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Mar 15 09 8:35 PM

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Audio/Video of James Montgomery  - at, a website created by Donna Andersen.
"You don't have to be a fool to be defrauded by a love con, victims say. All you have to do is afford them the same trust you'd afford anyone else."
 “Sociopaths have no heart, no conscience and no remorse. They don't worry about paying the bills. They think nothing of lying, cheating and stealing, As far as sociopaths are concerned, the rules don't apply to them. They have absolutely no regard for anybody.”
  “The experience of being taken by a psychopath is so devastating that most people feel like they can never trust anyone again,” she says. “Lovefraud is here to be a resource when you know something is not right and you can't put your finger on it.”
Serial bigamist James Montgomery 
 married women from California to Florida without bothering to divorce any of his previous wives. It was left to them to file for divorce and to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives after he'd bilked them monetarily.
Montgomery had bilked at least 5 women of approximately $1 million dollars before 1999. That number could have climbed since then.
1995 - James Montgomery gives a keynote address at a Veteran's event. He was never in the military, nor was he a veteran.

1996 - Personal Ad of James Montgomery:
     “Sean Connery look-alike, 6-feet, inches” who was “from the Hollywood Film and TV scene
      as a writer/prod; now into Entert. Biz in the greatest city in the USA. Emot. & Fin., Secure,     
      Ex-Green Beret; no drugs, doesn't even drink! ... Hold several advance degrees but I babytalk
      to my dog ...” 

1996 - James Montgomery married Donna Andersen (Atlantic City). During the marriage Andersen was bilked of $227,000 and incurred $68,500 in debt.

Montgomery carried on two affairs during the marriage.

1999 - February- Donna Andersen leaves James Montgomery, filing for divorce.

10 days later - James Montgomery married Kathy Macking (Florida) before his divorce from Andersen was final.

He flees to Australia to avoid Andersen's divorce judgement/settlement. Donna Andersen was granted 1.25 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

5 years later - 2004 - Donna Andersen Googled the name James Montgomery and found a news article which provided Montgomery's location and employment. Montgomery was the manager of National Radio News (radio network staffed by students) at Charles Stuart University, Bathhurst, Australia. Montgomery had provided a false bio to his employers, the same one he'd given Andersen when he'd met her.

Andersen obtained an Australian attorney and attempted to force Montgomery to make good on the divorce settlement. Montgomery was forced into bankruptcy and exposed as a fraud when he refused.

Montgomery's forged military documents have been exposed as fraudulent and posted on a website of an Australian organization which investigates and exposes frauds who pose as military and/or veterans.

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#1 [url]

Sep 26 10 11:38 AM

I just watched this story on "who the bleep did I marry"  -  wow! this guy is a sick puppy!  I mean, he's not even worth looking at, much less marrying, for God's sake!  There are so many con men like him around it's scary!  Watch out for those smooth talking, "gentlemen" out there.....they will take you for the ride of their life....especially be aware if they are "in between" jobs or "on the verge of making it big" - HA! RIGHT!  I thankfully have never been bilked by one of these monsters, but I have known some women that have been and it is so sad to see them suffer during and afterward...especially once they realize that it was all just a hoax to get their money!

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#2 [url]

Sep 28 10 10:26 PM

He might not be your, or my cup idea of good looking, but to others... well, to each
their own. These conmen can and will change their appearance, their demeanor
and anything about themselves in order to appeal to a particular target. Often
they do their homework well by studying/stalking their next victim. 

I agree, "if they are in between jobs" on "the verge of making it big" or a "very of
a big deal with serious money" etc... Remember the old adage....
if it sounds "too good to be true"....

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