held in the at risk prisoner area. Perhaps they'll strike up a friendship.