May 31 09 5:34 PM

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Phil Spector will be spending a lot of time in prison, likely for the rest of his natural life.
It's fitting, as his victim, Lana Clarkson was deprived of her life. The arrogant has been music man
will no longer wave a gun around in anyone's face.
 Trials and Tribulations has the full transcript of Donna Clarkson's victim impact statement.
Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler pronounced sentence: "A term of 15 years to life for second-degree murder plus four years for personal use of a gun."
Restitution: Spector to pay $16,811 in funeral expenses, $9,740 to a state victims' restitution fund and other fees.
Phil Spector (age 69) instructed wife Rachelle Short to arrange the sale of his mansion; to store music related items for auction to fund his appeals.
 The mansion at Grand View Drive, Alhambra, if sold, may cover a portion of his multi-million-dollar legal bills he's racked up during the numerous delays and two trials until his conviction.
Rachelle Short "This is a sad day for everybody involved. The Clarkson family has lost a daughter and a sister. I've lost my husband, my best friend. I feel that a grave injustice has been done and from this day forward I'm going to dedicate myself to proving my husband's innocence."
Obviously she's going to be looking for new lodgings as well.