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Mar 3 09 8:52 PM

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There's an uproar among members, current and former, of Websleuths since the news broke that a long time moderator is in fact a convicted sexual abuser.

The person is no longer a moderator, nor some say, a member there, the owner/moderator Patricia Griffith aka Tricia, having removed her.

However, the handling of the entire affair has not reflected well upon Griffith.

Tricia Griffith - Owner of Websleuths

This is merely the latest tempest that has hit the once respected crime forum since last year. Demands/threats by Griffith that if you are a member of WS you may not post at specific sites or you would no longer be a member of WS; unwarranted mass bannings with claims of "they were going to hack and take the forum down" with no proof proferred; denigration of posters/members who've been kicked out, intrusion into pm's (private messages), and even the charges of RL (real life) information of a former member being exposed on the front page have been lobbed at Griffith.

                                 THE FORMER MODERATOR

WINDCHIME aka WINDY aka BreezySeas45 has been a member of WS since at least 2003, later being asked to become a moderator. Not only was she active in WS, but she had also been active in reaching out to families of victims, attending such events as the Jesse's Ride (sponsored by Mark Lundsford, who's daughter Jessica was the murder victim of a child molester); the search at Blanchard Park for Caylee Anthony; and in discussions on WS about missing/murdered/abused children.

Windchime / Terry Stipp on video

Video about "Murt" but Stipp comments.

Lake County Records 
Documents -  Courtesy of Beaconhell 
Stipps, was deemed a "habitual offender" who was convicted of multiple counts of lewd/lascivious behaviour in the presence of 3 minors under the age of 16.
1991 - Windchime, real name of Terry Stipp, was in 1991 "Terry Cavitalo" when a marriage dissolution was filed against James Cavitalo, her then husband.

1992-  James Cavitalo, with Terry Cavitalo (Windchime) and one other woman, had sexual intercourse upon the dining table in front of three young minors under 16. Terry Cavitalo, while on said table "spread wide" so that [name redacted] could take a photograph of her vaginal area. During this same event, James Cavitalo committed oral rape upon a 6 year old boy and fondled two young girls.
James Cavitalo was sentenced to 15 years and some on the web are saying he reportedly died in prison. His court records show that there were even more multiple abuse charges regarding the children.
Terry Cavitalo (Stipps aka Windchime) had at first pled Not Guilty but changed her plea to Guilty.
                                 AFTERMATH OF THE REVELATION
WINDCHIME'S sister aka Tinkerbell  aka Pixie_dust has been on the net allegedly alternately threatening the person at Beaconhell who "outed" the offender, and in defending Windchime; claiming that her sister is being "victimized," she claims Windchime pled guilty out of fear and was innocent of the charges stemming from a "contentious custody dispute."

However, the public court records do not bear out her statements.


Given the information of the conviction, excerpts of posts made by Windchime at WS are now viewed with new perspective

 Windchime "Please be so careful with the people you come across with online, because there always has to be a few bad seeds. Please don't get me wrong you can meet such caring, loving people online but one has to be so careful."

Indeed. We should all use this as a lesson in Internet Safety. If you choose to join a forum that requires you give up personal real life info or a primary email address, perhaps you might wish to rethink membership. One never knows who you are rubbing shoulders with, or being friendly with, in cyberspace, even on a "personal, personable" true crime forum.

Windchime "Please keep in mind these so called adults having children/grandchildren and or neices and nephews and people wonder what is happening to our children in this day and time all I can do is shake my head and feel such sorrow for precious children who have to grow up in a home with these types of role models, it truly just breaks my heart. Children learn from what they see and hear."

Windchime "I told my father trust me dad hypocrites will have to answer to God just like everyone else they might fool their family and friends but God know's the real deal. They might get away with their enjoyment of being cruel and hurting others here on earth but when it comes judgement day they can not hide."

And in her case, she can't hide from public court documents that out her shameful actions in the presence of young children.

                               CONCERNS HELD BY MANY 

Why would a person convicted of such things insert herself into a true crime forum community that discusses the abuse of children; inserting herself into ongoing investigations by attending searches for children; yelling vitriol and abuse at George and Cindy Anthony (grandparents of the then missing Caylee Anthony) at Blanchard Park? When at these events she represented herself as a member of Websleuths. Hers was one of the faces put to the online community by many who met or saw her.

