Feb 20 14 10:48 AM

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MICHGAN LIVE onvicted of enticing her online boyfriend to kill her husband, she has lost her latest appeal in a case that has gone as high as the U.S. Supreme Court.A federal appeals court last week said the confession of Jerry Cassaday was admissible at Sharee Miller's trial. The confession is controversial because
Cassaday wrote it before committing suicide in 2000. Miller is serving a life sentence for conspiracy and second-degree murder but was free for about three
years during a complicated appeal process. 
She was sent back to prison in 2012. A U.S. District Judge ordered Miller back to prison after the U.S. Supreme Court mandated that the judge reconsider her 2009 decision that Miller be
granted a new trial. The Supreme Court got involved at one point because of changes in legal precedent about confessions. The 42-year-old Miller was
eturned to prison in 2012, but her appeals haven't ended.