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2009 - June 1 - The ringleader's girlfriend, Sophia Alsept, was sentenced in court for her part in the murder for hire of Nikita Lee Weis's mother, Hyun Weis. She received a 2 year sentence under a plea bargain.

Although Alsept tried to claim that she was a submissive partner, conditioned to do whatever her boyfriend desired, both the prosecution and the Judge in the case were highly skeptical.

Nikita Lee Weis had offered to pay two friends to kill his mother and planned to use the money
from the sale of her vehicle and funds from her bank account to pay for his and Alsept's rent.
He also intended to purchase Alsept "new boobs."

The plot failed when his mother, Hyun Weis, fought and scared off her attacker by use of
the car alarm button.

For his foul filial plot Nikita Lee Weis was previously sentenced and received 12 years in prison. The other two young men reportedly received substantial sentences as well.