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Mar 3 09 9:31 PM

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Casey Anthony's trial date for the murder of Caylee Anthony is set for October 12, 2009.

Prosecutors said they are not reconsidering the death penalty, Anthony is charged with first-degree murder and faces life in prison.

Prosecutors said they expect the trial to last about four weeks.

The judge has ruled that all of the photos of Casey Anthony posted to her photobucket account can be made public. A great many have been viewed by the public already, but there are many more apparently to be released that have not been.

Defense Team Casey has a new attorney. California trial attorney  Todd Macaluso, he specializes in cross examining witnesses, especially the technical experts. “This is my world. I deal with the best experts in the world and I deal with the best attorney’s in the world."

Baez is still fighting to keep the video of Anthony being released. That's the video where she was informed the remains of a child's body had been found and she hyperventilated and requested medication.

"An unidentified male told the judge that when they have an inmate that receives bad news they take them to the medical unit. These public areas are always subject to fixed cameras. When asked if this is regular routine, he said absolutely, this is the camera that was not installed for any particular camera other than to be there all the time.

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