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I followed the case of Bill Rundle somewhat and it was clear that Rundle views himself as a victim. Like most criminals who've been caught Rundle gives lip service to what he's done but excuses his behaviour by putting the blame on his victims.


LAURA JAMES of CLEWS & WOMEN IN CRIME INK, also a True Crime Author of "THE LOVE PIRATE AND THE BANDIT'S SON: Murder, Sin, and Scandal in the Shadow of Jesse James" (a dual biography of Dr. Zeo Zoe Wilkins & Jesse James Jr.) reviewed Father of the Year and had this to say:
"A new book out from Berkley about the Rundle case, Father of the Year, contains an extraordinary level of detail because the Father of the Year eventually gave a confession - partly, anyway. 
Given the fact that Bill Rundle admitted being a chronic liar, a cheater, a leech, a self-confessed specialist in "flim-flam" who started early by fudging his school report cards, faking his entire college career for his unsuspecting parents, doing "a little collecting" for the mob, doling out "brutal" treatment to the many women in his life, and confessed in detail to what he did to his last wife, one has to marvel that, after all that, he stopped short."

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From the author, May 5, 2009
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