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May 26 09 6:48 PM

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Matt Edward Mathews aka "Eddie"  - Career conman, bigamist, deemed a pathological liar, sociopath.

Married at least 11 times and has claimed:

He has money in a trust fund tied up by family squabbles (not true).

He was a:
Navy Seal
Indy 500 Driver
Volunteer Firefighter
Battalian Commander at the State Dept. of Forestry
In fact, he was none of these.

Mathews obtains all the props to pull a con on his victims/prospective victims.
For example, cars, uniforms, anything that is needed to prop up his "persona

Mathews's method of operation is to meet (middle-aged) women (potential marks)
"through personal ads and at local restaurants." He becomes attentive, professing love,
and after a time, he requests "Loans." Loans which he never pays back. Instead he absconds
with the money and with personal belongings of the women.

Mathews does not limit his cons solely to women. He's stolen from a bicycle company.
The company was conned  Mathews into donating a custom bike to "an imaginary child
dying from Lukemia." In reality, the bike was for himself.

1977-  Santa Barbara County - Matt Mathews convicted of theft (2 women brought charges). Sentenced to 18 months prison. 

Mathews marries his next mark, Diane McEwan.  He promptly begins stealing  from her
and cheating on her with other women (marks). McEwan loses her house/property and
she files for divorce.

1981- Private Investigator Walt Zwonitzer is hired by a victim, (widowed schoolteacher).  
Matt Mathews was her fiance. Mathews had absconded taking her money, pickup truck
and corvette.

Walt Zwonitzer "There are literally dozens if not hundreds of women and businesses that
have been flim-flammed by Matt Mathews,"
1983 - Orange County, California - Matt Mathews convicted of theft by false pretenses.

3 women brought charges - $58,000   Sentence: 18 months in prison.

1990 - Matt Mathews convicted of grand theft. Sentence: 2 years in prison. 

1999 - May - Matt Mathews, age 61, is arrested and convicted. He was deemed
guilty of six counts of grand theft and two counts of attempted grand theft. 

Deanna Petrucco is one of the women he conned and who testified against him.

 6 women - $40,000    

Garden Grove- A teacher - $8,000 over a three-year period.
Laguna Hills -  woman  $5,000
San Clemente woman  $27,000  "for dental implants and payments on a BMW."

Jane Jones, (real estate agent) posted $250,000 bail and paid for a high profile defense
attorney.  She testified that Mathews did owe her money.  She had helped purchase a
house for $336,000. She later ended her relationship with Mathews and sold the house,
recouping her funds. 


Eight women came forward to testify that they had been defrauded by Matt Mathews.
 "They believed Mathews because they had no reason not to, and when he said he loved
them, they believed that, too. When he asked for money, they were happy to help him."

Prosecutor Jim Marion "Mathews was at one point seeing five different women at once."
Marshall Schulman, Defense Attorney "Unfortunately, the jury was 10 women and two
men. I believe the female jurors had the attitude that " 'We're gonna get you because
you're a  womanizer' and the men just went along." "This is just a bunch of women
smashing a man. " "Mathews has "some problems with self-confidence which cause
him to exaggerate his deeds" but that he always intended to pay the women back."
When it was his turn to speak, Mathews asked the judge for leniency in sentencing.
Matt Mathews "one of the past three convictions was for only a single count."

Sentence: Nine years and four months in prison. Ordered to pay $40,500 in restitution
and $200 in fines.

Paroled: 2003

2009 - Matt Mathews is 72 years old.

Prosecutor Jim Marion "Mathews will continue to con when he gets out."

Gerald Franklin (Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney)  "I guarantee you that
until the day he dies he will be working  on some con. It may not be terribly credible,
when he's 75 and gumming his  porridge, but he'll be trying."

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#7 [url]

Jun 29 10 11:56 AM

Colleenquintana, I couldn't find the actual video of 48Hrs, but here are the links
to the stories they carried on Matt Matthews:

CBS/48 Hours Mystery
Mr. Wonderful

A Knight in Shining ArmorThen, Ruse comes Crashing Down

The Cons Keep Coming

Mr. Matthews goes to trial

LA TIMES  Jury Convicts Smooth Talker of Defrauding Six Ex-Lovers 

If you indeed feel that you, or someone you know has been ripped off by
Matt "Ed" Matthews, you need to contact your local police and file a complaint.