There are those members, (current & former) who are deeply concerned. They are those who are survivors of child abuse. They are upset and feel betrayed, not just because Windchime was in their midst interacting with them, but because she had access to their private information, information required to sign up with WS. Many have asked that their personal info be removed completely from WS and assert that their request has been denied. Further, they are upset at Tricia Griffith's actions in allowing Windchime's sister to defend her.

When did she know it and how long has she been aware? That question is being asked by bloggers,  current and former members of Websleuths. It's been asked of Tricia Griffith.

Both referred to each other as "friend" and have for a long time.

Windchime: " Tricia is someone I can honestly say that I am so proud and honored to have in my life as a caring, loving, honest, devoted friend. Friends like Tricia are VERY far and few between now days and when one finds a friend like her, I'd highly advise one to hold onto that beautiful friendship."

Regardless of whether Griffith knew before, or as she claims, after the information was exposed online, she correctly moved to remove Windchime from WS. However, there are current members
who state that Windchime (Terry Stipps) is still present, yet under another nic.

                                       DISCONTENT REMAINS

Websleuths is the sum of all of it's members who put time and effort into building the community. It is far more than just an owner/moderator and software that allows people to gather in one area of the net.

It has been for some years (under previous owners) a premier true crime site to gather and disseminate detals about various murder cases, missing persons/children and other crimes.

At times its members volunteer to search for the missing, raise money, or work to raise awareness of specific cases close to their hearts, and in some cases, close to their own lives. Quite a few of these cases are old ones dating back many years. One premise of WS was that the victims and their families were never allowed to be bashed. That has changed last year and this, and particularly during the Anthony case, as many have been allowed to vilify the Anthony's, and other persons connected to the case with impunity. Family members of victims have been booted off out of the community.

So it is with dismay and a feeling of betrayal that while old cases may be discussed, this one may not. Even though it dates back to 1992, the fact and news that this person inserted herself into the online WS community is new.

Tricia Griffith, in exasperation finally allowed a form of limited discussion, heavy on moderation, not in the open but in the private area of the forum. Allegedly it is now utilized by (some) members who stroke the owner's ego in order to remain, or those who believe "because I didn't know Windchime, I can move past this" "it's in her past,", and "it's over, move on."

Discussion of the incident has engendered even more bannings and ridicule. Members who are being booted out are being labeled by Tricia Griffiths (& by some of her more favored posters) as "trash," "illiterate," "immature," "deserve to be gone," etc. Members who gather at other forums are labled by Griffith as "haters," "stalkers," and "cesspool of sickness," "sewage leaks from the large crack of humanity," "dirtbags," "little snot nosed fake Christians,"  etc.
These are the same "members" she'd once welcomed as part of the community, some she even lauded for their insight or help. Some who had been at WS since its inception, long before her presence upon the scene. The same members who welcomed her as owner of WS when she purchased Websleuths from the previous owner.

"Follow the TOS, post respectfully, mind your own business and you'll have ZERO worries."

Many members did just that and were banned regardless. Some feel that the TOS appears to be administered arbitrarily depending on the members. Some feel they were banned for asking a question about mass bannings or even about Windchime. Some questioned the Lighting the Way Home "non-profit" organization that Tricia supports and feel that was the reason they were banned.

Tricia Griffith
 "It's interesting how brave these people are when they don't have to use their real names. I am sure their employers, family and other normal friends would be horrified to see what they are doing. So, they hide. Hide behind made up names. Cowards always hide."
I remember a blogger who said exactly that, who followed through on that threat with at least one person. Is Griffth going down the same path?

"The good news, we have everyone's real name and contact information."
"These people are hampering our efforts to help. And if you happen to hang with these people you are just as bad." "Anyone who is friends with these people on the other forums, even if you don't participate, you are just as bad. Why? Because you sit on your "innocnet" @SS and do nothing. No comment. No, "that's terrible." You ignore that fact that your friends are wicked. By posting on these forums you are helping legitimize their behavior. And you make me as sick as your friends."
"I am very proud of WS and the great members we have. The members, The members are AMAZING people. When I read their posts, how smart they are, how caring, it can bring me to tears. I am so proud of everyone. We are not one big happy family but I feel we are a family in every sense of the word."
Sure Griffith is proud of you.... until its decided that you're ban worthy, then you're "The most vile and weak of the human race only feel power when they try to bring down others all the while hiding who they are behind a keyboard. That is Griffith's signature line at WS.

