Mar 26 09 4:28 PM

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The case has been handed (again) to a jury. Judge Fidler has allowed the jury this time to consider not only second-degree murder, which would entail 15 years to life, but also involuntary manslaughter which could be four years in prison.

Prosecutor Alan Jackson "Philip Spector is guilty of Lana Clarkson's murder," Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson said. "She is entitled to your justice. ... Philip Spector had his hand on that gun, and Lana Clarkson ended up dead."

Defense attorney Doron Weinberg, "the case hinges on circumstantial evidence and said the possibility that Clarkson committed suicide cannot be ruled out."

Deputy District Attorney Truc Do "Spector is "a very dangerous man" who "has a history of playing Russian roulette with women -- six women. Lana just happened to be the sixth."

So. Will  Lana Clarkson receive justice this time around? Or will the defense with it's paid forensics slide by once more?