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May 13 09 10:48 AM

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Matthew Pyke and Joanna Witton

Matthew Pyke and his girlfriend Joanna Witton were building their lives together when David Heiss, from Germany, ripped it all apart.

Pyke aka Shade and Witton aka JoJo, had met online in a forum and later created Warscentral, an online strategic game site (users exchanged tips and strategies for the Nintendo game Advanced Wars) that attracted approximately 40 members.

David Heiss, (21) aka  Eagle The Lightning, of Limburg, Germany was one of the members of Warscentral, spending up to 8 hours a day on the site. It's been reported that Heiss has a penchant for women with red hair.

2008 - March -
Weiss began messaging Joanna Witton on MSN and through the Warscentral site. He told her that he'd seen her photo on Facebook and had a crush on her.Heiss tracked Witton & Pyke by using information they had posted on the net.
Joanna Witton clearly and adamantly told Heiss that she was not interested, she was in a relationship.
2008 - May 3 -   David Heiss professes his "love" to Witton.  Despite Witton's rejection of his overtures, Heiss continued to press her.

2008 - June 21 - David Heiss flew from Germany to Britain to make contact with Witton. It was the first of two trips.
After David Weiss's second trip to their home, Joanna Witton and Matthew Pyke decided that if he showed up again, they would notify authorities.
It's likely that Joanna Witton will forever live with the thought that if they had contacted authorities at that point in time, Matthew Pyke might still be alive. But as everyone knows, notifying authorities is no guarantee.
2008 - September - David Heiss again traveled to Britain. His obsession for Joanna Witton was the deciding factor in his hate for Matthew Pyke.

Heiss had sent to one Warscentral site member known as Nebula' a list of people
"who needed to be erased."  The list was headed by Matthew Pyke's name, Shade.
Referring to JoJo, Joanna Witton he stated to Nebula "Seriously, the whole thing will end
in at least one of us three dying."

Boarding a plane in Germany, Weiss had in his possession a knife. Disembarking from the plane in Britain, Weiss again was not stopped by security for possession of a knife.
Staking out the apartment home of Witton and Pyke, Heiss deliberately waited until he saw Joanna Witton leave the residence to go to work.

When Matthew Pyke answers the knock on the door David Heiss pushed his way in and
began knifing him.

Matthew Pyke, dying, used his own blood to try and warn police of his killer. He managed to write DAV on the side panel of his computer.

David Heiss puts his bloody clothes into a suitcase, changes his clothes and flies back to Germany. From flight to flight with murder in between, it took Heiss 16 hours.

Upon returning home from work, Joanna Witton found Matthew's body slumped and bloody.


2009 - May -
David Heiss testified in court  "I had only meant to give him a beating." He claims that he used the knife in "self-defense." "I was fighting for my  knife."  "He charged at me. I was trying to push his arms away so they wouldn't make contact with me. I stumbled back and fell on the table. He lost the knife when it fell to the floor near a table. He tried to creawl towards it but I tried to prevent it by sitting on him. After a few seconds I got hold of it." "He started kicking me in the back and he was looking at me angrily."
"I was lucky that I was still alive."
"I was almost sure that if I had lost the knife it would have been my end. I don't know if it was adrenalin but I managed to get my arm away and then I stabbed him."

David Heiss denies the charge of murdering Matthew Pyke.

 Police Investigators found David Heiss's bloodstained clothes in a suitcase under his bed.
Heiss created a suicide note which he had penned, but making it appear as if it was written by Matthew Pyke. 

 Justice Keith "The fact that your motive was so bizarre does not make your killing of Matthew
any less serious.'I have no doubt that you decided Matthew had to die. The substantial degree of planning and premeditation is a significant factor."

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Heydon "We should all consider the amount of personal information we share on systems like MSN and internet forums. Heiss used the internet to harass and stalk Joanna and Matthew. He learnt where they lived and other information that enabled him to carry out his plans.
The jury rendered a verdict of GUILTY and David Heiss is JAILED FOR LIFE.

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May 16 09 11:28 AM

I am a mother of 4 who all use computers, I would never dream that somebody could come and kill one of my children, the parents of Matthew must be unconsolable. We all need to sit and think of any consequences that could occur from somebody deranged reading our profiles etc., As parents we must reiterate our concern re personal information, and constantly instruct our kids of the danger. R.I.P. Matthew. By the way what upset me more than anything was the fact Matthew wrote the name of his killer in his own blood. My heart goes out to his parents.

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May 17 09 6:11 PM

Another point for people to consider, if they're being harassed or stalked by someone such as Heiss, who obsessively calls, emails, and/or shows up on their doorstep is to notify police immediately.

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