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#8 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:07 AM

Yes, he does continue to attempt to con women and he is still a very attractive man who has not grown old for some reason.  I'm not sure he isn't younger than his contriveed ID's says he is.

I met the jerk in the summer of 2008 in San Diego County.  He called me, with my permission, asking me to dinner, on three occasions.  Each time, I never heard from him with regard to time or where to have dinner.  Finally, I grew tired of his games.  Especially since the last call he made to me, he approached me with the idea of buying a house with him because the real estate market had bottomed out.  That was enough for me, and I ceased taking his phone calls.  Did I forget to mention that he said he was a Contractor in Colorado and used to build homes.

He claimed to live in Carlsbad, with a roomate.  He is still peddling the story that he is a Batallion Chief with the Calif. Dept. of Forestry and Fire, and that he flies corporate jets for politicians.  He did mention he no longer owns a Jet or has season tickets to the Orange County Symphnony,

The best part is that I found out he was living with another woman at that time in Carlsbad, and he was courting two others.  They all ended up in the Salon I own, and guess what??  He was busted.

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#10 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:24 AM

leex2010, I'm sure that information will come in handy for women he's defrauding,
conning or manipulating, or investigators.

Glad to see you got his number and didn't fall for his con game.

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#11 [url]

Dec 9 10 11:50 AM

I just watched the 48 Hours show (Dec. 9, 2010) and looked him up online to see if he's still at his tricks. Of course he is! I'm glad you all are keeping a watch on this guy, because Prosecutor Jim Marion is right: He'll keep on hurting people. Kudos, Patsy Stone! Keep up the good work!

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#12 [url]

Dec 10 10 9:30 AM

Thank you guest, but the kudos really belong to those women who fought/are fighting back
by keeping track on his activities, and telling their stories so that others will know what
type of person he really is.

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#13 [url]

Feb 2 11 10:24 PM

If you haven't located Ed, e-mail me and I'll get his phone number for you.  He still has his hair cut in my Salon.


UPDATE:  Ed has not been in for about 5 months.  Attempts at calling his cell phone were futile, as the number is non working.  He claimed he lived in Carlsbad, CA area, but who really knows??  Stylist noted that he looked very puny the last time he was in.  Very pal and thin.  Might be sick.  If we get another sighting or news about him, I'll update here.

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#16 [url]

Jun 16 11 4:10 PM

I know of a man just like him in Florida whom I think learned from Matt E Mathews.  This time he takes money before he marries them.
I have documents show premeditation to scamming one woman out of $500,000. Me out of $30,000 plus to invest in his home. He took my savings Plus credit and credit card rating by using my name and credit rating to obtain cards in my name.  Police are difficult is there any other place to go?
He did not work from 2004:
Theft:  $500,000 plus $30,000
Bought Waterfront properties with scammed money to Obtain credit and to get cards to run up all in 3 to 4 year span. approx$300,000 or more.
Mortgage Fraud:  $850,000
Selling Shares Fraud:  $75,000 plus $100,000
Insurance Fraud:  $$,$$$? a/c units for 5 homes

This man had no Job since mid 2004 and said he was an investor(liar no license).

Police are not helpful they can not seem to comprehend the complex massive conning that he has done and ruined lives in the process.

Please note I am talking about another person not Matt E Mathews.  A person that needs to be caught.

Can somebody Help.  June 16, 2011............. I have evidence.

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#18 [url]

Jun 19 11 8:35 AM

Yes, I have emailed that person and "Thank You"! 

I need all the help/ brains and possible ways to proceed with the same result to catch him. Anyone with any other helpful advise is needed please do not hesitate to respond.

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#19 [url]

Jun 19 11 6:27 PM

You are welcome jcb! If you have the means, contact an attorney, (or legal aid)
or a reputable private investigator.

If he hangs out online to snare his victims, and you are aware of his habits, it's
possible you can track him down, or at least the wreckage of his passing, via
the web. 

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