(P.S. Don't bother "outing" my RL name Tricia, Loretta Serrano did so long ago.)

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#1 [url]

Mar 4 09 6:49 PM


THE ORLANDO SENTINEL - Tuesday, June 23, 1992
Author: Jim Runnels, of The Sentinel Staff

"A Lady Lake man was sentenced Monday to 15 years in state prison on charges of sexual misconduct and attempted sexual battery. James Cavitalo Jr., 46, of Skyline Hills Mobile Home Park, also was ordered not to contact the children involved for the next 25 years. Cavitalo was convicted in Lake Circuit Court in early May of attempted sexual battery on a child under age 12, four counts of lewd and lascivious acts upon or in the presence of children, and three counts of child abuse.

Prosecutors said Cavitalo had oral sex with a 6-year-old boy, that he fondled two girls, and that he allowed the children to watch as he had sex with two women. State Circuit Judge Don Briggs of Tavares, who could have given Cavitalo a lighter sentence, declined to do so.''I find that this case warrants a substantial sentence,'' Briggs said. In addition to the prison term, Cavitalo will be forced to undergo mental health treatment and to pay for court costs and the costs of his supervision while on probation."

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#2 [url]

Mar 14 09 7:45 AM

                                DESPERATELY SEEKING 15 MINUTES OF FAME

                              TRICIA GRIFFITH- CAYLEE ANTHONY CASE

There have been members as well as Patricia "Tricia" Griffith, owner/moderator of Websleuths who have inserted themselves into an active case in one fashion or another. Of course, the owner/moderator of the site has done this in both the Caylee Anthony and in the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

Orlando Sentinel
"It's huge all over the world," said Tricia Griffith, a Utah resident whose Web site,, has more than 1,200 conversation topics and nearly 270,000 postings concerning Caylee. "It's one big spitballing session where you have a bunch of fresh eyes looking at the same thing the police are looking at." Griffith said the Caylee mystery has attracted more topics, comments and posting than any other high-profile case in recent memory, including the unsolved 1996 JonBenet Ramsey murder in Colorado and the 2002 killing of Laci Peterson and her unborn child in California."Everyone on websleuths wants to talk to her [the mother, Casey] and say, 'What is going on?' " Griffith said. "It's very frustrating."

That's the same forum where Griffith advertises heavily because of the volume of "hits" on the Caylee Anthony case.  It's also where she hawks her t-shirts and other items with the Websleuth's logo.
2008 - Dec 21 -0 Tricia Griffith on the Radio sunday night   - ) at 10 PM EST / 9 CST / 7 PST We are going to be talking about the Crime News of 2008: Caylee Anthony.

Patricia Griffith has been portrayed as "an expert" in the Jon Benet Ramsey case in blog and tv news media interviews.


Other Assessments of 911 Tape

  1. What Lab Found. The revised transcript from this analysis showed a few new words at the beginning of the tape and, following the keyboard typing heard on the end of the tape, has an "unknown female" saying "Help me, Jesus" three times in succession.
  2. What Lab Did Not Find.This lab found no evidence of Burke's or John's voices at the end of the tape nor did it find any evidence of alteration of the tape or mechanical sounds.
  3. Tricia Griffith's Explanation. However, the Laboratories was using a 3rd generation copy of the tape and Tricia argues that the "Help me Jesus" comments at the end prove Lin Wood was lying when he claimed there were no other voices at the end.

               TRICIA GRIFFITH traveled to Colorado to present a petition to the Governor of Colorado demanding he appoint a special prosecutor in the case. On Forum's for justice there are posts about the meeting, the content of the letter,  a press release for the media, and a complaint regarding no further communication from the Gov.'s office.  (More at links)
May 3, 2004, 11:09 am, Mon May 3 11:09:07 CDT 2004
 Meeting with Chief Legal Council Cynthia Honssinger/ Readership from Colorado WAY UP.

We met with Governor Owens chief legal counsel, Cynthia Honssinger, for almost an hour. We hit our main points as to why we felt a special prosecutor was needed.
Clearly the biggest issue in our favor is the “Pease v. District Court” decision. 
All and All this trip went so far beyond my expectations I can’t tell you. The best thing that happened is this brought the JonBenet Ramsey case back into the press in a big way.


