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Jan 20 12 11:57 PM

There are Terms of Service at Websleuths and it seems that some who sign up there just want to do it to cause trouble. I think it is ran really well for such a large group on that site. I do not know Tricia personally since I only signed up last June. So I don't kiss her butt. But I believe some of the stuff posted here in this particular thread is quite false. The JBR forum for example you can discuss anything as long as you're respectful and that goes with any forum there. There are no restrictions of who you can talk about or what your theory is. No one was even allowed to make remarks about Casey and bash her, the jury, Baez, the Anthony's. Sure there were opinions, but that's mostly it. But enough of Casey she's old news. I don't even frequent that forum anymore in probably two months. I think it is a pretty good place. I've had no problems. But you all have your opinions and that's cool if you don't like that place. FYI, not sure how I even ended up here. Honestly it was accidental. But it seem like a nice informative site. Sorry so long winded. Peace. :)

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#22 [url]

Jan 21 12 1:10 PM

Your post wasn't long winded and I appreciate your posting here.

But what do you believe is false?  Some posts are opinion, but some are based on

The original owner of Websleuths ran the forum in a manner that appreciated all of its posters.
Once she sold it to Tricia Griffiths, the long term posters supported Griffiths and continued to
delve into cases in a respectful manner under the TOS.

The majority of those Griffiths banned were summarily booted without any notice, and with
scathing or ambiguous replies when we asked her why.

It appears to me (and others) that Griffiths set about getting rid of all the long term posters/members, for whatever  personal reason she may have. That's our opinion.

The original owner of WS and many of the mods and former long term posters of WS
now post at JusticeQuest. They have recently welcomed into their midst those posters
who formerly were members of CTV's message boards. The owners and mods there are
doing a great job.

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#23 [url]

Feb 8 12 7:59 PM

Tricia believes the West Memphis Three are "innocent". Enough said. PS.. anyone that posts one modicum of intelligence is bashed or threatened. This forum was wonderful back in 2002-2003 but now it's so full of censorship and hypocrites, it's a complete JOKE.

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#29 [url]

Aug 14 12 12:44 PM

I have serious trouble regarding Websleuths as "respected" in every way.  The activities of every member I have encountered consist of harassing families and supporters of high-profile prisoners.  Many posts and threads on the forum deal not with high-profile criminal cases, but with lengthy discussion and harassment of individuals who participate in other web forums, often simple name-calling.

As far as "sleuthing", all that I have ever seen is a lot of determined cutting and pasting.  Members like to keep "dossiers" on people with whom they disagree and will post alleged quotations from same (often altered before posting) for years on end (I recently saw material from 2003 reposted by a Websleuths member, completely out of context).  Some encourage other people to escalate harassment to a criminal level, then abandon them when they get into trouble.  The use of multiple accounts and names to inflate their apparent numbers is commonplace.  Where does "true crime" fit into this picture?

Notable among members is a strong tendency to "know we're right", even when the only material relating to a case which they have in their possession dates from pre-2000 and much more exists.  Efforts are commonly made to attempt to get people to reveal confidential information, and when they do not, name-calling and harassment follow, usually with a load of foul language thrown in for good measure.  They may stalk the person or people in question across the Internet, and often do.  And they never stop.

Websleuths should be called what it truly is: a haven for internet trolls with extraordinarily inflated opinions of themselves run by a criminal who is least as morally defunct as those the site is fond of blasting (at least, those who are actually guilty of a crime).  I doubt this woman is an isolated case, and I hope that as matters progress, there will be a full investigation of Websleuths and its membership.  People who point fingers as eagerly as Websleuths members often do all too frequently have something to hide.

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#30 [url]

Oct 1 12 5:18 PM

John,  there are persons who like being part of an "in" crowd and therefore feel "elite,
especially when the owner encourages that type of behaviour."  The "mob mentality"
tends to be prevalent and those who aren't "elite" are considered fair game to harass.
Particularly when they disagree with the elite.

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#31 [url]

Feb 13 17 2:08 AM

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