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Sep 15 15 8:28 PM

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The mystery is that this Reverend has the guts to do this to a venerable woman of age, the mayhem that he's caused to her life has upset her and the crime is that he thinks he can get away with it, with impunity!
Not with the Internet alive and well.....

Lordy, but the Rev. Tim Mattox thinks he has some big balls don't he?

He's denying the lovely lady Genora Hamm Biggs, aged 103, the right to worship in the very church her family built for their community long before his nibs ever graced the ground the church was built upon. She's been in regular attendance there since she was 11 years old. In attendance for 92 years!!

My, my, my. The nasty things some people (Rev. Tim Mattox) get up to.

Now, according to locals, this Rev. Tim has only been there six (count 'em) 6 years as a pastor. 

He's not only called the police on this lovely lady in an attempt to remove her from the very pews of the church, but because the police told him he couldn't just throw her out, he had a hissy fit and turned the lights off and quit preaching. He then left the building, thus denying the entire congregation his sermons just because he's ticked off at her. Oh, and not only her, but those related to her.Why you ask? Because she disagrees with the direction he and his cronies are taking the church according to its covenant.

Because she spoke up and told him she disagreed with the direction he was taking the church. She was polite. After all, this is America right? She has a right to speak her mind and tell him what she thinks. Oh, but Rev. Tim doesn't like that! He even doesn't like the way one of her relatives, a grandson sings. Yep. He wants to sing the Lord's praises, and yet Rev. Tim will belittle his singing voice publicly in the church. He will belittle anyone who takes up for Genora Hamm Biggs. 

It's a Baptist Church, always has been by it's covenant. But Rev. Tim and his few cronies want to turn it into a "Holiness Church." He's dividing the church and causing dissension. It's a deliberate plot to undermine the covenant of the church and the congregation who worship there.   

Mattox and his cronies have BANNED her, REVOKED her membership not only with the CHURCH, but with any ASSOCIATIONS that are connected with the church. This from one of her former students that she taught in school. Shame, shame, shame. 

Now, isn't that downright UNCHRISTIAN?

Isn't Rev. Tim Mattox showing that he's simply an ass? He is in my opinion. He's one of those I call "little hitlers or little eva's." They get a taste of power, whether that be in a home owner's association, a club or a church and let it get to their heads. They then run roughshod over people they feel superior to.

Kevin Hamm is an ordained minister and he is also BANNED from the church. Genora Hamm Bigg's name is etched on the side of the church. Her grandson Elliott Dye, a member for 30 years is also BANNED. 

Now Mr. Hamm, when they turn those lights off on ya'll the next time, I suggest you get up and start preaching to whomever is left in the pews, even if it's only your family. If you aren't there, someone else can get up and start reading from the bible or just sharing their thoughts about what's happening in the world today and how our world and its people's need your prayers. Keep attending and keep praying, and singing the Lord's praises.

If Rev. Tim doesn't like that he can take it to court. I doubt he'll like what he hears from a judge once your side gets to show the covenant of the church and how your family helped found the church, and how Mrs. Genora Hamm Biggs has been going to that church for 92 year and Rev. Tim only 6. 

As for you Rev. Tim Mattox, I think you deserve the largest RASPBERRY and all of my dog's nastiest farts attached to it for your despicable actions towards Genora Hamm Biggs and her family, the church members and the community at large!  You might want to just swann your pissy attitude over to another community or church where your style of preaching is embraced. But before you do, make sure that they don't care about freedom of speech or that your stupidity isn't recorded for the future by journalists and bloggers and people like me.


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Dec 31 15 9:00 PM

The Rev. Tim has handed over the keys to the church to Genora Hamm Biggs. The congregation remaining will enjoy the peace and tranquility it once had before the testy Tim and his cohorts riled things up. Instead of taking over someone else's church, they've decided to open up their own church. More power to them. But best wishes go to the congregation remaining at the original church.

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