               Document:   THE PETITION

May 5, 2004, 3:56 pm, Wed May 5 15:56:40 CDT 2004
Here is the text of the letter presented to Governor Owens.

April 30th 2004

Dear Governor Owens,


The law is on your side. (Pease v. District Court, 708 P.2d 800 Colo. 1985)
In fact the law dictates that your only choice is to appoint a special prosecutor in the Ramsey case.


Governor Owens recently the Ramsey’s civil attorney called the members of Forums for Justice “insignificant” and “obsessed.” 
We are not arrogant people; we do not think we are investigators who are in a position to “find” the killer of their daughter and “solve” this case. We are, however, a formidable group of people from all walks of life. You might even know people who participate in Forums for Justice’s criminal discussion. They just haven’t told you they do. We are neither insignificant nor obsessed. 
May 6, 2004, 1:25 pm, Thu May 6 13:25:31 CDT 2004
 Here is the letter that Cynthia Honssinger recieved from us today.

May 5, 2004

Cynthia S. Honssinger
Chief Counsel to Governor Bill Owens
120 State Capital
Denver, CO 80203

Dear Ms. Honssinger:


We understand your time is limited. We would, however, appreciate an update at your earliest convenience on the status of the petition we presented to you last week requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

If the Governor still does not feel compelled to appoint a special prosecutor at this time, I ask to be informed in writing, with a full explanation of the reason(s) for his denial of the request, so that I may correctly communicate the decision to the members of FFJ. My mailing address is at the bottom of the page.

July 5, 2004, 10:44 pm, Mon Jul 5 22:44:08 CDT 2004

I have received no response from the Governor's office. Zero. Very rude in my opinion.

To the FFJ team who went to Denver, it seems we were taken for a ride.

The fact that we received no response from the Governor's office speaks volumes to me.


                               TRICIA GRIFFITH PRESS RELEASE


Here is the original press release about Michael Tracey from Forums for Justice.


We are imploring the members of the media to expose the truth. Spend as much time telling the world that Michael Tracey not only brought in a fraudulent confession but has lied in the past before.

Feel free to contact me at


After debunking Tracey's documentary, Griffith put out a news release (you can still find it at, but she says she got no media interest from it. In fact, when New Times phoned her this morning to ask about the Tracey documentary, she said she was getting no other inquiries from reporters.

                     BLOG & TV INTERVIEWS AS AN "EXPERT" on the JBR case

2006 August - Tricia Griffith, of the site, offers her perspective on recent developments in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

 2006 - August -  Tricia Griffith shows how Michael Tracey incompetently and inaccurately cast suspicion upon Steve Gigax in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

2006 - September - Crimerant interview - Tricia Griffith  - My name is Tricia Griffith. I own and operate two TC discussion web sites: ...... From Crimerant: [CR Note: By day, Tricia Griffith is a rock radio host in ...
The Levin Page Show and Jason Midyette internet radio show
 Feb 23, 2009 ... Panel includes: Wendy Murphy fmr prosecutor, Investigator Vito Colluci and Tricia Griffith from websleuths and forums for justice. ...

Tricia Griffith, Kathy Howard on Inside Edition

Tricia Griffith, Kathy Howard on Inside Edition Video on AOL Video - Tricia Griffith and Kathy Howard are presented as Detective Moms for their interest in ...
Tricia Griffith, of the site, offers her perspective on recent developments in the JonBenet Ramsey case.
Jon Benet Ramsey Case
"A segment wherein caller Tricia Griffith asks John and Patsy Ramsey to account for why they claimed their JonBenet Ramsey Foundation was meant to do good works for the community, yet was closed and never did anything good for anyone."

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#3 [url]

Mar 14 09 8:11 AM

*Tricia claims to "know the White's" and this is why she doesn't allow them to be bashed. She believes so strongly that the Ramsey's are the "only" possible killers of JBR, that she refuses to allow anyone else to be considered a valid suspect.
 JBR Case - Websleuths

01-23-2008, 05:05 PM
Remember, sometimes the rules are a bit different for this forum. Why? Because I know this case like the back of my hand and I pay the bills. Don't mean to sound so snitty but it's true.

No Fleet White did it stuff. No naming of innocent people as suspects.

