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Scott Peterson, now age 40, an inmate on death row for seven years has taken to blogging his point of view. 
Scott Peterson's Appeal -  Appellant brief  

July 5, 2012
Peterson's automatic appeal is filed in the California Supreme Court.

Marlene Newell has continued her support of the convicted murderer 
(Newell was a well known as a Scott Peterson groupie during the trial and its aftermath)

DAILY MAIL - Scott Peterson's life on Death Row
A journalist had unprecedented access to death row for a book she was writing.

NATIONAL ENQUIRER - Peterson moved to a "more relaxed" area of death row.
"Outraged former Boston prosecutor Wendy Murphy, who wrote about Peterson in her book,And Justice for Some, said, “As we approach the 10th anniversary of the murders, which will be so painful for Laci’s family and friends, this is like pouring salt on their wounds. “It’s unbelievable
his housing would be upgraded, as if he were staying in a fancy hotel. Whoever made the decision to move Peterson to his plush new digs needs is head examined.” 
After seven years of being caged in the notorious and dangerous main section of Death Row, Peterson gets to spend five hours
out of his cell each day, shooting hoops, jogging, playing cards or board games and enjoying other activities, Murphy said. 
Unlike his previous rowded accommodations, he now shares the unit with only 67 other inmates. He also gets to avoid stringent security checks, including strip
searches, whenever he  comes and goes from his cell."

"She says Peterson, who turns 40 next month, may have put on a couple of pounds but didn't look
much different from when he was sentenced in 2005. As for his basketball game, which had the inmate's complete interest, "He was playing a pretty hard game," says Mullane. "There was a lot of jumping around and making baskets" as guards armed with rifles watched from nearby. 
turned to his cell wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. A few minutes later, Mullane saw him walking to the shower in flip-flops and shorts. Mullane also noted that Peterson was one of the youngest men in his cellblock. After the game, she says, Peterson returned to his cell wearing
 baseball cap and sunglasses. A few minutes later, Mullane saw him walking to the shower in flip-flops and shorts. Mullane also noted that Peterson was one of the youngest men in his cellblock.