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After a decade behind prison bars, Neil Entwistle is wooing ladies who write into him. He's not only professing his love and lust for them but for one in particular, he's made a confession.

"But his lie to an investigator over his whereabouts at the time of the murders is exposed in his own words, written in one of a series of creepy sex letters to Heather Standaelt. During a discussion between them about coping with the loss of a relative, the IT consultant reveals he SAW his wife die.

He wrote: “The truth is we can never truly know what goes through a person’s mind at such moments (of death). 
“When I think back, I still wonder what went through Lilly’s mind, nine-months old though she was, as she yelled out in pain. Was she calling for her daddy to come and help?  Even Rachel, as her eyes met mine before she fired that fatal shot, she seemed to be saying something, though she uttered not a word.” 
PATSY: Take out "She fired: and you have his confession of what HE did on that horrible day when HE murdered Rachel and Lilly.

"But in 2006 he had told US investigator Robert Manning in a taped phone call from Britain he found his wife and baby dead after returning from a shopping trip on January 22.“When I walked in (to the bedroom), I couldn’t see Lilly. I could only see… I could only see Rachel. She looked like she was asleep,” he said. Then he said he spotted his daughter. “Lilly was such a mess… Her whole… the whole mouth and nose were covered (in blood). There wasn’t any on Rachel, it was all on . . . all on Lilly.”  image