The only true suspects in the case are John, Patsy and Burke.

If you have an "Intruder Did It" theory then you have to be able to acutally have evidence of this "intruder." No bashing of people formally in the Ramsey's circle of friends.

Now, if you want to talk about Fleet White fine. Just don't say or suggest, or even hint that he had anything to do with this crime. He and his family did not. They have been cleared and I won't allow his name to be dragged through the mud on WS.

Like I said, it's a bit different on this forum. Don't be afraid, I am not into banning people.

Ok, have fun.
Unlike the JBR case,  all other persons connected to the Caylee Anthony case, were allowed to be bashed and trashed with impunity, at times without any real "facts."
Innocent people who were guilty of nothing more than being related to, or knowing Casey Anthony were allowed to be vilified.
It was so bad Jesse Grund's father, who is a minister, lashed out at Griffith and Websleuths for their indiscriminate innuendos and outright accusations against his son and his family. 
The Caylee Anthony trust fund: Griffith allowed members to post deragatory comments at WS about Lee Anthony, George Anthony, Cindy Anthony in relation to the Caylee Anthony trust fund... until it LE released via the media that an investigation had been done (due to the WS members allegations) and everything was found to be above board and in compliance with the law.
The rampant theory of Lee Anthony being Caylee Anthony's biological father was allowed to be hashed, rehashed ad nauseum on WS without any proof whatsoever, only the purient thoughts in the minds of those who refused to believe otherwise.....until the documents in the case were released which stated he was NOT the bio dad.
The personal lives of other young people who knew Casey Anthony were allowed to be picked apart without regard to their privacy.
But because the JBR case is Tricia Griffith's "pet case" the rules are different for discussion of that case at WS than for any other victim's case.

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#4 [url]

Mar 14 09 8:29 AM

          Websleuth Members & their 15 minutes of fame in the Caylee Anthony case:
      The Myspace - Youtube videos uploaded onto the web by Casey Anthony.
Momtective was interviewed via phone by JVM (Jane Velasquez Mitchell) CNN  regarding the videos uploaded at Youtube. 
MSNBC article
 Momtective Youtube videos
"She also wrote on the Momtective blog that she posted the videos to keep them from being sold to raise money for the Anthony defense fund.

"the blogger, who does not give her name, said another member of Websleuths dot com, a popular Internet forum on crime, found the videos in September 2008."

"The Anthony's former spokeswoman said the videos had been posted to Anthony's MySpace and Facebook accounts months ago, and were captured by people who had access to those accounts."


"They were found on Sept. 19 by a fellow member of Websleuths. Since they were on a public myspace video account I downloaded them and put them in a public youtube account and I’m glad I did, because the videos were removed from the myspace account shortly after I downloaded them.

They have been available for the public to view for almost 6 months now and links were sent to Fl. local media, Nancy Grace, Fox  News, and Headline News. No one from the media responded until yesterday...."

 "I have spent literally hundreds of hours researching the Anthony case, going through thousands of pages of documents, scouring the internet for information that might be helpful in this case."

"In respect to the videos, they will remain public in an attempt to prevent them from being sold and the proceeds being funneled into Casey Anthony’s defense fund.

03-06-2009, 10:58 AM
That's my goal! I will do anything and everything (short of going to jail) to keep these video's from being sold. I am sick of people profiting from this beautiful child's death and funneling the money into her pathetic mother's defense fund.

My moto: I seek not fame nor fortune but rather truth and justice.

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#5 [url]

May 6 09 8:04 PM

Is there any way to expose this low life to the media outlets that she seeks? "Tricia" Griffith took a once respected true crime forum and turned it into a  sleazy money scam.  It is disgusting  that this "advocate for truth", is allegedly doing nothing more than seeking publicity and a way to scam money from the pain of  crime victims. She has zero respect for the members of WS. In fact, they are disrespected and mistreated if they do not kiss her {ample} ass. This is what current and former members are saying. There are many respected writers who have never even visited the web site writing story after story about her many scams.
She is very quick to threaten any one who dares to speak the truth. There are  numerous stories of her using members personal sign up information to threaten and harass them. Many former members have asked for their accounts to be deleted after they leave the group, and she refuses to do this. The membership numbers for the site are very inaccurate due to her refusal. This is to attract more advertisers. The websleuths page is now loaded with ads. One ad was for a male enhancement product. I urge any one with the ability to shine a light on this subject to please do so. Please remember that these people insert themselves into on going criminal investigations, often having contact with crime victims.
Her friend and former administrator is a convicted habitual sex offender. The following article was uncovered at

