Jun 11 09 7:56 PM

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2009 - June - Spanish Actress Sara Casanovas (25) had the unfortunate experience of a male fan (39) from Germany, who became obsessed with her. After seeing her on Spanish Tv's International channcel he began bombarding her with love letters for approximately a year and a half.

Despite Casanovas's rejection of his overtures the German male traveled to where Casanovas was performing at a theatre and lay in wait. Police state the male had with him a "military style backpack with a second crossbow, harpoon tipped arrows, handcuffs, rope, mace and a can of gasoline."

When Casanovas appeared outside the theatre the obsessed stalker shot an arrow from a crossbow at Casanovas. Media reports state that a nearby male bystander was hit instead and luckily was "not seriously hurt."

This instance highlights the perils of an obsessed fan actors and actresses everywhere can unwittingly, and through no fault of their own, attract due to their popular status in the public eye.