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Jun 1 13 7:20 PM

So, I just scanned through all of these posts. I can speak from direct experience that NONE of you can. Brenda should be locked up for life. I am 46 year old mother of 5. I have never researched this event in all these years, even though it was a big event in my life. I and my brother had lived next door to Brenda for 6 years. We moved a month before this incident, I had just graduated from 6th grade and my parents were divorcing. Brenda and my brother were 'friends' so she had called him to let him know she was "planning something big for Monday and he should come", but we had moved outside of walking distance. We were both pulled out of our new schools and questioned by officers throughout the stand-off period. It was a strange life living there... I stayed at a distance but watched closely and dabbled in 'hanging out' with her and my brother. She was SIGNIFICANTLY troubled, possibly abused... but certainly disturbed. Their whole life was strange and disgusting. You would have had to see it for yourself to understand the depth of the filth, physical and mental. Brenda used to shoot little birds in my yard and hop the fence to grab them and take them back to her house to pull the wings off and pin to a collection board. She was a pretty talented artist... she would sketch pictures unlike anything I had seen - again much of it twisted. I remember a frog she had drawn that was so realistic and beautiful. She LOVED Pink Floyd and the Wall. She had a twisted hidden fort in her garage that you had to crawl through the most amazing debris to reach and in there she had dragged remnants of carpet and wood which framed an area where she had melted candles everywhere. I had a special pet cat that would come when I called, I called him one day and did not take note of cars... he came from across the street at the school and was hit and convulsing on the street. Brenda ran from her home and sat with him as I was too scared to go to him. She removed his collar for me and brought it to me in effort to comfort me. She had her moments of kindness and was not Evil... just VERY disturbed, I knew her well as a thoughtful observer. I tagged along when my brother and her would go dumpster diving and was just amazed by the strangeness. Even though I was so young, I knew something was very wrong. The whole family was odd and the stories never really made sense and the dots never connected well. She truly needed early intervention... and I think by the time she was 16... the dye had been cast and there was not much that anyone could have done to prevent this event, other than institutionalize her. She was picked on and seen as unclean, greasy hair etc. but she had access to shower. Her sister was older, but always clean and more typically dressed. Brenda chose to present herself that way, but for deep emotional reasons, not for conscious reasons. Maybe she wanted to be less appealing to her father, maybe she was angry and just self-fulfilling how she felt about herself. Regardless, then I thought it, and now I know it. People are born with a certain temperament, and into certain circumstances, and that combination will determine whether some handle it and come up on the other side or if they can't and end up buried by both temperament and circumstance. My brother's temperament, divorce and early exposure to Brenda's life choices, circumstances and drugs, lead him down to never recover, dead by 28. It was, who he was... I was there too and did not go there, I knew intrinsically there was something better in the world and I was determined to find it! Everyone can not be reformed. Everyone can not be saved. Serving time does not make someone a safe member of society. I feel for her and my brother, the level of compassion I feel is beyond my ability to express, like how I felt when I would see a bird writhing, dying, and in pain in the grass in my yard, my heart would break... and it does so still for all people that are trapped in lives that are so full of pain and confusion, yet I still can firmly say that there was too much wrong there to think that it could ever be 'okay' for her out of prison. It compounds matters (something that none of the commentators seems to address) that she continued her maturing in a fully unhealthy confinement, learning and experiencing from the lowest constructs and people of our society, but what was the alternative? Death or a mental institution... once she made the choices to do what she did, there really can never be a return. The options close until any options that are left are no longer good.

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#664 [url]

Jun 10 13 8:31 PM

Um... How did she NOT get death penalty? What she did is HORRIBLE! She's a total psychopath and should never be released from prison! She said she doesn't remember what she said but it said in the reports that they didn't find any traces of alcohol or drugs in her system. I can't believe she's still breathing.

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Nov 3 13 10:15 AM

To the person with the brother who befriended brenda, your brother's name was Brent right? (I'm sorry about your loss) I find some of the parts you wrote a bit strange and vague. It's mostly just your opinion and from your own perspective. You don't know the reasons for what she did, not liking to be dressed up nice or be clean can have something to do with her personality or maybe laziness. It's like when someone's waiting behind an apartment, you can suspect the person is waiting for his man to deal drugs, but he could also just stand there without any reason.
Also, if she did a lot of things you didn't like, like shooting birds, why didn't you tell her? It's almost as if you watched her but never uttered a word.

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