Terry Anna Marie Cavitalo, AKA Terri Anna Marie Sholes Stipp, AKA WindChime on WebSleuths, was charged in 1992 with multiple counts of “lewd and lavicious” behavior in the “presence of child under 16.”  Further investigation into related documents and charges detail her ex-husband’s role in these crimes, wherein he apparently raped a 6-year-old child.  It is said that Terry/WindChime was one of two women who had sex with James Cavitalo in front of these children. Someone please stop this.

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#6 [url]

May 13 09 6:44 AM

As an self proclaimed advocate for crime victims, including children, and, representing herself as such in the public, on television, radio, and the Internet, Tricia Griffith should have felt obligated to act in a manner more compatible with being a victims advocate than she did concerning the Windchime/Terry Cavitalo Stipps fiasco.

The victims and their families, deserve consideration. That obviously is not the concern of
Griffith nor of her crime forum any longer. Her concern is with her status as a self proclaimed "expert."

Sexual abuse of a child is disgusting and vile. Any person who inflicts that type of physical abuse, pain, and emotional turmoil on an innocent child deserves no consideration.

The fact remains that a Terry Stipps/Windchime, deemed a habitual sex offender under the law, by the authorities, who reportedly and allegedly was/is under supervision until 2011 (according to the documents), inserted herself into a venue in which she moderated discussions in which adults (Some of whom were themselves child abuse victims) spoke about current cases involving crimes against children. She physically inserted herself into venues involving children off of the forum/internet.

Many sexual predators reoffend. They seek out venues where they can get their jollies, mentally or physically.

For a convicted child sexual abuser to be found around children at public venues which honor child victims; on a forum where people discuss crimes against children; and where people were encouraged to post their pictures of children/grandchildren; is appalling to those who are truly concerned about the welfare of children.

Those who are more concerned about their posting status, their friendship with the owner, and "having fun" on a true crime message forum don't "get" why people are so upset about the situation and prefer to denigrate those who are.

That, is beyond sad.

 Tricia Griffith doesn't grasp the concept either. 

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#7 [url]

Jan 18 10 6:52 PM

This is truly one of the most disgusting stories about the dark side of human nature that I've read in a very long time. Both women are without conscience or morals. They make my skin crawl! The world would be a much safer & better place without people like them.

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#9 [url]

Jan 26 10 1:44 PM

Unfortunately, people like momtective might have something to add, but they get carried away with also wanting their 15 minutes of fame, currently with the Gabriel Johnson case. There is almost a fervor of who will find something to submit to police! Tricia Griffith was on the Levi show recently talking about the baby Gabe case and wasn't even fully informed about it.

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#10 [url]

Jan 26 10 2:11 PM

momtective and 15 minutes of fame Follow this discussion closely and you will see how momtective takes something at the bottom of this page: and instead of asking the poster about it, has to have some 'find' of her own which she then turns in as a tip (09:38 PM, post #27)

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#11 [url]

Jan 26 10 6:26 PM

There are good people/posters at the site who have something to offer/add to the case discussions. It's those few that are in a frenzy to curry favor (& do) and bask in the glow of Tricia's approval that ruin it for the others.

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#12 [url]

Apr 24 10 12:08 PM

Another moderator of Websleuths is now a former moderator (or so they claim).

2009 - November - "Animal" withdrew as a moderator, stating that "her brother is a sex offender and she stands by him, he is innocent, and wanted to step down before people found out on the net.

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#13 [url]

Apr 24 10 12:11 PM

My horse is a horse and has a horse! My Source is a source and has a source! It's amazing that the information posted by Tricia via her "Source" was already being reported by local news.

The Elizabeth Olten vs Alyssa Bustamante Murder case

Originally Posted by Tricia
"I have a source I trust. My source has a source and this is how I came to receive this information.
Nothing is a 100 percent guarantee but I am going to put this out there for you to decide.

According to my source;
*The last entry in AB's diary was: I should have gone to church.

*AB dug two graves the week before

*A silk scarf was used.

