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Joe Othero          Julie Otero               Josephine Otero          Joseph Otero
Daniel & Charlie - they were 14 and 15 when
their family was killed by Rader.

Bill, Vicki and Stephanie (9) Wegerle
Bill was considered as suspect until Vicki's
murder was linked to Rader.

Dolores Davis                Marine Hedge            Nancy Fox


Kathryn and Kevin Bright. He was 19 when he was shot
in the head and left for dead as Rader killed his sister.

Shirley Vian - Steve Relford was 5 when he witnessed
his mother Shirley being murdered by Rader


                                          COURT DOCUMENTS

                                       Findlaw - Court Documents
THE BTK SITE  is an excellent resource for photos of the victims and
survivors, crime scenes,  evidence, videos, news articles, lawsuits, books, a
bout the cases and background on Dennis Rader.
Johnsville News archive - Articles, photos and timeline
Rader is incarcerated at the Eldorado Correctional Facility in Eldorado, Kansas.
Rader was sentenced to 175 years to life.
Although Rader can "earn" privileges such as radio, tv and newspapers, the
court imposed restriction conditions upon him for the duration of his sentence.
1. Rader  cannot view news accounts about himself (one presumes
    this extends to accounts regarding victims or survivors.)
2. Rader cannot have access to drawing and other materials that
    can allow him to express his bondage fantasies.
3. Rader is barred from accepting/giving media interviews.
4. He is registered as a sexual offender.
5. He must pay restitution to victims.