Let me stress again, this came from a source's source. The only time I will solidly confirm something is if I see it with my own eyes. In this case I felt good enough about my source to post it. We'll see if it turns out to be true.

PS. Then again with how I get so far behind this might be old news.
Carry on. "

"Tricia, did this come from ILC or a personal source of yours?"

"I want to assure you this information came from a source I know. However my source got it from another source so as I stated it is not a direct piece of information. I do trust my source but I don't know about my sources source.

Now, I have a headache. "

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#14 [url]

Apr 24 10 12:46 PM

Although many posters on true crime forums (& others) joke about "You know you're obsessed when....." threads.. No one ever thinks their obsession with posting about a case will lead to anything negative in their lives. Some joke (perhaps realistically) that their laundry and other chores, family suffer etc.. most reading feel it's unlikely the poster really and truly neglected their children or spouse. But there is one case that brought home to many, a warning, that obession is a dangerous past time.
                     OBESSION with true crime case leads to child drowning
2006 -   A former member of Websleuths, Mary Lynne Mead-Morris aka 
modestogal aka
            LVCgirl was like many others obsessed with the Laci - Scott Peterson case. She spent
            many hours on the forum, including the morning of the drowning death of a grandchild she
            was babysitting. A neighbor found Joelle, and it took a half an hour for her grandmother to
            notice she was missing. The child drowned in an above ground pool.

 Meade-Morris, 60, was indicted on a charge of first-degree manslaughter,

Modestogal says:
October 30, 2007 at 8:23 pm



2007 - Trial
Paul Kuebrich (Defense attorney) " Earlier that morning Joelle climbing into the backyard pool was not a foreseeable event. She had tried to climb the pool laddyer the night before and was stopped by her parents, but no one informed the grandmother of the incident. The death was a horrible tragedy but not criminal.
Prosecutor Dinsmore: Mead-Morris spent a lot of time on her computer each day, and evidence showed that she had been on her computer, involved in online discussions, that morning.  . Earlier that morning, Joelle had apparently followed her sister, then 5, out of the house and her sister put her in a playpen on the front porch, where the grandmother later found her. The older sister had gone to a neighbor's house, but when police responded to the drowning and asked where she was, Meade-Morris wasn't sure."
" Meade- Morris had in the past been a substitute school teacher for elementary age children, and had taught swimming lessons for parents and small chidlren. She was aware of Joelle's ability to climb and her fondness for the outdoors. Meade-Morris lef tthe back door partially open and blocked it with a fan, but the door was easily opened further and Joelle could climb through the screen door."

                                        SENTENCING STATEMENTS
Meade-Morris (cried)  “I wake up every morning and the first thing on my mind is I need to change (Joelle’s) diaper ... I miss her every day.”

 Her daughter, Sarah Carr, (cried) She asked the court for mercy, saying, “I already lost my child. I don’t need to lose my mother as well.”


 Circuit Court Judge John McCormick:

Guilty of the lesser charge of Criminally Negligent Homicide, Guilty of Second-Degree Child Neglect for allowing the toddler to leave their house unattended the day before the drowning.
30-day sentence on that charge to run concurrent to the other charge.

Credit for time served, is eligible for alternative sanctions such as work release.
She had spent 20 days in Modesto jail at time of her arrest awaiting extradition, and five days in Linn Jail before released on bail.

Supervised probation for three years and during that time she is not allowed to do child care except with another adult present.

After the sentencing she was taken to the county jail and then released.

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May 1 10 3:05 PM

Their loss of your patronage.

I haven't heard of Gerald Stano before.

Would you care to post info about that case, it's victims and your experience in CMM's Serial Murders area?

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Nov 6 11 12:51 AM

I'm dumbfounded at the hypocrisy.  I couldn't even complete my membership here without having to give my cell phone number and answer a battery of survey questions.

And is it possible for you to make a point without attacking someone's personal appearance?

Ugh, wish I hadn't joined....what a nasty group.

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Tobi, Lefora runs the signup, I do not. I have no control over your signup information.
When you post, you can alter your posts, I cannot. Neither can I have access to
your private messages... unlike Websleuths. Those two are the biggest pluses I
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I disagree with your stance that posters here are a "nasty group." Many who come to
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If you wish you hadn't joined, the solution is simple... delete your account and ask
that I delete all your posts - that I can do.

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